Design kitchen-living room area of ​​16 square meters. m

The kitchen is usually one of the most visited rooms in apartments and private houses. Comfortable, clean and stylish, it will always lure households and guests. It is here that the hostess shines with culinary masterpieces, here in the morning the head of the family drinks coffee before work, it is here that it is so nice to sit with friends in the evening for a heart-to-heart conversation.

This magical and fragrant corner has long ceased to carry only a technological function, it has long been the epicenter of the social activity of the family, so it is necessary to create favorable conditions to bring the necessary functionality to this room, without damaging the interior, while maintaining aesthetics. Then the kitchen will be comfortable and work and rest.

To do this, optimally choose the design of the combined kitchen-living room of 16 square meters. meters, since such a layout ideally meets the needs of its owners, it provides more opportunities for exploitation: the hostess during the feast will no longer have to run through the corridor with dishes and drinks,break away from the family celebration for the guidance of the last gloss.



The project in the loft style will ideally fit into the living space of the inhabitants of the metropolis, who prefer the maximum freedom in their work, expressed through the abandonment of the usual framework. In such an interior, unusual combinations of textures and colors look perfect: authentic decorations, risky design decisions, which imply the abandonment of standard patterns and knurled standards.

The color solution for a combined kitchen-living room should ideally be a contrast, this will allow to highlight areas for their intended purpose. For the rest area it is better to choose soothing colors, the cooking zones can be made more rough.

This style implies an unusual neighborhood of rough, artificially aged surfaces and expensive shiny coatings, which unexpectedly creates an unusual comfort, of course, lighting plays a significant role here, there should be a lot of light. The design of lamps and floor lamps is better to choose in the urban style: metal and geometry, but at the same time that the light itself is warm and cozy, otherwise it will be too “factory-made”.

To equip such a kitchen, both an ultramodern, functional technique and a retro-style technique will suit, and their combination looks particularly stylish. The seating area with a sofa and a TV looks great in the old style, with refurbished and restored furnishings that are not only functional, but also act as decor.


This style is for those who appreciate elegance and misses silence and fresh air, sunlight and measured life. The cozy and bright kitchen-living room will help to plunge into the atmosphere of the French province, to relax, leaving the hustle and bustle of the megalopolis behind the door.

Traditional for such an interior shades: the color of baked milk, muted blue, lavender, beige, pastel pink, powdery and white. Materials should choose natural: wood, natural fabrics (plain or floral print), copper and bronze, stylized antique. At the same time, the furniture should look as if it were 20-30 years old, to be painted in a milky color (but it does not look like valuable antiques - this can remove visual lightness).

To create the atmosphere of the suburb in the decor is used an abundance of indoor plants (it can even be lavender), the pots should be placed on the window sills, hung on wicker hangers in pots. Do not use bright colors, stains in the interior, here the emphasis is light and air. The abundance of lovely jewelry in bright colors (ruffles on the tablecloth and upholstery, knitted napkins, paintings and hand-made panels on the themes of rural idyll) will fit very naturally into the kitchen-living room in Provence style.

Household appliances is better to choose a built-in, not exposed. Work surfaces should be enamelled, nickel-plated steel will destroy the charm. Great idea to zone the kitchen-living room of 16 sq. M. meters with a two-level floor, so the kitchen area will be decorated with tiles, stylized natural light-colored stone, and for the living area it is better to choose light-colored parquet or laminate. The sofa and coffee table for the sitting area will fit with twisted legs, a soft cape with a dim floral pattern will look good on the sofa, and the tabletop will be monochromatic, light wood.

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High tech

People with a practical mindset will be as comfortable as possible in the interior in the style of hi-tech. This style combines minimalism, regular geometric shapes, calm and strict shades, cutting-edge technology. In the combined kitchen-living room in the shape of a square, this style will add space, and modern technology will simplify the process of cooking.

High-tech implies the presence of glass and metal partitions, which facilitates the allocation of areas for rest and work. There is also an option for sharing space with a bar and a sofa. The abundance of lighting will be the final touch, in addition, lamps can be used as a decor, as this style requires to abandon unnecessary non-functional decorations. You can install recessed lights, pendant lamps of unusual streamlined shapes, hidden neon lights will create a homely atmosphere.

Ideal color combinations for the best style: smoky gray and graphite, metallic, varnished white and black. You can use one bright color accent, but only one, no more.The textiles used must be monochromatic, no patterns and ornaments, especially it is not recommended to choose floral motifs.

In the kitchen-living room in high-tech style, it is easier to maintain perfect order, visually the space looks more spacious and filled with air, and this is so important for combined rooms.


There is an excellent solution for visual separation of the working area from the recreation area: to equip the table “island”. To increase the space, the table top can be folding, the sink surface can become chopping, installing various drawers and cabinets will solve the problem of storing kitchen utensils.

In the working area, it is reasonable to use built-in household appliances, it is advisable to choose the doors of the lockers sliding. The development of modern technology allows the hob to be made movable, it can turn, even retract into the cupboard. The wide window sill can also be equipped with a worktop and used as a cutting surface or dining table.

Microwave, blender, coffee maker, other kitchen appliances may not take up space on the surface of the headset, they can be installed on the hanging console.It is also very convenient to keep cooking accessories near the hob on the wall magnet panel.

Advantages and disadvantages

The combination of kitchen and living room must be carefully considered. Risking to carry out redevelopment, the apartment owners will get a spacious and bright room with several windows instead of two small ones, dismantling the wall will free up additional space. There will be an opportunity to spend more time together, cooking will take place in the same room with a sofa and a TV, less likely to “miss out” the dish, having left to visit the children in the living room.

In the combined kitchen-living room should reign perfect order and impeccable cleanliness. This rule must be observed regardless of the chosen style, because unwashed dishes will spoil the impression of even the most ideal and expensive repairs. A good hood is needed to eliminate cooking odors, otherwise soot will be collected on the furniture and walls. In addition to the above technical problems, there remains a psychological problem: in densely populated apartments there may not be enough space for privacy, however, this can be solved with the help of a competent arrangement of furniture.

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