Modern ideas of kitchen aprons

The kitchen apron is not only a functional component of any set, but also an important decorative element involved in creating a harmonious image of the room. It should be approached with special attention to the choice of material and options for decorating the space above the working area of ​​the kitchen set. Before starting to get acquainted with modern ideas of aprons, it is necessary to determine what properties the material for its decoration should possess.

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Special features

The space above the work surface is more often exposed to hot air. In order to maintain an attractive appearance after several years, it must be durable, able to withstand significant temperature differences.

To clean the surface of the fat droplets have to use abrasives and chemical solutions - the kitchen apron must be resistant to the effects of various cleaning products.It is best that it is made of materials that do not require special care.

Of course, the kitchen apron has an important stylistic effect - it either harmonizes with the overall design of the kitchen, or expresses a bright accent spot that attracts views.

Thus, the kitchen apron is a durable protective coating that does not violate the stylistic expression of the kitchen and is pleasing to the eye of guests and owners of the room.

Popular materials

As modern materials for finishing the surface above the working area of ​​the kitchen use:

  • Ceramic tiles;
  • Mosaic;
  • Tempered glass;
  • natural or artificial decorative stone;
  • MDF panels;
  • Metallic decor.

Decorating the surface with ceramic tiles

In the market of modern building materials, ceramic tiles are considered the most popular option for facing the surface in the kitchen. This is not surprising, since ceramic tiles have the following indisputable advantages:

Aprons with tiled coatings are not afraid of the effects of water and temperature changes. They are characterized by high strength, durability, retain their appearance almost unchanged for many years;

The apron of ceramic tiles is easy to wash, it is not afraid of washing with the use of a rough brush with the use of powder;

A wide range of tile models - narrow, wide, square, elongated rectangular shape will find decent use in any kitchen. Ceramic tiles can be glossy and matte, with a pattern, imprint, pattern, with imitation of wood or stone. The variability of the decor allows you to choose coverage for any interior;

The price aspect provides the opportunity to purchase options for both high-cost luxury tiles, for example, Italian ceramics, and opt for more democratic models.

There are ceramic tiles and their disadvantages:

  1. The complexity of the installation, requiring the treatment of professionals, which implies additional material costs;
  2. The difficulty of caring for inter-tabular space, which requires at times the renovation of intercoat joints in places of accumulation of fat.
  3. The predominance of pluses over insignificant minuses makes this type of lining the surface of the apron very popular.

Mosaic decoration

If the surface above the working surface is uneven, with a predominance of niches, it is better to use mosaic as a decor. This coating is characterized by the brightness of the design.

Other advantages of the mosaic include:

  1. Strength and durability of the material;
  2. Use in small rooms, as well as for aprons with a width of less than 60 cm - the mosaic will give such space additional visual volume;
  3. Application in hard to reach places - niches, ledges, openings.
  4. The disadvantages of the mosaic are slightly larger compared with facing the surface with ceramic tiles, namely:
  5. A greater number of inter-tile joints, requiring additional care and special moisture-resistant grouting;
  6. Installation of a mosaic is made, as a rule, by professionals;
  7. High cost of material.

To reduce the cost of the design of the apron, you can use various style combinations with the use of ceramic tiles and mosaics as edging or single elements. This option looks truly luxurious.

Application of MDF-panels

MDF-panels covered with PVC film are widely used for the decoration of kitchen apron. This design option is relatively inexpensive. The coating is one-piece, has no seams, is easy to clean and is quick to install.Thanks to the modern possibilities of photo printing, you can decorate the interior with any pattern: a landscape, a plant or animal print, a depiction of reservoirs, and abstract drawings.

The disadvantages of MDF-coating include:

  1. The fragility of the coating;
  2. The synthetic nature of the material, which makes the design of the apron MDF-panels unsafe option.

Tempered glass

As a beautiful and modern material for the manufacture of a kitchen apron used special glass, the last firing procedure. Various options for printing on this surface can transform any kitchen. Toughened glass can also be used in the case when there are already wallpaper in the interior of the kitchen. To do this, you must choose for the color of the apron the main color of the wall with photo printing, or pick up any neutral shade.

Toughened glass is recognized as a very durable material. This surface is easy to clean, has no seams and is incredibly durable. The only drawback is the cost of tempered glass is very high, but this minus pays off in the first year of operation.

Natural stone trim

Natural stone in the decoration of the apron for the kitchen - a very durable and beautiful material. As the cladding material used granite, marble. The strongest among them is considered to be granite, having a small porosity, and, consequently, the ability to penetrate moisture. Apron made of marble, of course, has a more beautiful texture. The price of natural stone in the building materials market is very high.

Recently lithoceramics has been widely used - a combination of marble and ceramics in one material. This combination is almost impossible to distinguish from the real marble, at the same time, the cost of such coverage is lower than the natural original.

Natural wood trim

The use of wooden species as an apron to match the basic color of the kitchen set, undoubtedly, looks very harmonious. The main thing is to use only wood treated with a special compound that prevents pollution, desiccation and increases the fire safety of natural material.

You should be prepared for the fact that periodically the surface will need to be covered with special means that prevent the deformation of wooden rocks.The cost of this type of decor is not cheap.


For decorating the space above the working surface, materials such as bronze, iron, brass, aluminum are used. Apply as a solid piece of iron, and mosaic options.

It should be noted that such an element of kitchen decor will suit not every interior. Fine metal will look in the style of loft, hi-tech, minimalism. It is good if the shine of the metal is in harmony with the play of the chrome finish of the kitchen set. To emphasize the shine of iron and glass can in the interior.

The disadvantage of such a coating is its impracticality - splashes of water leave stains on the metal, which requires constant polishing of the surface.

Masonry application

If you have become a happy owner of a loft-style kitchen, the ideal option would be to decorate an apron with a brick or a material that imitates brickwork. For example, wallpaper "bricks", protected by red-hot glass. Natural material should be treated with a special moisture-resistant varnish, this coating will last more than one year.

Important Tips

The optimum height of the kitchen apron is 60 cm.If your kitchen apron is narrow, use a light tile or mosaic for decoration. For kitchens with a gas stove, the minimum distance from the stove to the hood is 70 cm, which means that this will be the approximate height of the apron.

When you make an apron, you must consider that it will go a few centimeters under the kitchen furniture - use this fact when buying materials.

It is advisable to close the gap between the apron and the table top with a baseboard, fixed with a special sealant, so you will ensure the strength of the coating and the water will not leak under the material.

If you can not decide on the color of the apron, choose white or other light shades of beige, milky, creamy - this color will suit any interior.

When you make an apron in bright colors, make sure that this color is repeated in the interior: in the decoration of textiles (curtains, furniture upholstery), in the elements of the kitchen set, in the color design of the walls.

Choosing durable and modern materials of the color and texture you need, you can make a beautiful and practical apron for the kitchen of your dreams.

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