Small kitchen area of ​​5 square meters. m with fridge

By purchasing housing for themselves, people dream of creating a comfortable and stylish interior. Someone makes repairs independently, and someone trusts this business to a team of professional craftsmen and designers. Whatever it was, in the end, everyone wants to get the most functional result.

Feature planning

Every person dreams of living in comfort and coziness, therefore he pays a lot of attention and spends a large amount of energy to optimize the space of his home. If the rooms can be arranged fairly easily, then the kitchen design sometimes raises a lot of questions: how to place the necessary furniture, where to put household appliances, where to make a dining area and others.

These questions are particularly acute in apartments, where there is a small kitchen. After all, small rooms can not be used for receiving guests or for family gatherings, and it is hardly possible to work there quietly with a laptop. But there is a solution! You can create a great modern interior even in the smallest rooms of 5 square meters. meters

Of course, every owner wants to make such repairs in order to get the maximum benefit from every square meter. This is very important for any apartments, and especially if you live in the "Khrushchev". In such apartments the kitchens are small-sized, which causes a lot of problems during repairs.

One of the main problems of small kitchens is that it is difficult for several people to be there at the same time, especially when it comes to cooking. This is a result of the fact that the premises are occupied by large appliances, without which it can not be dispensed with. Planning such kitchens can bring a headache. But do not worry or panic, because modern designers have come up with many possible solutions for how to make a small room as functional as possible. To do this, there are several ways that you can adopt.

Actualization of space.

"Khrushchev" were built many years ago during the Soviet era, but at that time they were already inconvenient for their size and layout. And in the modern world a large number of useful household appliances appeared, without which many housewives can no longer imagine their presence in the kitchen.

It is better to start carrying out repairs in a completely free space, then it will be easier to get the desired result. When you create a project room you need to take note of the rule: no rubbish, only orderliness. Think about what things in the kitchen are most important to you, and what you can refuse or move to other rooms.

The kitchens must have a zone for the location of the stove (gas or electric), storage boxes for dishes, food cabinets, surfaces for placing small household appliances and cooking.

From the floor cabinets to wall-mounted, you can move all the products and dishes, then enough space will be left for the washing machine or dishwasher.

Basic ideas on the organization of space:

  • Dinner table. In kitchens with an area of ​​5 square meters. meters it can be very difficult to place. A good solution would be to get rid of it. It is not about giving up this piece of furniture, but only about the transfer. It can be transferred to the living room, then there will be enough space in the kitchen. If you do not want to place the table in other rooms, then you should think about its location in the corner of the kitchen, and even better - near the window.The table in this case should be compact, perhaps it will be a bar counter, which can also be used as a working kitchen surface. Dining table does not necessarily choose solid. A good option would be a table-book, a transformer or folding.
  • Corner zones. A little secret: better to place bulky interior in corners to save space in the center of the kitchen. Therefore, you need to give your preference to furniture made for placement in the corners, and take the remaining space with a table, a refrigerator, a dishwasher.
  • Height. High furniture will help avoid clutter of boxes, it will save space for moving or placing household appliances. In the cabinets with shelves you can put a sufficient amount of all the necessary kitchen utensils.
  • Window sill. Another good idea for saving space would be to use a windowsill. It can be added to work surfaces and placed on it, for example, a microwave or a slow cooker, and you can make a small kitchen table out of it.
  • Cabinets and shelves. It would seem that nothing new can be done with the cabinets.However, there are options. You can refuse cabinets with hinged doors in favor of conventional shelves without doors. If this option is not suitable for you, you can purchase cabinets with lifting mechanisms. It is important to take into account the fact that all the furniture should have a lot of space for storing kitchen utensils. Perhaps you should even order lockers for individual sizes.
  • Bar counter. A very popular piece of kitchen interior, which will be most welcome in kitchens with an area of ​​5 square meters. meters First, it can be used instead of the table, and secondly - as a full-fledged work surface. Even better, it will be furniture-transformer.

Kitchen with fridge.

This is the most bulky equipment that you can imagine in the kitchen. However, it is impossible to do without it in the modern world; therefore, one must be wisely approaching the choice and place:

  • Refrigerator horizontal shape. Some manufacturers produce similar models just for small premises. Such equipment can be easily hidden under the countertops, which then many use as full-fledged work surfaces.However, in such refrigerators there is not much space for food storage, when compared with standard models.
  • Vertical refrigerator. It can also be placed in a cabinet, over which additional shelves are often placed. It is best to make them closed, it will visually add grace to the interior. It is better to have such a unit in the corner so as not to tear the working surface. In addition, you should keep in mind the fact that the refrigerator, stove and sink should not be very far from each other. This helps save time when cooking - all the necessary products can be easily reached, washed and cooked.
  • Separate refrigerator. The point is to place the refrigerator separately from the freezer. In this case, both cameras can be closed with cabinets, which will help free up some space for work. In addition, you should consider the fact that you need a freezer. If you do not use it and cook only from fresh products, it makes sense to buy a refrigerator without a freezer, which will add space for cabinets in a small room.
  • Niches under the fridge. If the kitchen room has a not very standard rectangular shape (or there are recesses in one of the walls), then it is a very good decision to make special niches to place the refrigeration unit just in them. This will allow you to use the space more favorably.
  • Kitchen without refrigerator. If the kitchen with an area of ​​5 square meters. meters can not put the cooling unit, the best solution to this problem - placing it in another room or corridor. Perhaps the layout of the apartment is made in such a way that next to the kitchen there is a small pantry room, then you can put the device there. If the kitchen room has a balcony, then redevelopment would be a good idea. You can remove the wall connecting the loggia with the room, thereby adding useful space to accommodate household appliances or dimensional furniture. The window sill in this case would be an excellent solution for arranging the dining area.
  • Refrigerator in rooms with a column. Recently, an increasing number of houses are being built not with central heating, but with individual. As a rule, the geyser is placed in the kitchen.If the boiler is hanging high enough, then the refrigerator can be placed directly under it. However, in this case, it should be remembered that it is impossible to put the unit abutting it, because this can spoil the work of two expensive devices at once. But this is not the best accommodation option. It is better to think over the design of the kitchen room and place these devices in different parts of it.

Furniture design.

This issue should also be taken very seriously, especially when it comes to small-sized kitchen in the "Khrushchev". At 5 meters of space, it is important to use every centimeter. Initially, you should choose the size and shape of the interior:

  • Linear set. This means that the furniture is located along one wall. This placement really saves space, but lockers are not always able to accommodate a sufficient number of items.
  • Corner headset. Such furniture will look good in the kitchen of any shape: square or rectangular. In the "Khrushchev" it is advantageous to place such a set together with a bar counter.
  • The arrangement of furniture in the form of the letter "G". This option is slightly different from the linear in that there are used two walls of the room.The kitchen set contains in itself more things, and the large home appliances can be built in cases. This is the most common and most used option.
  • The arrangement of furniture in the shape of the letter "P". As you might guess, the furniture is located along the three walls. This option is very roomy, but at the same time, a headset with this arrangement can "eat" almost the entire space. For this reason, this arrangement is not very common.
  • The location of the headset in a circle. If we consider this placement in terms of storage of kitchen utensils and functionality, then we can say that this method is the best of all. If you look in terms of space for moving and cooking, the project is not the best. It should carefully weigh all the nuances.
  • Custom-made furniture. Furniture for kitchens in "Khrushchev" is logical to order according to individual sizes, and you should entrust the creation of the project to professional designers. They will take into account all the wishes and create the most functional project.

Finishing and materials.

An important detail that must be considered when creating a project will be the choice of materials for furniture, finishing materials and kitchen lighting:

  • Materials for kitchen furniture. As a rule, most people choose classic wooden furniture or chipboard. Such a headset looks aesthetically pleasing, but very common. A more modern solution would be the use of materials such as glass, stone or a mirror.

It looks very advantageous combination of several materials - for example, glass facades with mirror countertops or wooden facades with stone countertops. However, in kitchens with an area of ​​5 m2 you should not put dark furniture. It is better to give preference to light-colored furniture. You can choose a headset that combines bright and bright shades.

  • Finishing materials for walls. To create an interesting design, you can use various materials. Walls can be decorated not only with tiles or wallpaper. You can make the paneling MDF or "dilute" wallpaper overlays, imitating stone. Mirror inserts visually expand the room. A panel with a pattern in the dining area will look very nice. For small kitchens are well suited bright materials for the walls. They will visually add space. To create an interesting interior, you can combine the colors of finishing materials.This will help to visually push the walls.
  • The design of the ceiling may also vary: tension, plastered over with ceiling tiles or special PVC panels. The main thing is to choose the right color, so that the ceiling does not seem low. Glossy ceilings can visually expand the space.
  • For the floor, you can use any floor that you like.. It should fit harmoniously into the design. Small rooms will look bigger if the floor has a tile with a diagonal pattern.
  • Lighting. For small kitchens, proper lighting can visually add a few square meters. Bright lighting is very important in the process of cooking. A large chandelier will help solve this issue and will distract the attention of guests from the small dimensions of the room.

There is another interesting nuance when using the chandelier: on the top you can store jars of spices. However, having a chandelier in the kitchen is no longer as fashionable as before, and many housewives have long abandoned such an idea in favor of point lights. In addition, you can additionally place a small lamp in the dining area, or order furniture with integrated lighting.

  • Window design. Do not forget about the window when creating a modern interior.Light short curtains of translucent fabric will add to the design lightness and aesthetics.

If the window sill is in the working area of ​​the kitchen, then the curtains can not be used - they will constantly interfere. In this case, you can choose blinds or color roller blinds. They are quite convenient to use, since they can easily regulate the light from the street. They are easy to wash, and they do not require the purchase of additional fastening elements in the form of a cornice. In addition, modern technologies have made great strides, and you can order blinds with a pattern or an interesting pattern that will fit the overall kitchen design.


Small-sized kitchen should combine the functionality and efficiency of space. When creating a project, it is necessary to take into account all possible parameters for visual or territorial expansion of the area. An excellent option would be to make changes to the layout of the apartment. This can be done in several ways:

  • Removing the partition between the kitchen and the room. This option should be used if the next room is a living room. In this case, you can move the dining area, refrigerator and other large appliances from the kitchen to the room.A minor problem can be the fact that when cooking, the smell will spread to both rooms.
  • Removing the partition between the kitchen and the balcony. It should be noted that you can remove the entire wall entirely - or leave the window sill. The version with a window sill has already been described above. If you demolish the entire wall, the kitchen area will expand significantly, and it will be possible to organize the space with greater convenience.
  • Moving the wall. This option will require a special permit utilities, so it is not used very often. It should be remembered that if the wall is bearing, then it can not be transferred.
  • The kitchen doorway can be expanded by installing an arched vault. This will add a bit of space, and also make the kitchen more aesthetic.

Placement of household appliances

This question also needs attention when resolving. Proper placement of household appliances will help win some space. No kitchen can do without a stove and a refrigerator. However, there are some points that will help in their placement:

  • You can use not a solid stove, and the hob or mini-oven.
  • Microwave can be placed on the windowsill or refrigerator. When choosing a device, preference should be given to small-sized devices.
  • A small washing machine can be conveniently located under the sink.
  • Other equipment (multicooker, food processor and other appliances) can be stored in boxes and put into cabinets after use.

Kitchen room with gas boiler

Having individual heating is a good solution for modern apartments. However, small kitchens with a column are particularly difficult when carrying out repairs. First, you need to hide the boiler, and second, you need to hide pipes and communications to bring the interior into an aesthetic state:

If the gas boiler is installed in the kitchen initially, then it remains only to remove it in a special cabinet.

If you decide to install the column yourself, you should initially consult with a specialist to help him choose the right place for her. Walls should be well insulated. Take care of adequate ventilation.

Additional tips

We can say that the kitchen with an area of ​​5 square meters.deliver to their owners certain troubles during repairs. You can contact the professionals who will create an interesting and multifunctional design. And you can connect your imagination and make it fashionable, stylish and modern, even the kitchen in the "Khrushchev".

It doesn't matter how small your kitchen is. Using the above tips, you can create an interesting design that will look no worse than in photos in magazines.

Of the nuances should be noted the possible unusual shape of the room, which will bring some trouble when placing furniture. It may happen that some communications will pass through the kitchen, which will also have to be hidden.

Try to realize one or more of the ideas presented - and your kitchen will sparkle with new colors.

Remember that visually expand the space can mirror inserts and light colors used finishing materials. Proper furniture placement will save space, and large parts will distract attention to themselves.

If you choose a kitchen set yourself is very difficult, you can resort to the help of masters,who will make the project to order. You can also develop your own design and order the furniture in the factory.

All options are good when it comes to maximum comfort when cooking in kitchens with a small area. Each centimeter won will help create a cozy and comfortable atmosphere.

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