Furniture fittings

Qualitatively selected fittings allow not only to create a unique design, but also extend the service life of all structural elements of furniture. Therefore, you should be very careful when choosing such accessories.

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Features and benefits

Furniture for the kitchen is a special design and mechanisms that are used to optimize the work of all structural elements of furniture. There are several main functional features of such systems:

  1. The main purpose of these designs is the connection between several pieces of furniture. This makes it possible to ensure their full functionality (loops, guides, and many others).
  2. Decorative functionality. Products can also be installed on the outside of certain elements. They are used to manage furniture retractable systems such as doors, cabinets, etc. (pens).
  3. Support structuresThis should include various kinds of legs, which allow not only to adjust the height of the cabinet, but also to take the main load, protecting the furniture and giving it a unique appearance.

Many types of accessories are often used additionally, as accessories. With their help, furniture is given a certain style of furniture, allowing it to fit into different types of interiors beautifully.

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Furniture accessories are used to solve various problems, which led to the appearance of many varieties of such structures. These products can be divided into several types:

  • Pens. This attribute is set in most cases from the outside of the furniture. There are several subspecies of such products, among which there are such handles as a bracket, railing, button and mortise system.

The shape and size of these structures may be different, which already depends on the manufacturer and the material used in the manufacture.

  • Hinges. This attribute is a special system that provides smooth opening of doors. Additionally, there are such types of mechanisms:
  1. supplementary;
  2. semi-fold (the butt hides only half, it is found at the joints of two opening elements);
  3. overhead (the door finds directly on the end of the side wall);
  4. transformers and corner systems.
  • Sliding fittings. This includes all types of guides, which can also be divided into such subtypes:
  1. roller. Designs of this type are among the most popular, but including relatively inexpensive products;
  2. ballpoint. Guides of this type are distinguished by durability and ability to withstand significant and long-lasting loads;
  3. metal boxes These systems retain their performance even when operating with a weight of about 30 kg. Very often they are complemented by closers.
  4. tandem boxes made in the form of a holistic metal box, which is equipped with a sliding system. A distinctive feature of such systems is their quiet operation and long period of operation.
  • Legs. These attributes are used as reference elements. There are many types of such products, which differ in both design and technical properties.
  1. Gas shock absorbers. Such a system consists of a small piston, which allows to slightly reduce the speed of closing the door at the moment when it approaches the frame. Used to protect against damage.
  2. Also, kitchen constructions such as drying for dishes, bar counter, retractable mesh baskets and many others.


Modern components today are obtained from various substances among which the very popular are:

  • Tree. Pens are mainly made from this product. The material has a unique design and durability. Fits perfectly into different styles of interiors.
  • Metal. The product is essential for the manufacture of virtually all types of furniture accessories from guides to hinges and handles. The products are of high quality, reliable operation and long service life.
  • Leather, glass. These substances are also used as a base for pens. Characterized by high decorative figures. Can only be used in conjunction with certain styles.
  • Plastic. The material has low-quality technical and decorative indicators.From it handles and some separate elements of sliding systems are carried out. Constructions from it wear out quickly, which leads to their periodic replacement.

How to choose

The modern market offers a large selection of accessories for cabinets and other similar products. It should be understood that the life of the product depends on the quality of the product. To select high-quality accessories, experts recommend following a few rules:

  1. Price. Quality products are notable for their high cost, which should be additionally indicated by a guarantee for them. This eliminates the possibility of forgery and at least confirms the quality.
  2. Workmanship. All elements of accessories should not contain cracks, chips and other visible damage. If you buy sliding mechanisms, then you should definitely check how well they move, and if there are any kinks. This will eliminate the need for quick replacement after purchase. Please note that the systems are quite complex, then they must be supplemented by instructions for assembly.
  3. Style of cuisine. The appearance of the products must fit the overall interior, as many models of accessories can simply spoil it, although technically they can perfectly perform their function.
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Top Brands Review

Today, it is quite easy to purchase high-quality accessories by visiting any furniture store. Among the variety of modifications of these products, several popular manufacturers should be highlighted:

  • BLUM. Accessories of this brand is one of the best. Differs not only high reliability, but also the original design. Among the presented models of this line you can choose elements for any modern style of kitchen. This fitting is used by the Dutch company IKEA, which specializes in the production of high-quality furniture.
  • DC. This brand is characterized by low rates of marriage, as the production of accessories is controlled not only by specialists, but modern technology.
  • Hetich. German products of this brand are distinguished by high-quality technical indicators. In the market you can find a wide range of these products from brackets to complex sliding systems such as "Magic Corner"
  • Italian company Volpato is one of the leaders of the modern market of furniture accessories. The number of produced items reaches 5 thousand, which allows you to select elements not only for the kitchen, but also for other premises.
  • Vauth Sagel. The fittings of this German brand are recognized worldwide as one of the best. The company produces designs, both economy and luxury class. During production, careful control and quality control are carried out, which has led to such popularity of these products.

Interesting solutions in interior design

Current trends in the world of kitchen furniture design are gradually returning from flat surfaces to designs with accessories. Today, more and more often, the design includes smooth elements that are distinguished by minimalism.

Looks great constructive furniture in high-tech style with long aluminum handles. When the kitchen is dominated by warm colors of wood, it can be supplemented with wooden furniture with carving. There are no specific recommendations to choose the right accessories. Designers connect everything from metal to glass here, placing them in different places of the kitchen unit.A beautiful combination of white-colored facades with metal-colored handles, which create an original design, emphasizing each other, should be highlighted.

Also, many modern kitchens are equipped with different drawers, bar counters and other similar structures. With their help, comfort and practicality are created, making your stay here enjoyable and rewarding.

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