Kitchen design as a dining-living room in a private house

Having your own house gives you many opportunities for design solutions, and where is the imagination to roam if not in the kitchen? When space is allowed, you can turn the kitchen not just into a place of cooking, but also into a dining room, where you can gather with your family, friends and spend pleasant evenings. If you think out the layout and design of the kitchen as a dining-living room in a private house, this place will become a real "heart" of your home!

Zoning room

Combined living room and kitchen - the prerogative of not only small studio apartments. In a large enough room, it looks modern, fashionable and very convenient in practice. What is good kitchen-living room?

  • Space saving. In one room are concentrated the three most important rooms. Most likely, under these goals will have to allocate the largest room in the house, but it will be worth it.
  • Convenient for a large family. While cooking, the mother can look after the children who play in the living room.Older children at the same time can eat in the dining area, and the head of the family, for example, relax at the TV. Everyone is busy with his own business, while the whole family is together.
  • Ideal during reception. The hosts can prepare dishes for serving and at the same time communicate with friends.
  • Kitchen-living room with a dedicated dining area looks stylish and modern.

At the same time, it should be understood that in itself the absence of walls between, for example, the living room and the kitchen is a Western phenomenon. There it is usually not customary to cook large-scale dishes - borscht, pilau, etc. Accordingly, everything that happens in the kitchen will be visible to guests. In addition, the combined kitchen requires maintaining perfect order.

Before you arrange the furniture and think about the style, you need to clearly zoned the room. Zoning will visually separate one zone from another.

This separation does not mean that you need to put partitions. On the contrary, most often it is possible to divide a room without any additional walls.

So, in order to select in one room the areas of the kitchen, dining room and living room, you can use screens, ceiling trimming, wall trimming and floor trimming.

Screens are well suited for a very large room. A screen is a fairly voluminous partition in which the storage system is usually located. So this small "wall" will also carry the payload.

Zoning by highlighting different parts of the ceiling is much more interesting. The room remains one, there is more air and light in it. Above the working area of ​​the kitchen, for example, the ceiling is usually made below. This can be a semi-circular or square option. In such a ceiling is placed exhaust system and additional spot lighting. Between the dining and living areas, there may simply be a beam that will create an invisible border.

Different wall coverings also help to separate parts of the room. It is also functional - for example, in the dining room and living room look good wallpaper or just decorated walls, but in the kitchen area would be quite appropriate plastic panel or tile. Ideally, when all these coatings are combined with each other in color and style.

The floor in the kitchen is best covered with tile, laminate or other surface that is easy to clean. The living area is usually separated from it by carpet or parquet.


The kitchen work area where the home appliances, sink, cabinets for dishes and work table are located is usually located on one of the walls. For the kitchen-living room there are two popular options: in a row or corner. For a country house suitable location of the working area at a large window. It is good to make such a window bicuspid: in warm weather it can be flung open and work, enjoying nature.

If the work area is located in a row, at a distance of 2 meters from it, you can put a table and chairs. It is necessary to calculate the place so that the chairs move away freely, it is convenient to get up from the table, collect dishes, etc. Above the table, it is desirable to make additional lighting. Sofa, standing back to the table, can serve as a border, where after the dining room begins the living area.

The options with the “island” and “peninsula” are very popular today - and they are great for a large kitchen-dining-living room in a private house.

"The Island" is a massive piece of furniture in the center of the kitchen-dining room. It is made in the same style as the headset, and its filling can be very different. It can serve as a full table, or a place for breakfast and quick snacks.In addition, it can be installed sink for dishes and work surface, hob, oven, bar.

The “Peninsula” is a lighter constructive element that does not stand by itself, but rather continues the working surface of the kitchen unit, going to the center of the room. Usually, bar stools are placed on it and you get a dining area, or a place where you can eat and drink. By the way, practice shows that it is very convenient to feed young children at such a table with bar stools. The “Peninsula” is good in that it can itself be a zoning element and separate the kitchen area from the dining room or living room.

When planning such a room is very important to consider:

  • The distance from the chairs where people will sit to the kitchen - it must be at least a meter. Ideally, two meters will allow everyone to feel calm.
  • Move people. This will be important in a large family or during the reception. A hostess carrying plates with hot dishes or guests who want to put dirty dishes to the sink should not intersect with playing children, etc.
  • Air circulation and exhaust system. When the house has a kitchen combined with the living room, it is impossible to avoid odors, but you need to minimize them.
  • Daylight. Ideally, each zone should have its own window, but if this is not possible, it is better, of course, to place the living room by the window.

The owners of country houses when planning the kitchen-living room can not be limited only by the space of the house. A large door in one of the walls that opens onto the garden will expand the space both visually and physically.

Styles and design

You can create your own kitchen in any style you like: there would be means. But when it comes to the dining-living room, special attention should be paid to the design. First, it will be the main room in your house. And secondly, in such a functional kitchen should be comfortable and easy and cook, and clean, and relax.

The actual design, which is usually called the word “modern”, is a mixture of hi-tech, loft, industrial style. This is minimalism, clarity of lines, extreme simplicity. Last year, the trend to refuse fittings was incredibly fashionable - headsets with absolutely smooth facades, without handles. The trend remains popular until now.

Kitchen stuff in the modern kitchen is hidden from prying eyes. The functionality of furniture, plumbing and household appliances comes first.

Today's mainstream is eclectic, a mixture of styles, but in very metered quantities. For example, a fairly calm and simple set against a brick wall in a loft style. Or “bare” and cold concrete ceiling, crowning the warm home kitchen with wooden furniture. Enough fashionable and bold - to combine the decoration of the room or household items from different times. For example, a state-of-the-art stove and a microwave are built into artificially worn, worn cabinets. Or retro-lamp, in harmony with other details of the kitchen of a modern look.

Among the materials at the peak of popularity - natural. Wood, stone, cork, leather in the interior - all this is fashionable and, of course, expensive. Such materials are durable, status and, most importantly, never go out of fashion.

Color solution can be any, but designers advise to choose as the main light shade! The wider the space of the combined kitchen-living room will seem, the more comfortable it will be.

The undisputed leader is white.It successfully combines with woody surfaces, will fit into any style - from high-tech to country. White is combined with any bright accent, for example, red, dark blue, green, yellow.

Very good trend of this year - open shelves. This technique works especially well in small spaces, helping to expand it. Usually the shelves are hung instead of the upper cabinets. They put small household appliances, dishes, books, decorative items, etc.

For those who do not really want to fool around and think over the design to the smallest detail, experts advise to pay attention to two interior details - lamps and chairs. Bar stools so popular today can be so original that they “pull” into the room the right style by themselves. Lighting "work" in the same way. Choose these things in the same style, and even the simplest kitchen will find its face in the form of a dining-living room.

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