Design kitchen-living room area of ​​12 square meters. m

Few apartments are as rich as a large kitchen. In most cases, this is the privilege of private households. The area in which you can not save on every millimeter is a dream of many, because there is an opportunity to arrange the room so that it not only looks beautiful, but is practical, functional and cozy.

But, even with enough overall kitchen, you should not relax. If to start up the repair and design of the kitchen to take its course, being sure that a large area is enough for every whim, the end result may be unsatisfactory. An overly furnished kitchen and kitchen will visually look "neglected", as if a person lives in an apartment, devoid of a sense of taste and style. Conversely, a room in which there will be a minimum of furniture will cause unpleasant emotions. You should always stick to the "golden mean."

Design features

A large kitchen has many advantages, especially if it is a combined kitchen-living room of 12 square meters.In the design of such a room, any restrictions in the choice of color are excluded; you can install as much furniture as you like, install household appliances of various sizes. In addition, the owners can choose a different stylistic direction. I want to put a dining table in the center - please. Access to it will be open from any side.

In the spacious kitchen, you can use originality not only in the design of the fronts of the cabinets, but also in the decoration of the walls and the ceiling, to apply the relief technique, to make projections and different niche sizes.

Consider the shape of the room

The choice and distribution of furniture is particularly influenced by the shape of the room itself. The number of windows and doors, the location of the kitchen in relation to other rooms also plays an important role.

Perhaps the most successful for the arrangement of the kitchen is a rectangular shape. In the project of her future interior, all the little things, without exception, that relate to the functionality of the kitchen should be provided. Zoning and interior will depend on what the owners of the apartment or house want to see in their kitchen.

The standard option is the placement of the kitchen in the form of the letter "G".The number of sections provided for in it will depend on the number of family members, the availability of pets and the amount of kitchen utensils.

The sofa and chairs fit perfectly into the free corner of the kitchen. The advantages of a sofa and a kitchenette is the presence of a niche where you can conveniently hide various things (pots, small appliances, for example, a mixer, a blender, etc.).

To the hostess during the cooking was not boring, as entertainment you can install in the kitchen a TV and even an aquarium.

Also very convenient for the development of design experts call a square kitchen of 12 m2. You can make these room options:

  • The kitchen unit is set with the letter “P”, the dining area is in the middle.
  • The fixture can be mounted in the center of the kitchen, directly above the table. To put the sofa by the window, at the same time hang the shortened tulle on the windows or refuse it altogether, preferring the blinds.

Extended kitchen is a more complex model for kitchen design. We need to come up with a design that will visually expand the room and fill it with light. To the most successful design projects of such kitchens are:

  • Installation of a large number of lighting devices. Additional lighting should be everywhere - hanging chandeliers over the working area, the lighting of the dining table, cabinets;
  • It is better to forget about the upper cabinets at once; it is better to hang pictures on the free walls or to fix the TV;
  • Use bright colors and bright details without abusing the latter. At the eye level, as well as under the ceiling, there should be no dark stripes and similar accents;
  • The kitchen apron can be made of glass, mirror mosaic or such materials that visually make the room deeper;
  • You can expand the space by accepting diagonal tile or parquet;
  • The style of minimalism involves the use of only the most necessary things and objects, and this also leads to the release of extra space.

Examples of the best interiors

The kitchen room of 12 m2 is not only the dream of most housewives, but also designers. Such dimensions fit any style of interior design. It can be classic, retro, baroque, country, ethno, Provence, loft, modern, minimalism and so on.

The choice of style depends on the taste and preferences of the property owner, as well as his financial needs.For example, the classic needs a big investment, unlike country style, which is based largely on the use of not too expensive accents. You can also allow mixing styles, but you need to be aware that this may cause some dissonance between the rooms. The style of the kitchen should overlap with the interior of the other rooms of the dwelling.

Baroque style is associated with luxury and wealth.. And it is not surprising, elegant, spectacular and sophisticated cuisine in this style will appeal to even the most pretentious aesthetes. This style is suitable for older people who appreciate all natural and natural, that is, furniture made of wood and marble, made by hand. They love stucco, decorative plaster and massive crystal chandeliers. Modern devices, for example, hoods, quietly masked under the headset elements.

Retro style is amazing in its own way. He will certainly surprise the guests and the owners of the premises with their singularity. A feature of this direction is the use of restored antiques or objects aged by artificial method.You can decorate the interior of the kitchen with wooden boards, caskets decorated in decoupage, knitted napkins, pillows and various beautiful old knick-knacks.

Shebbi-chic style embodies the continuation of the Baroque style. He also has the use of stucco, gilding, small flowers, plain pastel colors. To modern kitchen to meet this style, you can buy a new set, stylized antique, or decorate it with his own. The project of such a kitchen involves the use of chairs with a sofa.

Country spirit and the use of simple things - all this shows a country style. The kitchen in this direction should be as simplified as possible in terms of the interior. The widespread use of wood, ranging from kitchen units and ending with frames on the walls.

Lovers of rough shapes will definitely like the loft style. It is immediately recognizable thanks to the bare brick walls, protruding beams and iron objects. In the kitchen in this style, you can put the engine from the machine, it will serve as a support for the table, and make a chandelier with your own hands, hanging it on a chain from a bicycle.This style was created for creative people who are not shy about expressing themselves and are not afraid to be misunderstood. No limits or limitations, everything is in the hands of man.

Whichever style is chosen, which project is not created, if you turn on the fantasy to the maximum, any idea will certainly justify the desire, especially if there is a place to work, and a kitchen of 12 square meters. m - the most suitable field for the implementation of the most daring ideas.

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