Albico wall panels for the kitchen

In the design of the kitchen the main role is played by the apron. He can either soothe the lush interior too, and become his bright accent. Albico wall panels for the kitchen will help you to create a unique interior in your room.

A little about the company

Commercial and industrial company "AIRON" was founded in 2008. Produces various products from MDF. Since 2013 The product line of this manufacturer complemented the wall panels for the kitchen Albico. All products of this company are made on modern equipment using innovative technologies. The company has many diplomas and awards for the excellent quality of the goods. The entire range of this manufacturer is certified.


The production technology of these panels has no analogues in our country. A product like HOT COATING glue is applied to the MDF board. Clay melted to the state of sugar syrup. Next comes varnish coating, which creates an additional layer with protection against UF rays.

One of the main is the process of applying the image on the panel. This is done using a wide-format printer that delivers high print quality. It provides not only high-quality coverage, but it also produces a huge range of patterns that can always be updated due to new fashion trends. That is why Albico panels are always in trend.


The dimensions of these wall panels are perfect for lining the apron. Dimensions of MDF 61x280 cm, glossy panels have a thickness of 6mm, matte - 4mm. The second ones are also produced with a length of 98 cm. The pattern on all wall panels is made in such a way that, without difficulty and visible drops, the new sheet can continue the decoration of the apron.

Advantage and features:

  1. It has a glossy shine, which creates a 3D effect.
  2. Scratch and abrasion resistant; chemical agents are allowed.
  3. High resistance to dirt. It is easy to wash off even grease and soot with a soap solution.
  4. It tolerates changes in humidity and temperature, which is important when equipping an apron in the area of ​​the hob.
  5. Does not fade in the sun.
  6. Eco-friendly and hypoallergenic.
  7. A huge selection of drawings will allow you to choose the panel to any kitchen interior.

If you take good care of the apron from the panels of Albiko, then it will serve for a long time, and if necessary, if you are tired, it will not be difficult to change it.


Albico panels are easy to process, and attach them to the wall is not difficult.

Alignment and special preparation of the wall in this case is not required.

Initially, you need to mark the length. The width of Albiko panels is standard for a kitchen apron. Please note that the angle may not be 90 degrees. Consider this when trimming the panel. Or, better align the wall and the corner with wooden blocks, to which you later attach MDF boards.

Next, you need to mark the positions of the sockets on the wall and move them to the panel sheet. Cut out.

Cutting panels is much more convenient with a hacksaw with small teeth than a jigsaw. This cut is obtained much neater, without chipping and chipping.

Albico panels are interconnected with a special aluminum profile.

Fastening the panel in two ways:

  • With the help of glue "Liquid nails";
  • With the help of screws.

In the second case, the panel is placed so that the caps of the screws are hidden under the plinth of the table top and hidden under the wall cabinets. The holes in the MDF sheet are drilled, leans against the installation site and the places for drilling on the wall are marked with a pencil. Drill holes are made, dowels are clogged, Albico panel is screwed. This method is more laborious than the first, but dismantling is much easier.


Albico wall panels are a very high quality product. According to reviews, they look great. And after years remain bright, the glossy coating does not peel off. Excellent replacement for expensive glass or ceramic tile.


To fit Albico kitchen panels, due to the variety of patterns, you can fit into almost any design.

For high-tech fit the streets of modern cities, bridges.

For Art Nouveau Interior - flowers, shells, candles.

For rustic style - fruit themes, the image of straw.

For the Loft style - brickwork.

For minimalism, just black and white lines, or lines in brown tones.

Kitchen apron, decorated with wall panels Albico, will delight you for many years.And if you wish, and in connection with the new fashion trends, you can easily replace it with a new one, especially since it is not so expensive.

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