Making an apron in the white kitchen

An apron is a surface that is above the work area of ​​the kitchen. It must be made of materials resistant to moisture and fire. The kitchen apron should be such that it is easy to clean it from grease and dirt. The color of the kitchen should be in harmony with the kitchen, furniture and apron. Therefore, the walls must be chosen taking into account the overall style of the kitchen.

Pros and cons of a white kitchen

Like any other design, white kitchen has a number of advantages and disadvantages. The main disadvantage of this kitchen is that the white color is very easily soiled. Any dirt will be visible to the naked eye. But if you take care of kitchen furniture properly, this problem can be avoided.

Another disadvantage is the association of white with the hospital ward. Therefore, the white kitchen must be diluted with bright colors and install additional sources of lighting.

Some people believe that the design of the kitchen in white is a sign of ordinariness and lack of imagination.This can be avoided if you install an apron of bright colors, add accessories and outdoor fresh flowers.

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Choosing the color of the apron

White color is considered universal, so it combines with any other colors. The main thing is that the white kitchen does not have an abundance of bright colors, because This style will be aggressive and motley look in the overall interior.

Consider the most appropriate options for the design of an apron for white kitchen:

  • White apron - the most versatile option. With the help of white ceramic tiles, you can decorate the space above the working area without changing the overall style of the room. But such a way to design an apron is considered boring, and therefore not popular. Dilute the abundance of white color by adding bright elements of decor. For example, curtains and chairs can be green or blue.
  • Imitation bricks. Making an apron under the brick is suitable for any kitchen style. For a white kitchen, brick wall panels can also be an interesting solution. And if you add a highlight above the working area, it will add a sense of mystery to the room.
  • Imitation of natural stone or wood.Such furniture apron usually has a gray or beige color. In order for it to be in harmony with the overall design of the kitchen, a countertop made of gray stone is installed.
  • Wall panels with wood pattern. If such an apron is decorated imitating rubbing, it will seem that you are not in the apartment, but in a village house.
  • Mono-colored skinali is an interesting solution for a white kitchen. They can be blue, black or red. A bright apron on a white kitchen will be different originality.
  • Glass skins depicting nature, a night city or fruit are another original way to decorate an apron.
  • Black - white kitchen with a red apron. This game of contrasts will give uniqueness to kitchen furniture. But keep in mind that the abundance of red adversely affects the emotional state, so it should be in moderation. For example, the tabletop may be dark red, and the apron will be an image of red roses.
  • Apron in patchwork style. The wall above the working area in this case is made with the help of a glossy tile, which differs in a relief pattern. This tile can be black and white, gray or brown.
  • Blue apron.Wall panels are blue or walled with the image of waves, waterfalls and the sky. A very cozy way to arrange a white kitchen.
  • Wail with flowers. These can be three-dimensional images of lilies, daisies, orchids or peonies. And maybe a drawing in a small flower. Such an apron is chosen by romantic natures.
  • Orange apron in the white kitchen will be a bright accent in the overall interior. In general, a white kitchen with a bright accent always looks interesting.
  • Black apron for classic kitchen. In order that this black area does not dissolve into an abundance of white color, you can add an additional black accent. For example, paint the wall above the kitchen set in black or put a black refrigerator. White kitchen with a dark apron always looks advantageous.
  • Apron with the image of the seasons is the original solution for a white kitchen. This may be a 3D image of the winter landscape, autumn leaves, snowdrops, breaking through the snow, etc.
  • Aquarium theme is also ideal for an apron on a white kitchen. The image of fish, algae and shells will have a calming effect on the psyche.In addition, lovers of traveling such a landscape will remind you of a vacation at sea.

Choosing the design of the apron, you need to combine the colors. The abundance of bright colors can spoil the overall style of the kitchen. White color visually enhances the room, and mirrored surfaces add space. Therefore, a mirror apron is ideal for a small kitchen. But we must not forget that the working area should be as safe as possible. Therefore, the materials of wall panels or stenals must be heat-resistant, fire-resistant and moisture-proof. The quality of materials depends on the service life of the apron.

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