False panel for the kitchen

In the arrangement of modern kitchens, various interesting options are used, combining beauty and functionality. In this category, you can safely include the false panel used to finish the wall. Today, such kitchen coverings are presented in a fairly wide range, and therefore it is easy to choose the right option in accordance with the room interior features.

Special features

False panels for the kitchen replaced the traditional ceramic tile, which was previously used for the arrangement of the working area. The finish has an attractive appearance, is durable and reliable, fits perfectly into any interior styles. The advantage of false panels lies in the fact that a wide variety of materials are used to create them. Basically, for the arrangement of the working area, stable surfaces are used that are not afraid of exposure to moisture and temperature differences.

Such a product is fastened between the worktop and the hinged furniture, as the cooking process takes place here. Finishing plays a functional role and protects the wall from the ingress of various contaminants. Kitchen covers are excellent for cleaning and are not deformed even with strong steam.

Modern false panels are used not only as a defense. Finishing is applied also in cases if it is necessary:

  • ensure flatness of the horizontal surface;
  • close the communication;
  • hide fasteners;
  • hide a niche.

Often, kitchen aprons are used as a decorative surface. Using the panel, you can close those areas between the worktop and cabinets that do not fit into the kitchen interior.

Sometimes this finish is used in the process of creating lighting in the room. Basically, all elements are selected in accordance with the overall design.

Main types

As noted above, to create this decoration in the kitchen uses a variety of materials. One of the most popular types that is used in the base of the false panel is solid wood. Environmentally friendly material is treated with special impregnations. The use of such substances in the process of manufacturing panels allows you to ensure the presence of fire and moisture resistant qualities. Often wax is used for these purposes.

More affordable is material such as Chipboard. The main advantage of this option is simple installation. It should be noted that outwardly the false panel looks quite decent. If you decide to use such a finish for arranging the kitchen, consider the moment that the particle board is afraid of exposure to strong household substances. Another disadvantage of the surface is a low degree of resistance to mechanical damage.

Not less popular option are products from MDF. The basis of the material is pressed wood. In terms of performance, this species is somewhat superior to the previous version. Surfaces perfectly withstand mechanical loads. Often, manufacturers stylize the material under a natural tree.

A good option for arranging the kitchen is a false panel made of glass. The main advantage of the material is a presentable appearance, but the cost of finishing is slightly higher in comparison with chipboard and MDF surfaces.Due to this complex creation technology. Glass belongs to environmentally friendly materials, the panel is unpretentious in leaving. Surfaces with photo printing at the base look quite stylish and modern.

Often used to create false panels polyvinyl chloride. The peculiarity of this type is the presence of special emollient additives. In general, PVC panels are produced as separate sheets. A wide range of choices allows you to choose an apron in accordance with the interior of the kitchen.


Before you add a false panel to the kitchen, you need to select the appropriate option. In this matter, you need to focus not only on your own preferences, but also on operating conditions. If you need a strong and reliable surface, it is best to look at quality materials. A good choice for creating finishes will be glass or solid wood. During the acquisition process, it is necessary to find out about the presence of fire-fighting properties of materials, since this is important during operation.

To finish the apron need to use moisture-resistant species that are not afraid of exposure to high temperature.If you choose a material exclusively for decorative purposes, here you can use a variety of options. To hide communications fit fireproof panels.

After selecting the material you need to decide on the size of the finish. It is best to do this before purchasing panels, pre-measuring the parameters, which will facilitate the selection process.

After purchasing the appropriate option, you can proceed to install.

False panel can be installed by hand, without asking for help from the master. The main thing that is required of you in this case is to observe the step-by-step process. First you need to eliminate the defects that form on the wall. This applies to various irregularities and cracks that appeared during operation. False panels are best to attach to the placement of kitchen furniture. This is especially true of various mounted structures.

After preparing the walls, you need to start creating the markup. In the future, it will help evenly and correctly fasten the slats and determine the distance between all elements. It is worth noting that if plastic variants are used in the process, the interval should be small.

The assembly of elements must be performed alternately (if the design is not solid). Need to start from the bottom, gradually heading up. The panels must be fixed on the slats so that all subsequent elements can be fixed evenly and easily with the help of the groove. After that, all actions need to be repeated until a solid panel is obtained. In the process, some elements need to be trimmed.

It should be noted that the installation of the panels is carried out so that they "do not go" on the kitchen cupboard. The upper part of the finish should be completely covered with furniture. Upon completion of the installation process, a plinth is installed throughout the panel.

Before installation, wall cabinets are best removed because their presence will complicate the entire work.

Tips and tricks

If you decide to add a false kitchen to the kitchen, you can use the useful tips from the experts. In the process of choosing a finishing material always need to focus on the shade of adjacent surfaces.

It is best to buy products that match the tone of the table top or walls.

If you have not found options suitable for the interior of your kitchen, refer to the "universal" types.This group includes surfaces that imitate wood. White or silver products are a good choice. To universal options include transparent or frosted glass.

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