Apron for kitchen Orchid

Special features

An apron for the kitchen is called a zone lined with special materials on the wall at the location of the tile and sink, that is, where the burning and dirt from food waste accumulate the most. At first glance, the unusual name of this zone “apron” is fully justified by the functional features of its use. He copes with his duties, is easy to clean and allows you to keep the kitchen neat and clean.

The apron for the kitchen with orchid perfectly fits into the interior, making it elegant and refined. It is worth noting that the tropical orchid is in itself a very delicate and mysterious flower that looks great both in pots on our window sills and in interior items. It is believed that orchids are too luxurious for a rustic style, but for the decoration of the kitchen in the style of art deco or discreet minimalism they are just right.

Background options

Light wall panels with Orchid photo printing will make the kitchen room more light and airy. The most popular is the combination of white background and large flowers of light-colored orchids. This design will be ideal for small kitchens. The brilliant light surface perfectly reflects the light and enlarges the room.

If you choose an apron for the kitchen Orchid with a black background, then your kitchen will become more dramatic, but at the same time, very spectacular. Such a panel can visually reduce the size of the kitchen, but will give it depth and mystery. Large black or dark purple flowers will produce a similar effect.

White orchids can be with different hearts. As a rule, designers choose flowers with yellow and pink hearts. Thus, you can make the desired color touch in the interior of the kitchen room. In this case, orchids will merge into a single composition with interior items.

Original pictures with orchids on the rocks or on the water. In this embodiment, the designers use the perfect combination of natural landscape and colors. Nature created the blue water surface and gray stonesas well as possible in harmony with white flowers. Such decorative kitchen aprons relax, act as a sedative, create a cozy atmosphere.


  • Wall panels. Represent the finishing MDF panels covered from above with film material on which drawing is applied. It is quite economical, easy to install and quick version of the apron. Such panels fully comply with all requirements for durability and stability.
  • Ceramic tile. Apron for kitchen Orchids can be laid out of tiles of various sizes. Large tiles suitable for large rooms, and small for small ones. At the same time, the flowers of the orchid themselves can be assembled from several tiles or placed on one. At cost, a tiled apron turns out to be more expensive than wall panels, but outwardly it looks spectacular and is more resistant to temperature extremes.
  • Mosaic. This material is one of the most expensive. Mosaic orchids look incredibly beautiful and very impressive. The apron Orchid from a mosaic can be both mass, manufactured at the factory, and the author, being considered to be a real work of art.
  • Glass. In the manufacture of aprons for the kitchen Orchid used tempered glass. This is a fairly durable material with a high degree of transparency. The glass panel is covered with pre-pasted on the wall wallpaper. This apron has an attractive appearance and excellent performance properties.
  • Skinali This is one of the options of glass panels with photo printing. Also used tempered glass, resistant to shock, easy to clean from fat and other contaminants. Such panels are installed fairly quickly, because usually the apron consists of a single plate. Photo printing with orchids is applied to the other side of the glass, which will be flush with the wall.
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