Corner sofa in the kitchen

The kitchen is not only a place where people eat, but also a room for family gatherings, receiving guests and relaxing. Therefore, of course, I want to make it cozy. But what if there is not much space in the kitchen? Here you will be helped by a corner folding sofa in the kitchen.

Even if you have enough space, the corner seat can create a separate area for working or relaxing. It is only necessary not to forget about the appearance and, more importantly, the filling.

How to choose?

A small corner sofa is suitable for a small kitchen. It will save space and make the room more comfortable. Such furniture is usually designed for two or three places, and to save space, the back can be screwed directly to the wall. In a small kitchen, it is recommended to buy a sofa without armrests and high sidewalls, and install it either at the window or opposite the wall.

Corner folding sofas are very popular. They take not so much place, but at the same time create an additional sleeping bed.It is important to consider only that under this type of furniture will need additional space.

Modular corner sofa - another option for the design of the kitchen. It is interesting in that it consists of individual parts that can be moved and installed in any order. So you can choose any combination for your interior and change it from time to time.

The erkerny corner sofa approaches under kitchens where there is a lot of place or there is a niche in which it is possible to put it. This is a spacious, comfortable sofa for many places, semicircular or polygonal.

Corner sofas with drawers help to keep everything neat and not to create a mess in the kitchen. Well, if the boxes open up - then they do not interfere with the table.

Sofas with shelves are also an interesting and functional solution. Often at the junction of the corner, small shelves are made on which books, candles and many other things can be placed. There are even special inserts with a mini-bar.

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Types of mechanisms

Convenience kitchen sofa directly depends on the folding mechanism. As well as its service life and bed space.

So, what are the mechanisms and how do they differ? The most popular models for the kitchen:

  1. Accordion. It occupies a lot of space as it unfolds forward by raising the seat up.
  2. Dolphin. Often used in the corner sofas. Unfolds to the side, closing the protruding corner, and it turns out a spacious berth. The only negative - as a rule, furniture with such a mechanism is made of chipboard and it is not very durable.
  3. Eurobook. Simple and convenient to use. One has only to pull the lower part towards itself, the back is lowered, creating a sleeping place.
  4. French cot. Very spacious berth. Folds up quite simply - you need to pull the seat up and over, and then put the resulting structure on the metal legs. The main disadvantage here is the absence of a storage box.
  5. Roll out. Easy to use and therefore very popular. In order to decompose it, you just need to pull the protruding belts towards you.

Whatever way of layout seems to you more comfortable and better, you should choose a sofa also according to other parameters.

The first step is still to decide on where your new sofa will stand. After that, you need to measure the chosen place and only then go to the store.When buying, be sure to ask for a sofa laid out to you. This will allow you to understand whether it can fit in your kitchen or not.


Appearance is also very important. Of course, here you are limited to an assortment of a store, but there is still a choice. If you like some color, imagine your kitchen and try to figure out if it will fit in there. It is important that the selected furniture fit the interior, but does not merge with it.

The upholstery of the sofa is another thing that you need to think about.

Leather upholstery - this is probably the most durable and long-lasting option. This material is convenient to clean, it dries quickly and always looks fashionable and stylish. Suitable for almost any interior, as the design options are vast.

Eco-leather is a good substitute for leather furniture. Furniture is cheaper from this material, but at the same time it is also resistant to moisture and looks impressive. In addition, eco-leather does not emit allergens.

Do not underestimate such material as cloth. They give more comfort even to the smallest kitchen. It's nice to rest on them. If your choice is on the fabric, then choose the material that is easy to clean and at the same time it does not absorb moisture.For example: jacquard, velor, tapestry.

The sofa filler should be anti-allergenic and practical, such as polyurethane and holofiber.

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