Design of the kitchen, combined with a balcony

At all times, people living in apartments, wondered about the rational use of balcony space and / or loggia. In Soviet times, this area was used for storage. Modern housewives, faced with the problem of a small kitchen, prefer to increase the kitchen room, connecting it to the balcony.

Remaking the balcony - the basic rules

First of all, you need to clearly understand the difference between the balcony and the loggia. Briefly, it can be described as follows - the balcony appears in the building, but the loggia does not. It is important to remember that the redevelopment of the balcony and loggia have significant differences:

Provision is made for the removal of the heating battery to the loggia, and the balcony cannot be insulated using central heating.

Tinkering with a balcony, you should calculate the maximum load, because if you exceed the balcony may collapse. Loggia, as the built-in part of the building, which has three walls in common, does not require such calculations.

When deciding on redevelopment, it should be remembered that before starting work, you must necessarily collect the necessary documents:

  • Create and approve the redevelopment project.
  • Obtain permission for redevelopment according to the project with the visa of the relevant authorities.
  • Enlist the consent of the neighbors, issuing it to the resolution on the resolution of redevelopment, considered and approved at the general meeting of the house.
  • Get the final act of redevelopment.

Help save time and peace of mind firms engaged in the preparation of the necessary documentation. Naturally, it will be a little more expensive, but there is no need to take time off from work to draw up documents or spend money on it.

We warm correctly

There are several types of insulation balcony or loggia. When redevelopment should take into account the appropriate method to warm the new area.

  1. Protection of a balcony / loggia against dirt and dust with the help of glazing. You can use this additional space only on warm days. You can also carry out racks for storing food and some kitchen appliances on the balcony, which will help to “unload” the kitchen a bit and free up space.
  2. Partial insulation involves covering the walls and installing a "warm floor", which allows you to equip a mini-office on the balcony, an area for relaxing, eating, or something that fantasy tells you and will be recommended by the designer.
  3. When choosing a full insulation you get a full-fledged living space and, if the act of redevelopment allows, you can tear down the wall by combining the living area and kitchen area. If you are not given permission to demolish the wall - do not worry, remove the balcony unit, and use the window sill as a bar counter.

To bring the central heating to the loggia you are not allowed? Use the alternative and install a mounted electric battery.

Some ideas of redevelopment

  • The most popular option is the redevelopment of the balcony in the dining room. Cash costs requires only warming the balcony. After completion of the work we take out the table with chairs. We take it out to the balcony area. It is important to respect the uniform design of the entire territory.
  • Creating a bar area on the balcony is preferred by young people and families who do not yet have children.. The window sill between the balcony and the kitchen is perfectly used as a bar.If you decide to combine the kitchen and the loggia, the bar counter is imitated along the windows, allowing you to drink your morning coffee or tea and enjoy the beautiful view. A cabinet is installed along the side wall to store alcohol, tea or coffee.
  • The most difficult is the option of removal of the working kitchen surface on the balcony. In this case, you will need to make communication. It is recommended to install the sink and hob on the side where they stood before redevelopment. In this case, the pipes are laid along the wall, and not diagonally.

Combining styles and making the transition

The kitchen, combined with a balcony, has a transition, which, with the right approach to the design, will harmoniously fit into the overall interior of the room.

Isolating the kitchen from the balcony and making it brighter and more visually more isolated from the kitchen smells will help the French window. The ideal option with the installation of a large window would be for those who decided to convert the balcony into an office or a winter garden. However, you should take into account the additional space that is needed for opening the window. If according to your idea furniture or flowerpots with flowers will stand along the wall,Consider installing a sliding system.

Having decorated the border with an arch, you can easily connect the balcony and the kitchen not only in the classical style, but also in any other. Fans of the urban style will prefer a square arch, and for an Art Nouveau style an arch that has an abstract shape is ideal. Fans of Eastern philosophy and Oriental style will also harmoniously increase the kitchen area using a balcony by installing a circular arch instead of a balcony block and thus separating the area for meals and the work surface.

If the floor between the balcony and the kitchen has a drop, then you can not level it. Balcony floor below? No problem. Set the table near the outer wall, design the balcony from the same materials as the kitchen and get a cozy nest in which you can admire the nature and beauty of the city, arrange romantic dinners and unforgettable breakfasts.

Provided that the floor of the balcony is higher, design this rise as a podium, separating these areas visually, and decorating the balcony in brighter colors of the urban style.

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