Narrow sofa in the kitchen with a berth

Equipping the kitchen space, many owners strive for maximum comfort and practicality. A narrow sofa in the kitchen with a sleeping place is an excellent choice that solves several problems at once.

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Features and benefits

For many families, cooking is not only a place to eat. Often this is a recreation area, a place of friendly meetings over a cup of tea and watching TV. In this case, a sofa is a more comfortable and cozy option than chairs and stools.

The shape distinguish angular, straight and half-round sofas for the kitchen. The latter are not particularly practical and not very popular. Corner models are a good choice, but it should be borne in mind that such furniture can only be located in a corner of the kitchen.

We are also interested in a straight narrow version. Such sofas can be equipped with a sleeping place. Why do you need it? For example, with the sudden arrival of guests, this feature of kitchen furniture will help you very much.And if the apartment is small, then the kitchen may well become a bedroom for someone from the family members.

What other advantages does this piece of kitchen furniture have?

  • On a soft seat with a back 2-3 people can sit at once.
  • The bottom drawer of the sofa allows you to place pots and other kitchen utensils in it. With frequent use of this piece of furniture as a bed, it is convenient to store bed linen in it.
  • The design of such sofas folding. The berth is put forward as required, turning kitchen furniture into a comfortable bed. The rest of the time it is a neat and compact sofa that takes up a minimum of space. A direct form makes it easy to change the location of the furniture. Unlike angular, linear models look appropriate anywhere in the kitchen.

This option has almost no disadvantages. Is that you have to choose the color of the upholstery and design of the sofa to the appearance of the rest of the kitchen furniture. After all, sets with a table and stools usually include corner models.

The unity and harmony of the interior is an important moment for many owners. However, given the wide selection of direct sofas from various manufacturers, it is not difficult to find an option that is suitable for your apartment.

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How to choose

Before choosing a kitchen sofa should decide on some highlights.

  • Ready-made furniture or custom manufacturing. You can choose the option presented in the store. To do this, you may have to go around several furniture stores. You can collect the purchase yourself using the enclosed instructions or resorting to the help of store specialists.

You can also order in one of the companies the manufacture of your dream sofa to order. In this case, you can choose the color and type of material, design and size, ideal for your kitchen.

  • Option, folding as a regular sofa, folded in half. Eurobook - a piece of furniture with a berth, moving away from the base. Then on this part fit the back of the product.
  • The size. You can choose the usual small-sized option, turning at night into a place to sleep. If desired, on such a "bed" even two can lie down. Or it could be a mini-couch. This option is suitable for small rooms (about 6 square meters). On such a model can fit only 1 person.

Calculating the dimensions of the sofa, it is worth considering the size of the kitchen.The dining area should harmoniously fit into it, making up only part of the space, and not occupy the entire room. It is worth thinking about the number of people who are usually present for lunch and dinner. It is important to take into account not only the people living in the apartment, but also those close to them who regularly visit them.

  • Upholstery material. In addition to the harmonious combination of upholstery with the overall interior of the kitchen, its practicality is also important. The material must be moisture resistant and easy to clean from dirt. After all, the kitchen is a place where cooking takes place regularly, and the ingress of fat, various liquids and other contaminants to furniture is inevitable.

The most popular natural and artificial leather. Natural material looks expensive and retains its original appearance for a long time. Leatherette is a more budget solution. Both materials are durable, easy to clean and allow you to keep kitchen furniture clean. Another inexpensive option is flock. This is a durable synthetic fabric. It does not absorb odors, moisture, grease and other contaminants. Such a sofa is cleaned with a dry cloth.

  • Frame material. In the kitchen, temperature fluctuations are frequent.And the level of humidity in this part of the house is usually unstable. In such conditions, poor-quality furniture can quickly fail. Cracks and deformation of wood will seriously affect the appearance of the sofa. Therefore, the material of the frame must necessarily be processed with a special composition. A good choice would be the furniture with the base of aluminum.
  • Filler. This moment also affects the durability of the furniture. A good option is polyurethane foam. It perfectly retains the original shape. In addition, this material is environmentally friendly. If the furniture filler is foam rubber, then it should be dense. Otherwise, the sofa will quickly lose its appeal due to the “dents” formed on it.
  • Cost If possible, it is better to purchase high-quality furniture, because it will serve you longer. If the budget is limited, you can save on coating material. However, the lifting mechanism must be of high quality and convenient for you.
  • Appearance. The color scheme and design of the sofa should be in harmony with the rest of the kitchen furniture and style of the room. Before you buy, submit the selected option in your kitchen, and if it does not fit, it is better to choose something else.

Where to place

Usually a sofa set against the wall. Although if you wish, you can put a straight sofa anywhere. If the seat is not one, they can be positioned with the letter G as an corner set.

It is better to place the table by the window. Then daylight will fall on its side. The people sitting at the table will be in the zone of natural and artificial lighting.

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