Corner sofa in the kitchen with a bed

Corner sofa in the kitchen with a bed today can be seen in many apartments. And this is explained by the fact that in the kitchen they usually spend most of their time, especially housewives, whom it is desirable not only to run from the stove to the sink and to the refrigerator, but sometimes also to lie down comfortably, having relaxed for at least 10 minutes, while At the same time, watching, for example, so that the boiled broth does not run away.

But in a small apartment there is very little space in the kitchen, and the usual separate corner where you could relax or receive guests will definitely not fit there, but a way out can be found by purchasing a soft corner in the kitchen. This will save space, because this model will take up much less space than a standard sofa would occupy.

If you buy a model that can also transform into a place where you can lie down and even fully relax, then it will be very valuable for a small room. Here you can also accommodate someone for the night, if suddenly a lot of guests arrive.A model of a small corner kitchen sofa that has a sleeping place costs a little more than a regular corner sofa in the kitchen. So, if the bed is not relevant for you - choose a cheaper model.

The advantages of a small kitchenette

  1. First of all, it is a cozy and comfortable furniture. - it is soft, and it is nice to sit on it or lie down on the bed. Moreover, due to the diversity in the color scheme, it is possible to create a home-like atmosphere that is warm and joyful in the space of a close kitchen. Here, the choice makes each hostess, depending on their preferences.
  2. Such sofas are multifunctional. - here you can sit and use storage space and sleep. If you are the owner of a small apartment and a cramped kitchen, such a corner will be a real find for you.
  3. This is a modern furniture that looks very aesthetic, much more aesthetic, for example, chairs in the kitchen instead of a corner. Although, perhaps, someone thinks differently, but practice shows that most buyers prefer to buy a corner.
  4. But the most important thing is that the kitchen corner will significantly save kitchen space. He does not interfere in the kitchen at all, it cannot even be compared with chairs that can be hooked every now and then or they just get confused under their feet and interfere with movement. So for a small space, a soft corner with a sleeping place is a huge plus.

How to choose ?

Today, you can find a lot of inexpensive models on sale, and the fact that budget options are available, of course, can not but rejoice. At the same time, elite class kitchen corners are also presented in a wide range. Each buyer, choosing a corner, first of all, is guided by his budget, desired design and kitchen interior. If, for example, you have money to buy an elite model, you should not do it anyway if your kitchen has furniture made of budget furniture.

If you opted for an inexpensive model, let it alert you - did the quality suffer because of such a low price? Although it is not necessary that an inexpensive sofa will be of poor quality.

There are some recommendations that will help you make the right decision when choosing this piece of furniture.

First of all - be sure to sit down on the sofa and sit back. Are you comfortable? What is the height of the back, is it too low? The best option when the back is made under a certain tilt - so your back will be as comfortable as possible.

Make sure the sofa is soft enough. It is clear that everyone has heard about how bad it is for posture, but if you get a sofa for rest, then let it be so, hard furniture will be inappropriate here.

Check the strength of the frame - well, if it is made of natural wood, although analogues from other materials will be much cheaper. As an alternative to wood suitable product with a frame made of chipboard.


The choice of filler is an important step. Here are some options for the price segment in the middle class. Each option has its advantages and disadvantages.

The cheapest and therefore most popular sofa filler is foam rubber. But he, unfortunately, can quickly lose its original shape - it is quickly crushed and becomes unusable. You can determine how good the foam rubber is by sitting on the sofa and then rising from it after a couple of minutes - see how quickly its original shape is restored.

Polyurethane foam in regard to the quality of the filler is a more interesting option. This is a material of new progressive technologies, and its main positive qualities are high strength and durability. In addition, polyurethane foam is an eco-friendly material, which means it does not threaten human health.

And one more remarkable quality of this material - it is fireproof, and for such a room as a kitchen, this is a very important point. But with all that good that can be said about polyurethane foam, the average price segment is most interesting by another option.

Holofiber has all the same advantages as the previous version, but holds the palm, thanks to its superiority in terms of keeping the shape. This material is not afraid of even sufficiently strong loads, so a large company can easily be accommodated on it.

Traditions of style and design

The design of the corner should be in harmony with the interior of the kitchen, so do not be in a hurry to purchase the luxurious model of the shiny sofa that you like, which is decorated with embroidery and rhinestones. Remember, wasn’t your kitchen done in a rustic style? Although, if there is an opportunity to create a fusion style on it - then take what you liked so much.

Most often, the kitchens are performed in one of the variations of topics such as country, Provence or village. To such an interior sofa should be chosen as simple as possible. No unnecessary details are welcome, and colors are allowed both in one tone and variegated.

A small sofa is a classic that can decorate the interior of your kitchen. Such models are distinguished by soft lines, simple construction and calm tones.

If the corner is made in modern style, it can give originality to even the most ordinary kitchen. The peculiarity of such models is in the roundness and curvature of their shape, and if the shape is very unusual, then let the tones be calm so that there is no overload of the interior.

But in any classic form, the model can have a variety of shades. Such a solution will be a godsend for a person who is tired of the usual forms, smooth lines and sharp corners.

Adherents of design in the style of the classics can recommend the corner "Austin" - a model of strict style, restrained and functional. The versatile design allows you to swap sections, has a laundry storage box, a sliding side section,due to which the number of seats and comfortable armrests increase.

The kitchen corner with a sleeping space “Cosiness” will perfectly fit into the interior of the loft style. It completely corresponds to its name, and at a price it is very democratic. There is a box in which you can store the necessary things, and the bed is soft and comfortable.

Another economical option in the elite version is a corner for the kitchen, which has a sleeping place, which is called "Etude". Most of all will appreciate connoisseurs of high-quality material and durability of products. Can be assembled in different directions, multifunctional.

Kitchen sofa "Dolphin" on the furniture market is quite common among other proposals. Such upholstered furniture practically does not fail, and manufacturers guarantee its operation without problems for at least five years.

Another option for lovers of classics - a massive model of the kitchen corner called "Turin". The corner will be a great decoration of a large kitchen, made in the style of a classic. The sofa is made with a solid base (a combination of wood and chipboard), thanks to which it is stable and has a spacious niche where many kitchen accessories can fit.

The model, which is called "Madrid" is distinguished by elegance, has a beautiful decorative back, refers to the classical style and will decorate any kitchen interior. In convenient niches there is a lot of storage space, it is made in different colors.

“Domino” is a model of a kitchen corner with a berth, the advantage of which is a double-sided assembly. The strong and strong framework has high operational qualities. The material for the manufacture of the frame (chipboard) has high wear resistance, and therefore the angle is reliable and will last a long time.

Corner "Chicago" refers to the most sophisticated options. Its feature is convenience and presentability. The classic model can be a decoration for the kitchen, made in any design. The sofa has sidewalls decorated with wood, and under the benches there are rather voluminous niches.

At the kitchen corner "Rio" is also a lot of connoisseurs. This is real comfort and quality. Its difference in comfortable seats and in the unique opportunity to choose a bright and unusual upholstery. Such a set, of course, will be a decoration for the kitchen and fill its atmosphere with freshness and novelty.

The Hamburg corner is the nobility of a combination of upholstery and texture.Harmoniously fit into the interior, decorated as neoclassical, modern, minimalism and some others. Aesthetic version with traditional forms and conciseness in strict lines and upholstery.

About the features of the location

Most often, this piece of furniture is placed at the kitchen window, in the corner adjacent to it. The sofa has a dining table and thus, this place turns out to be a full-fledged corner where the family can relax or have lunch. In this arrangement, the corner designers see some advantages.

This and the sun, which, looking into the window, comfortably illuminates the table, and the view that opens from the window and pleases the eye. Moreover, occupying a corner of the kitchen, this piece of furniture saves much kitchen space. The best effect can be achieved if the sofa is in tone in contrast with the color of the wall.

But if the kitchen is quite spacious, the sofa will look great and not near the wall itself. In this case, it can be used as a delimiter of zones, for example, cooking and dining. If so, then the “face” of the sofa should look at the dining area, and its back should be towards the cooking area.

Additional functions

If the sofa has additional features, then for a kitchen with a small size it will be a real boon. After all, with the help of many options, the kitchen area is significantly saved, and very important problems for this room are solved.

First of all, this, of course, is the storage capacity of the drawers built into the kitchen corner. Here, every housewife decides for herself - what exactly she will store there - either bedding, or any kitchen utensils. And if on the model there is also a couple of neat miniature shelves, then this will be a real boon for a small kitchen room.

After all, on the shelves you can send a lot of useful kitchen trifles such as cans with spices and boxes with tea bags. And, of course, the most useful option for a kitchenette is that it can transform into a comfortable bed.

If you buy a corner in the kitchen, knowing in advance that it will serve as a bed very often, pay special attention to the mechanism by which the sofa will unfold. It should be reliable, and poor-quality construction will fail very soon and you will have problems with its repair.

About sizes

The finished corners, which are offered to customers in regular stores and online sales, do not differ in size much. For owners of small kitchens and rooms with a complex layout, it is best to order a corner in size - this is how you will acquire furniture that will really use the space of your kitchen as economically as possible.

To arrange such a place to sleep is the best option, because in this way it turns out longer, for example, a standard bed and more spacious than a traditional sofa can have. Most often there are models with a side length of at least 200 cm, which means it will be possible to sleep comfortably.

If we talk about the shortcomings of the described design, then they can include a small width of the seat (from 40 to 60 cm). It is clear that the angle has such dimensions in order to save kitchen space, but when it comes to a sofa bed, the width of the bed should be at least 70 cm. In this case, the manufacturers go out of position, making a folding design, so that as a result the desired width is still achieved.


Today, there are sofas in the huge assortment, and almost every one of them has its own type of mechanism.Most often, the area of ​​Russian cuisine is a fairly small space, and therefore it will be possible to fit a kitchen corner there only in small sizes, which will be convenient and quickly laid out.

Thus, choosing a corner sofa, attention should be paid to such things as the reliability of the mechanism, the quality of the material of manufacture, design, functionality, size and design. If the choice is made correctly, then your kitchen will decorate the place where the whole family can gather and comfortably spend time there.

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