Kitchen-lounge in the style of "loft"

Today in city apartments, especially in studios, loft-style interiors are very popular. He is devoid of any pretentiousness and looks very stylish and modern. The kitchen-living room, made in this style is a cozy and modern version of the home.

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History of style

For the first time this style originated in the last century in America. This happened when housing prices in New York increased dramatically. At this time, the townspeople began to rent out completely, it would seem, uninhabitable premises - penthouses, attics, former work spaces, and even abandoned factories. These apartments looked unusual, but over time they became popular among Bohemians - artists, artists, musicians and other creative individuals. Today such premises are far from uncommon not only in America, but also in Europe.

Advantages and disadvantages

Today, in order to get a room in the loft style, it is not necessary to move to an abandoned factory. It is enough to properly stylize your room.Loft is now very popular not only in America and Europe, but also with us. Prefer it, all also, creative young people. The loft-style rooms themselves are characterized by high ceilings and large windows, giving a lot of light and visually expanding the space.

The kitchen-living room in this style is good because it does not have to spend a lot of money on its decor. At the same time, you get a huge scope for self-expression and a lot of free space. Combined rooms are another distinctive detail of this style. Usually in a loft-style room there are no extra partitions, doors and walls. Therefore, you can zone the space yourself, as you wish, using different color schemes for each zone, or separating them with furniture and decor items.

So, making out in this style the combined space of the kitchen and living room, it can be divided into a narrow long dining table or bar counter. It looks very interesting and modern.

In the loft style, all the details, such as decoration, as well as furniture and decorative elements, cause associations with the industrial premises. The walls are characterized by the use of coarse raw plaster or brickwork. Loft-style furniture should be functional and also slightly rough.With such furniture will be quite organically combined stylish modern appliances. Indoors in the loft style should be a lot of color and artificial and natural.

The only significant drawback of a room in this style is that not everyone will like this interior. Older people will feel uncomfortable in a similar atmosphere, so it is usually preferred by young and free creative people.

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Interior planning

The loft-style room should be free and spacious. The layout of such rooms should be as simple as possible. Separate parts of the room are separated not by walls, but by low partitions, and more often - just by color or stylistics, which differ in different zones.

First of all, to decorate the space of the kitchen-living room you need to do the repair of the room. Best of all, if the walls in the room will have a pristine appearance. Here are relevant options such as stone or brick or rough plaster decoration.

The ceiling is usually painted in gray or white. This allows you to make the room visually more spacious, which has always been characteristic of loft-style rooms.If the ceiling is supplemented with some pipes, floors or other details, then you should not hide them. On the contrary, focusing on them, you will give the room a special authenticity.

The floor in the loft-style premises is usually wooden or plain-tiled. Natural wood is used extremely rarely, especially in the kitchen space. But the laminate, stylized wood, looks very stylish in this interior. As for the tiles, it is best to choose decoratively aged dark materials.

Arrangement of the combined room

It is important to supplement the kitchen-living room in loft style with properly selected furniture. Regardless of whether you have a large room, or a room of 22 square meters, you can always find the right things.

In a loft-style room, designers most often use the simplest forms and materials. Cabinets made of solid quality wood will not take up much space and will fit all the necessary things in one room. However, complex designs are also characteristic of this style. Especially made of metal.

As for technology, in the loft style, it is possible to combine with each other both rare and modern techniques. Such, at first glance, unusual combinations, look quite organically and interesting.For example, a modern tall fridge and a trendy coffee maker are perfectly combined with a rare stove.

It is believed that the room in the loft style should be a lot of stylish furniture and modern technology. This is another distinctive feature of the style. The basic details of such an interior are a massive sofa located in the center of the room, a coffee table and several shelves and cabinets.

Sofas and chairs for this style can be selected and antique and modern. Most often, this sofa, covered with leather. If she is old, it will only benefit your chosen style. The room can be supplemented with large pillows or ottomans, where even a large group of guests can be accommodated.

Open shelves allow you to parade a lot of style-forming trivia. This allows you to make your room more personalized and interesting.

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Colors in design

Most people, hearing about the loft style, immediately represent a dark and rather gloomy room. Therefore, it seems that dark deep shades should prevail in it - black, dirty brown or gray. But it is rather a stereotype. Modern loft-style rooms can be anything you like, and the presence of large windows does not allow them to remain gloomy.

Quite often white color is used as the basis.So, for example, the combination of a large number of light furniture with dark walls and a floor looks very interesting. White in combination with other, darker tones, looks interesting and unusual. Bright colors are rarely essential. Most often, they are used solely as accents.

And, of course, colors such as brick, copper and black are often used in this style. They help to convey the general urban mood.

Decorative items

Details in the loft style also play an important role. This style is typically American, so there are quite a few relevant details in it. Also in the loft style, it is customary to place in sight all kinds of small appliances - a toaster, microwave, coffee maker or retro phone may well become part of the decor of your kitchen-living room. A bar counter will decorate a collection of alcohol or a set of glasses. Attractive, but at the same time, extremely functional decorative elements - this is a classic loft style.

As you can see, having appeared relatively recently, the loft style has already managed to gain popularity and love of creative youth from around the world.A small apartment or a large loft-style studio is the dream of many representatives of modern creative people who appreciate practicality and love to live in a spacious and functional room that is minimally reminiscent of a parent's house.

If you are inspired by the interiors of kitchens combined with living rooms and executed in this style, then you can safely try to recreate it in your room, because it doesn’t require practically any costs, only inspiration and the desire to create.

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