Corner sofa for a small kitchen

After a hard day’s work, we all hurry home, where warmth and comfort await us. How nice to get away from the hustle and bustle and drink a cup of tea in your favorite kitchen surrounded by your beloved family. That is why everyone wants to make it as comfortable as possible.

But, unfortunately, not every kitchen can accommodate a large, comfortable, upholstered furniture. Therefore, an angular sofa for a small room is the best choice. But how among the variety of types of this product to choose the one that is more suitable for the kitchen in terms of practicality and design? Let's try to figure it out.

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Criterias of choice

If you still decided that the kitchen should be decorated with just such a sofa, then you should consider the following factors when buying it:

  • practicality. This primarily concerns upholstery products. In such a room is not recommended to take furniture from textile material. It is better to give preference to genuine leather, leather substitute, arpatek, jacquard, chenille, flock.

They are practical to use and quite easily cleaned of dirt and grease.

  • design. Here the first criterion is reliability. The product must be carefully assembled;
  • filling. Of course, it is best to give preference to materials that do not cause an allergic reaction and do not accumulate dust. It can be: paralon, polyurethane foam, holofiber;
  • sofa dimensions. Here it is meant that when assembled, it must fit organically into the dimensions of the kitchen;
  • appearance. The sofa should blend harmoniously in color to the interior of your room.

Designers recommend choosing a light-colored furniture for a small kitchen - this will visually increase its space.


When choosing a kitchen corner sofas should also take into account their advantages over other furniture. What are they?

  • Such products give extra warmth and comfort, while they will not take too much space.
  • Placing such a sofa makes it possible to create extra seating, which is very important, especially if you have a large family. Some of them are transformed into an extra bed.
  • Availability of storage boxes.This allows you to hide items that we do not often use in everyday life.
  • The design of such furniture can be easily changed. To do this, simply change the upholstery.
  • Compactness of the product. Sofas of this form are very rarely overall, this is an additional plus if you have a small kitchenette.

In the choice and advantages figured out. Now the question arises: how to properly place the corner and where? After all, the place is not so much.

Where to put

The location of the interior should be practical and comfortable. Therefore, they must be placed according to the design of your kitchen. Let's look at the most popular options.

  • Near the window. Classic accommodation. It will be a great solution if you have a sofa with straight designs.
  • In the center. This is more appropriate if you have a large kitchen, or say, a studio apartment. In this case, he will divide the room into two working areas.
  • Opposite the work surface. This placement looks good if there are lockers and bedside tables in the work area. Then the sofa is placed opposite, you can also install a kitchen table between them.
  • Near the wall (if there is free).It should be ensured that the product and the wall were in the same style and well combined with each other.
  • In the corner. The most profitable option, especially if you decorate the furniture with decorative pillows of bright color.

The sofa corner can even be in the smallest kitchen. The main thing is to choose the right size, color and shape. When you take into account all these criteria, your kitchen will be warm, cozy and every day will be pleasing to the eye.

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