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Total White style decorates the interiors of houses, apartments and offices, which is the season. Exquisite white furniture for the kitchen becomes a visiting card for such trends in the decor as Mediterranean, Scandinavian, rustic, Provence, Art Nouveau, Chebbi-chic, etc. A good hostess always tries to make her “work zone” spacious, clean and practical. The best thing with this task is to cope with a snow-white set: kitchen worktop, hob, tables and chairs, tulle, curtain, large household appliances, and finishing.

Special features

Universal color is perfectly combined with any palette: from pastel to neon. Against its background any prints, patterns, ornaments are successfully highlighted. What else, if not white, will help correctly to place accents in the decor?

On the windows of specialized salons you can find interesting models with a glossy surface. She deserves the love of the consumer thanks to her perfect look.If this way is framed all the kitchen furniture, then you risk creating for yourself a real palace in the avant-garde, rococo or baroque style. Such interiors always look dynamic, fresh and noble.

The brilliant facades of furniture visually make the room wider, and also contribute to beautiful and bright lighting in reflections. Matte black headsets are incredibly fashionable and succinctly look on the background of white tables made of material with the same texture. But the fascinating glossy surface of the bar counter, table tops made of plastic, wood or ceramics makes the room elegant and festive.

A great find light tonality will be for small kitchens. The advantage of color is the visual expansion of square meters. With proper decoration of the walls, ceiling, floor and window opening, you will avoid the style of the “hospital ward”, but settle yourself in real mansions.

Despite the fact that the color is easily soiled, if you stick to cleanliness in the kitchen, you can achieve brilliant effect, lightness and freedom. Psychologists believe that total white is able to give a person on a subconscious level a feeling of confidence, spirituality and motivation.


For snow-white furniture is to pick up contrasting flooring, curtains.Suspended ceiling, for example, can be arranged in the form of bars, which are embedded lamps. A kitchen apron between white floor and hanging cabinets is successfully decorated with paisley, azulezhu, mosaic, etc.

The best "companions" of white for the kitchen space are colors such as:

  • purple, pale pink, fuchsia;

  • black graphite;

  • dark brown, beige, mustard;

  • bright red, marsala, burgundi;

  • cold blue, royal blue, ultramarine;

  • turquoise, green, etc.

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Designers are advised to combine not only colors but also textures, sometimes going beyond the basic rules. So, "armed" with glossy facades, try to make the countertop matte, upholstered furniture - velvet, velor. It is better to combine white skin with a natural tree, shock-resistant glass.

Ceramic apron of saturated blue, orange or fiery red color will become a good background for wall cabinets. Feel free to use chic panels, photoprints, “hog”, stained glass - all this is wonderfully combined with an interesting finish, non-standard lining in the style of loft, kitsch, European, Mediterranean, oriental, etc.


Exquisite classic-style kitchen is simply obliged to have the vast majority of white elements (furniture, textile accessories, household appliances). Any material in this key looks elegant, festive. Pay attention to open racks, wide sinks, large transforming tables. For farming, loft style, industrial look, look at stoves, decorated with white brickwork.

For a large kitchen, you can additionally see a small cupboard for dishes, dinner sets, bars. On a white background it will be interesting to look the effect of "wear", "rough treatment". Patina will cover the metal kitchen set or plumbing. The classic of the genre is ready-made furniture, located linearly along the wall or U-shaped.

Pay particular attention to the selection of countertops and proper equipment for the kitchen rest area. It can be a leather corner sofa or cute shapeless armchairs, poufs. For discreet interiors, select solid chairs, stools, and for more romantic ones, models with upholstery. White wooden tables should not be covered with spectacular tablecloths.This shade, although it emphasizes the minimalist style, however, is beautifully decorated with the general entourage of the kitchen no worse than wallpapers, a luxurious chandelier over your head, etc.

Stylistic features

The style of the room itself depends on which key will be in contrast. Green notes “in duet” add charm to eco, ethno, boho-chic styles, and gray, graphite and silver help to decorate interiors in fusion, modern, art deco style.

For classics, try to choose a light set with elements of black, red, golden hue. Fitted cabinets with hinged doors, an elegant sideboard, stand with shelves made of solid wood. Such material is excellent for coloring, it looks organically with glass, ceramic granite, natural stone, wooden floor boards. The table and chairs in this case should create a slight contrast with the walls and other kitchen units. Brown, beige, champagne, light gray - that’s what white traditionally combines with.

For the Scandinavian it is better to look at the cabinets, shelves and drawers in the kitchen in a white and cream palette. She also decorate the romantic design of the room in the style of rustic, provence, chebbi-chic.Perfectly look for kitchen hanging set with the effect of haze, aging. Style will give a wooden floor with a natural texture.

Modern kitchen can be black and white, have a futuristic decor. From furniture it is worth choosing tables and chairs with chrome legs, leather upholstery. Hood, cooking surface should also resemble space devices. For cabinets, it is better to dwell on materials: steel, high-quality plastic for facades, glass. Also consider a stylish bar with the correct multi-level lighting (led-tapes, spotlights).

You will give a unique color to the kitchen, if you choose furniture in the style of Provence, romantic. It should be wooden products, painted in an elegant white color on the background of the wall in powdery shades. It is better to "arm" with furniture on forged legs. Chairs and a table should have the elements of carving, and the facades of the cabinets should have glass inserts, stained glass, mosaic. Do not do here and without ceramic elements (kitchen apron, floor, dishes, etc.).

Simplicity and comfort combines a rustic interior style. Literally pile up the kitchen with wooden furniture.Puffs and sofas can be covered with leather, high-quality textiles, have unusual ethnic patterns, ornaments and appliqués. Boxes and shelves, as well as sliding modules made of beech, oak and coniferous wood, should be painted white with a touch of antiquity, with brown, beige or sandy inserts.

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