Kitchen-living room in the style of "Provence"

Exquisite French style is well suited for the interior design of modern rooms. Ideally, it will fit into the combined living room in the style of Provence. French chic will make even the smallest room stylish and attractive.

Provence style is an opportunity to create a cozy atmosphere and emphasize the individuality of the room even with the simplest layout. In such a kitchen-living room you will be comfortable to spend time with your family, cook delicious dinners and meet with friends for a bottle of wine.

Interior features

Provence style is called a branch of the village. But do not completely confuse it with country music. Country style appeared in the nineteenth century in England while Provence was always purely French. The only thing that unites these two styles is some common features in design. But the differences are still greater. So, country style is characterized by warm tones, a lot of leather and metal.At the same time, Provence is recognizable by the cold shades and stylish aged furniture.

The kitchen-living room in Provence style should not be too fussy. In addition, despite the fact that this style is characterized by decorating the space with various trifles, you should not clutter the room too much. Provence style is, first of all, naturalness, French refinement, comfort and simplicity.

Color palette

Choosing the right color scheme is very important for this style. The best option is light pastel colors: white, beige, soft blue. Light colors, as if burned out under the rays of the warm French sun, ideally complete the interior in Provence style.

Designers, decorating a room in Provence style, most often use white, beige, lavender and muted shades of blue and green. As for bright colors, they will be more appropriate in small decorative elements - flowers, candles, frames.

The simplest version of the design of the kitchen-living room in Provence style is the use of white plaster, light furniture and a small amount of color accessories, placed in prominent places for the walls.

Of the prints for this style would be appropriate except that floral. He looks the most organic in the combined room in the French style.

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Style Basics

If you have a small room at your disposal, the use of white color will help to visually expand the space and make the room more spacious and bright. Regardless of whether you use the Provencal style techniques in the country or in the apartment, its details differ slightly.

So, if you have a private house, you can decorate the ceiling with wooden beams and ceilings. In the house it is much easier to do this. In the apartment, you can simply paint the ceiling paint of light color.

Together with the ceiling in the same style and make out the floor. This is a kind of basis for any interior and Provence - is no exception. Here will be the most appropriate laminate, stylized wood. Natural wood is very difficult to maintain and eventually loses its appeal. But the laminate, with proper installation, is a long time and does not cause any difficulties with the care.

The kitchen-living room in Provence style is a kind of grandmother's attic, which, with seeming simplicity and even ill-conceivedness, looks very stylish and modern.


Having decided on the design of the basis of the kitchen-living room, it is necessary to proceed to the choice of furniture. She, too, should be part of this style. In order to maintain a given tone, choose either original antique furniture or its alternative - artificially aged designer items.

Most often, for kitchens and living rooms in Provence style, furniture from natural wood is selected. At the same time, preference should be given not to a dark tree, but to a light one - it will look more appropriate in this style. The furniture can also be decorated with various decorative elements - exquisite carvings, forged legs, gilding, or simply painted.

Choose furniture carefully. Too simple bright headsets will look like part of modern style, and antique and too elaborate furniture will bring your interior closer to classicism. Also remember that the furniture should not be too bulky. This will break the overall lightness of the interior.

In the living room is appropriate to have a fireplace and a neat rocking chair. These elements will help make the room more comfortable. As for the dining room group, it is better to have it in the center of the room. This will help save space.

In the kitchen, made in the style of Provence, there should not be a huge amount of modern technology. The best option is a technique built into a bright kitchen set, which merges with the overall style and does not stand out. The use of modern technology is completely uncharacteristic for the French province, so the designers, creating a space in the style of Provence, try to hide it.

In the kitchen, a combination of open shelves with closed cabinets will be appropriate. In the lockers you can store dishes and often used items. And on the shelves is better to arrange decorative items. Often there are decorative sets or painted plates.

How to complete the design

On the decorative elements should talk separately. To decorate the space in the style of Provence, you can use the most simple, but stylish details - family photos, cute figurines brought from some kind of travel, openwork silt embroidered napkins.

In this light French style there is a place and colors. It can be both bouquets and flowers in pots. It is better not to use artificial flowers. They mostly just collect dust on themselves.

Provence style is a light French charm that will immediately make your space more comfortable and charming. Use its basics to decorate a room, but allow yourself to experiment a bit to make the room more personalized.

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