Ideas for an apron in the kitchen

A kitchen apron is the perfect complement to your interior and a way to protect your workspace from splashes and grease. However, despite the fact that this detail should be primarily practical, the appearance of a kitchen apron should also be given attention.

Selection rules

The kitchen apron should cover the surface of the wall above the work area. Usually its height is 60 centimeters. However, in addition to the standard sizes, you can choose others that are suitable for your kitchen. So, if you have high ceilings, then you can pick up wider aprons. And for an angular headset, pick up a smaller apron that fits well into the space between the cabinets.

Since the apron closes the wall above the workspace, it must be made of durable and high-quality material. Protection for walls should be extremely easy to maintain and immune to temperature and moisture.The surface of the apron should be easy to clean, so that after each cleaning process you can quickly wash it.

A kitchen apron should also organically fit into the interior of your kitchen. Although many people call wallpaper an impractical type of coating for the kitchen, they still most often choose them. The colors of the apron can either repeat the shade of the wallpaper, or simply match the style. Another popular option is transparent glass or plastic aprons. They allow both to preserve the interior style and save the surface from pollution.

Also in the kitchen can be used and wallpaper. Under them pick up an apron can be difficult. The easiest way is to choose an apron to match the base color of the photo wallpaper. This option is good for a large kitchen, or a studio apartment, in which the kitchen is combined with the living room. So, if your kitchen is decorated with wallpaper with some kind of seascape, then about the apron can be made in the "sea" colors: blue, blue, white.


No less important is the role of the apron when choosing the material from which it is made. It is the material that determines how durable and resistant to damage and dirt your apron will be.

From ceramic tiles

One of the most common options is an apron made of ceramic tiles. In order for such an apron to serve you as long as possible, you must certainly use waterproof grout. Having processed a surface thus, you will be able not to worry that on it there will be spots of fat, water drops or various sprays of sauce. Also, on such a kitchen apron over time will not form mold or rust.

Under the tree

An apron made of wood in the kitchen would be very impractical. Therefore, you can use coatings, stylized wood. Such an apron will look like wooden, while consisting of panels or boards covered with glass. Monotonous white kitchen with an apron "under a tree" will effectively look. The aprons, consisting of panels of different shades of a tree, from darker to very light, look unusual.


Along with aprons of ceramic tiles, mosaic ones are also popular. Such a surface consists of small details, which as a result form either a picture or a simple pattern. It is worth buying an apron in which the picture has already been drawn up for you, without risking to assemble it yourself from individual small tiles.Such a bright colorful detail will look very good in a plain interior.

Another interesting option is a metal mosaic. It looks like a pattern assembled from small metal parts in an original and extraordinary way. The most relevant options for aprons, made of small metal parts with a golden or silver tint. Especially well similar apron will fit into the kitchen in the style of loft, modern or high-tech. Such an apron can be added to the kitchen, made in monochrome tones.

Frosted glass

Aprons made of frosted glass look stylish and modern. Glass does not have to be transparent. It will look spectacular glass, made in a translucent shade of pink, purple, blue, or any other color that is appropriate in the interior of your kitchen. It is interesting to look and aprons, consisting of several colored panels of frosted glass.


The mirror apron looks stylish and unusual. For this purpose, it is recommended to choose a treated mirror surface that is resistant to dirt and moisture in a special way.You can also choose the original mirror apron, stylized antique. Another advantage of aprons with a mirror surface is that they help to visually expand the space. For this reason, they are often used in kitchens with a small area.

Actual colors

In the interior of a modern kitchen used aprons of different colors. Depending on how your kitchen looks, you can choose neutral or brighter colors.

Neutral and light colors help to visually make the room more spacious. For this purpose, you can choose a beige, white or coffee-colored apron. Also, you can use the color "cappuccino", which in gloss looks very easy and attractive.

Bright aprons look good in the kitchen with monochrome monochrome colors. Too many color accents can blend with each other and create an unaesthetic and tasteless picture.

Original ideas

In addition to monochrome aprons, you can use models decorated with full-fledged paintings or photographs. Let's look at a few popular ideas that can inspire you to create your own stylish kitchen add-on.

Night city

In the modern kitchen looks stylish urban themes. An apron with a depiction of the panorama of a night city is perfect to complement the high-tech kitchen. It can be decorated with both the image of your hometown, and the picture with the city in which you have always dreamed of living.

Coffee theme

Appropriate will be in the kitchen and coffee theme. Here you can safely give scope to your imagination. It looks equally good as a simple coffee-colored apron with abstract stains, as well as an option decorated with a coffee bean print or a picture with a cup of coffee. This theme is uplifting and whets the appetite. Therefore, it is often used by designers in the design of the kitchen space, and aprons are not exceptions.

Food theme

Also available with an image on the apron of food. Most often it is fruit in water, on a table or on a plate. Bright limes, bananas, oranges and cherries will add colored accents to the interior of your kitchen. A restrained pictures, which depict grapes and wine will complement the kitchen in the style of Provence.


Always relevant and all kinds of landscapes. The sea depicted on an apron, mountains covered with ice or a green forest will help to create a cozy atmosphere in the kitchen.Pictures with the image of nature - this is a great option for the kitchen, where a large family dines, and for the home of bachelors.

A photo

If the proposed options for aprons seem to you too boring, then you can always create an image that will decorate your interior, independently. To create an apron with a unique picture, the image of your choice is put on the glass. You can choose both simple pictures and something more personal, such as family photos, portraits, or even entire collages.

School board imitation

An apron styled as a school board looks unusual in the kitchen. You can make it yourself. To do this, it is enough to cover the surface of any apron, purchased or ordered in advance, with special paint, which is used to create school boards. On this surface you can draw anything with crayons. Such an apron is ideal for a kitchen in an apartment with a child.

By the way, such paints often contain additives that make the coating magnetic. So, on your kitchen apron, you can additionally attach all kinds of magnets.

If you can not find such paint anywhere, then you can try to do it yourself. To do this, add two full tablespoons of any mortar with cement in the composition to a glass of simple paint.

Self made

The last of the proposed ideas will appeal to those who like to decorate their home with handicrafts. Kitchen apron can be made independently from scrap materials.

The easiest way is to fill the surface of the apron with some small details set on the glue, for example, with buttons. The usual wooden, plastic or metal buttons of different colors, randomly scattered across the surface of the apron, look original. Such an apron can be supplemented with an interior in a modern or high-tech style.

To the kitchen apron does not look too colorful, you need to have buttons at a decent distance. But you can create an interesting button mosaic, placing them as close as possible to each other.

Another interesting option is to use wine corks for decoration. Many connoisseurs of quality wine collect cork in glass vases.Such a composition usually stands on some shelf, complementing the minimalist interior.

Wine cork can be used as a decoration for a kitchen apron, simply by cutting the cork into thin circles. They, like buttons, you just need to put on the glue over the kitchen apron. Cloth of traffic jams looks interesting and unusual. But it has a significant drawback - such material absorbs all the dirt very easily and is not cleaned at all.

There are only two ways out of this situation. The first is to place such an apron away from the working area. But then its practical value is lost. And the second - to cover the surface, decorated with traffic jams, varnish or thick glass.

You can also try to create an improvised mosaic of disk fragments. DVDs or CDs are suitable for this purpose. Such a surface looks almost like an expensive metal mosaic apron. At the same time, it will cost mere pennies. To create such an apron, simply cut the old disks into pieces and arrange them in a random order.

The kitchen apron is an organic addition to any modern kitchen. Take advantage of the ideasor simply translate your creative ideas into reality, and your kitchen will look really unusual and unique.

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