Bay window in the kitchen

Bay window space

Bay window is a special design solution, which is a part of the room, protruding from the building. It is created not only to increase the space and decoration of the exterior, but also to bring more light into the room.

Today, kitchens with a bay window are popular, they can be originally in terms of a house or apartment, and also be created with the help of redevelopment when they make repairs. In addition, they allow you to combine the kitchen and dining area.

What is the best to occupy bay space? Of course, if it is in the living room, then there you can put flowers or any decorative furnishings, but if in the kitchen, then the best solution is a bay sofa. It can be purchased at the store or made to order. However, given that the size of the bay window are different, it is better to make to order. Especially in this case it will be possible to take into account all your wishes.

In most cases, all furniture corners are made in the form of a bay window, that is, a semicircle. However, kitchen sofas have many differences with sofas designed for living rooms.There are many different options for such corners, depending on the configuration, size, functionality, design, material, color and accessories.

Since it is possible to build a semi-alker, which adds not so much space, but fills it with light, when choosing a bay corner it is worth considering this and ordering it to be smaller.

Use cases

Given the original purpose of the dining sofa, first of all, it can serve only as a part of the dining furniture, i.e. by the seat. In this capacity, it is the most convenient option, unlike chairs that are firmer and chairs that are not high enough.

But if you want a more functional corner, you can purchase a corner with special drawers or drawers located directly under the seat. This will allow you to store bags, kitchen utensils, or even bedding there.

Another use option is a sleeper. It is possible if your area is quite soft and wide, or it can be moved apart. Thus, the sofa will take more space, but in the case of guests, no one will have to sleep on the floor.

Manufacturing companies

The first company is is a Russian manufacturer of upholstered furniture, which specializes in non-standard sofas, especially for the bay window. The company has been operating since 1990. It can provide sofas for both the living room, and corners for the kitchen, as well as sofas under the bay window with any angles and radius models. The company can offer various options from classic straight sofas to non-standard corners.

The next company is KMK LLC, it also works in the market since the end of the 20th century. Today, they have more than 40 partners, they sell wholesale and retail. They make couches, sofas, kitchen corners, benches, as well as furniture for public spaces. Bay seats occupy a separate place in their catalog. The company can make a bay room kitchen or a living corner, taking into account your preferences for size, angle, color and the presence or absence of beds and storage boxes.

The young company KBSutormin manufactures upholstered furniture and wall panels from fabric and leather. Their specialization is radius, bay, corner and straight sofas, as well as beds. The company is also engaged in the production of furniture for hotels and restaurants.Since their main direction is non-standard furniture, they can help you find exactly the bay corner in the kitchen of which you are dreaming. When ordering takes into account the size and fabric wishes of customers. It should be noted that the company uses fabrics and leather from Italy, Germany and Belgium as a skin.

Also, the studio of non-standard furniture ART DECO MEBEL is engaged in the production of sofas to order according to the size of the customer, using high-quality materials. This company helps you choose the right upholstery materials, given the size of the sofa. She specializes in round, semi-circular, bay and radius sofas. It is important that the company works by individual orders, producing exclusive furniture as a result.

Criterias of choice

First, the shape of the sofa can be semi-circular, rectangular or even triangular. And it is not at all necessary to choose the shape of a corner under the form of a bay window. It all depends on your desire and imagination.

It is also necessary to consider the size when choosing, since there are sofas from the smallest to the huge, occupying a lot of space. In this case, you need to think about what you would like to fill the bay space: only with a corner or also with other interior items.

The next item is material.The material can be the same as in any other sofas: textile, leather or ecological fabrics. However, when choosing a material for a kitchen corner, it is necessary to remember that it should be practical, i.e. it should be possible to clean it in case of contamination. There are also special covers for such corners. As for the frame, most often it is a tree, but there are other materials, but they are much higher in price plan.

Thirdly, the style or design of your corner in the bay window is also important. Today, many furniture companies can make such a sofa, so they can offer you a corner in any style. Thus, you can easily pick it up depending on the design of the kitchen.

Further, it is worth noting that different designs are possible for such sofas. They can be solid or folding, with or without drawers. In this case, you should proceed from how you want to use it.

And the last point, which is important when choosing a kitchen corner under the bay window, is accessories. First of all, these are pillows that you can foresee when ordering or already decorate a sofa with them, for example, stitching them yourself, which will give even more comfort to your kitchen.


Before buying or ordering a bay sofa in the kitchen, you need to think over all the details: from size to accessories. When you purchase a corner, you must clearly understand how you would like the sofa to look and its functions. As for the design itself, the manufacturer is responsible for this. However, if you make a kitchen corner to order, you can choose the material for the frame yourself, which is impossible when buying a finished piece of furniture in the store.

In any case, even if you do not have special preferences, it is better to contact a company specializing in bay windows in the kitchen, where you will be helped with the choice, taking into account all your general wishes and preferences.

Also remember that the use of the sofa is not limited to its dining function. Especially since he brings his own touch of comfort to your home. If you, in turn, add creative thinking and supplement it with beautiful pillows of various shapes or a multi-colored plaid, it will look even more harmonious.

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A little advice when choosing a corner: remember that the bay window allows you to get more light into the room, so to make your dining room even brighter,pick upholstery materials of light warm colors.

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