Stickers on the apron in the kitchen

Do you want to quickly update the interior of the kitchen, without embarking on a grand renovation or thinking about what kind of zest to add to the kitchen design, so that the room looks original, stylish and fashionable? We suggest that you familiarize yourself with an extraordinary option - stickers on the apron in the kitchen. They will be able to decorate any room and will be ideally combined with a different style, ranging from classic to minimalism.


Stickers on the kitchen apron perform not only a decorative role, but also a masking function, allowing you to hide:

  • wall irregularities;
  • chipped;
  • small scratches;
  • small holes or dents.

In addition, stickers on the kitchen apron have several advantages:

  1. Allow to revive the interior of the kitchen in a few minutes. A huge variety of stickers will help to create a unique and unique design. Due to the variety of colors, textures and sizes, the stickers are able to decorate and complement the interior, made in different styles.
  2. Simplicity and ease of installation.To put stickers on the apron in the kitchen, you do not need to hire professionals and pay them extra money, you can stick stickers with your own hands. The process of sticking is very simple, it does not take much time, anyone can handle it. In addition, some models contain detailed step-by-step instructions, so that you will not have difficulties with the transformation of the kitchen room.
  3. Stickers are as easy to remove as they are applied. If you decide to renew the interior again and remove the old stickers on the apron in the kitchen, you just need to pry the sticker on one side and, pulling up, peel it off. After removal, there will be no trace of the sticker on the surface. The only thing if more than one year has passed since the moment of sticking the stickers, during this time the surface around the sticker could change color, for example, the wallpaper burned out or become covered with bloom. Please note that if the kitchen is constantly preparing food, it leaves a mark on the surface of the walls. It is easy to cope with this disadvantage, it is enough to put a new sticker.
  4. Stickers on the apron in the kitchen are more durable and will last you more than one year.You can not worry and stick them on the surface near the stove or sink. Stickers are treated with a special substance and are not afraid of any temperature changes, or contact with water or fat evaporation.
  5. Do not require special care. If the surface is dirty, for example, fatty droplets remain, after you have fried the meat, or you have inadvertently spilled the juice, it is very easy to clean the contamination - use a soft sponge dipped in soapy water. Remove the dirt and wipe the surface with a dry cloth, and your kitchen apron will again have the perfect look.
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Sticking surface

Stickers can be applied to any surface. The budget option for a kitchen apron can be plastic with applied stickers. It is sold at a more affordable price than tile, and is much easier and faster to mount on the wall.

If you have smooth walls in the kitchen, then you can stick a plastic apron on liquid nails. Plastic panels are quite light and will withstand this method of fasteners. The edges of the panels can be fixed with screws.

Glued plastic is tougher and is not easy to damage.Fill the joints and seams with silicone sealant. Open sections of plastic panels can be masked using a decorative plinth. This is a fairly simple method of installation, which can be done with your own hands without any help.

Types of stickers

There are two types of stickers that are used to decorate a kitchen apron:

  1. The integral self-adhesive film with the put decor. This is a fairly quick and easy option to change the interior space. In addition, it has a low cost.
  2. Fragmentary silicone stickers, which in appearance can resemble a mosaic and are made in 3D format.

Decorative stickers will perfectly fit into various design of the room, having added it. They may have a different texture, as well as a glossy or matte surface. Stickers are applied on vinyl self-adhesive film and treated with a special substance that protects the surface of the sticker from the external environment. They can be glued not only on the kitchen apron, but also in the bathroom.


Manufacturers of decorative stickers offer a variety of images that you can choose for every taste:

  • abstract drawings;
  • vegetables and fruits;
  • cookware;
  • animals and birds;
  • various plants (both small flowers, and roses of the huge sizes);
  • humorous images;
  • landscapes.

You can choose a finished drawing or create your own composition using several stickers. In the photo you can see various examples of decorating a kitchen apron using decorative stickers.

How to properly stick vinyl stickers?

Conventional vinyl stickers include three layers:

  • opaque substrate;
  • vinyl sticker;
  • transparent protective film.

Stick vinyl stickers on the kitchen apron is quite simple:

Prepare a surface for sticking:

  • wipe the surface with a sponge moistened in soapy water, the usual detergent for dishes. This should be done if you glue stickers, for example, on old wallpaper or ceramic tiles, which could form a layer of fat.
  • wipe the surface with a dry cloth. To be sure that the surface is degreased, you can use an alcohol solution. On a low-fat kitchen apron, stickers will hold better.
  • You need to attach a sticker with the substrate to the kitchen apron and secure it with tape or buttons, if the surface allows it. If this cannot be done, mark the upper corners of the sticker with a pencil.
  • Sticking a sticker. If the sticker is small in size, the substrate can be immediately removed and glued to the sticker in the desired location. The label can be large in size and consist of several parts. It is not recommended in this case to remove the substrate completely. Peel back the top edge and stick it on the wall. Gradually and slowly removing the bottom layer, you can carefully glue the sticker. Ensure that no air bubbles form on the surface, and the sticker itself does not shrink. To prevent air from accumulating, use a rubber roller.
  • When the sticker is completely glued to the kitchen apron, it is necessary to remove the protective film. Smooth out vinyl decals.
  • You can enjoy your work and new interior in the kitchen.

Do not limit your imagination and imagination while planning the interior. A variety of stickers on the apron in the kitchen will help you to create a cozy and original room that will not leave indifferent your friends.

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