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A corner kitchen with a bar counter can become a real salvation and turn the cooking room into something special. In this kitchen you can comfortably sit with friends who came to coffee. Plus, the bar counter can become a place for snacking or even completely replace the kitchen table.

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The main advantages of the corner kitchen with a bar counter include the following:

  1. Furniture in this kitchen is as compact as possible, which allows you to free up more space than with the usual layout.
  2. In such a kitchen, cooking turns into something pleasant and comfortable. All kitchen items and equipment are arranged to ensure maximum convenience when cooking.
  3. The angle in such a kitchen is of great importance. It can easily be placed sink for dishes or altogether - the hob and oven.
  4. The small kitchen with a bar counter is equipped with a large number of hanging cabinets, which allows you to compactly place all the necessary kitchen utensils.
  5. To save space, you can buy small stools for the bar, which are easily hidden under it.
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Fashion trends

To create a full-fledged attractive appearance of the kitchen room is necessary not only to decide on the choice of furniture and household appliances. It is very important that all objects adhere to a particular style.

  • Classic style. The classic style is characterized by the symmetry of forms and the presence of elegance. Initially, it is necessary to determine the color and design of the kitchen. The most common colors of the classic style are white, brown and milky. If desired, you can make a bright accent in the form of textile curtains in the interior.

The classic style is wooden furniture with wrought handles. It is worth remembering this rule and stick to it when choosing a headset.

In this kitchen it will be very comfortable to cook or just spend time with friends.

  • Style "Country". The main feature of this style is simplicity. Country music is an expression of country style. A kitchen made in this direction will be extremely appropriate in a country house.A distinctive feature of the kitchen room, stylized under the style of country, is the use of natural materials. Wood, tile and stone will decorate the kitchen in the best possible way and give it a feeling of unity with nature.

For country style, the primary colors are green, brown, blue and beige.

  • High-tech style. The high-tech style invites owners of a small corner kitchen with a bar to bring in a large number of modern electric appliances. This style is peculiar to the rigidity and chromium of individual parts. The high-tech style offers a simple design and at the same time convenience and comfort in use.

The interior must be present metal parts and glass. That is why for a small corner kitchen a bar counter made of glass can be an excellent addition. In addition to visual appeal, such a detail visually "dissolve" in space, thereby making the kitchen more visually.

Gray and metallic shades are used as high-tech primary colors. But in order to give the interior “goodies” it is allowed to use details of such colors as lime, raspberry, yellow and other bright colors.

Bar area

The bar counter, as mentioned earlier, is a real boon for a small-sized kitchen. We are talking about the same small rack, as the kitchen itself, because the rack, which occupies half the kitchen space, will look out of place, and you can forget about comfort in such a room. That is why it is so important to keep a balance between the beauty, comfort and functionality of the kitchen.

For a small-sized kitchen there are two options for placing a bar counter:

  • Corner island without a vertical rack. In this embodiment, it is assumed that the working area will start from the corner and smoothly move into the bar area. For a small kitchen this is the most successful accommodation. Such a rack can fully replace the kitchen table. The lack of a vertical rack does not affect the attractiveness of the entire interior. On the contrary, it allows you to place several hinged lamps.
  • Stand with vertical support. This option can often be found in the usual design of apartments. Fastening the rack to a vertical support helps to form a comfortable interior for a small kitchen.In the upper part you can arrange compact spotlights, giving the room the necessary light. In addition to the attractive appearance of the vertical support there is an advantage - you can install small shelves or holders for glasses on it.
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