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Repair in the apartment very few people happy, because it is a long, painstaking and dirty process. But the repair period is considered the best reason to change the furniture and update the interior. The kitchen is a special place in every home, it should be not only comfortable and beautiful, but also very functional.

The main part of the kitchen interior is furniture, which can be bought off-the-shelf or made to order. The variety of shops and factories makes every homeowner face a difficult choice. Belarusian furniture factories have proven themselves in the market, and many make a choice in favor of furniture brands from Belarus. Among the companies that stand out are those that have existed for a long time in the furniture market: CALL and GeosIdeal, as well as those that are just starting their activity, for example, Viva.

Features and benefits

Among the large number of furniture companies you have to choose the one that will fully meet your wishes.It should be a factory with a good reputation, a large assortment of products and reasonable prices. Belarusian kitchen furniture meets all these requirements and is a worthy competition to European furniture manufacturers.

Compared with foreign suppliers, furniture from the CIS is distinguished by its cost, which is several times lower. At the same time, the quality of the furniture produced is in no way inferior to an Italian or German rival.

Among the advantages of Belarusian manufacturers note the following:

Modern equipment and experienced professionals

All the furniture in the factories of Belarus is made on modern European equipment under the supervision of experienced craftsmen. Thus, wood processing takes place at the highest level, and the result is an ideal product.

Quality materials

For the manufacture of all furniture using environmentally friendly raw materials of high quality, which guarantees the safety of the use of furniture. Most types of products are made from natural wood, which can not but rejoice and not attract buyers.

Democratic value

All furniture is produced on foreign equipment using the most modern technologies and materials, but the furniture is still much cheaper than European. This raises a logical question: Why overpay if there is no difference in quality?

Compliance with the latest design trends

All kitchen furniture has an attractive and modern appearance. Fittings also meets all necessary requirements. Large selection of styles allows you to choose products for any interior, whether it is ageless classics or screaming modern.

Factory Call

Kitchens from the Belarusian factory ZOV meet all the necessary requirements of modern design. Elements made from various materials allow you to choose a kitchen set for any space and style. The presence of carved parts makes the kitchen more attractive and comfortable.

Kitchen furniture CALL requires special care, even if it is made of natural wood. Each headset is accompanied by a detailed instruction manual, the observance of which rules will allow you to quickly get used to the use and care of furniture.

Wooden furniture

Any piece of furniture made of natural wood looks incredibly attractive, is considered the most environmentally friendly and has a unique smell of wood. Naturalness is now in fashion, so furniture made of solid wood has a special value and is in great demand among consumers.

Most often, those who prefer natural wood furniture choose natural woody colors, which depend on the type of wood and its age. It is proved that natural shades delight the eye for much longer and soothe the nervous system. Such furniture will look perfect in the interior of country style or Provence, but no one forbids you to use it in a modern kitchen.

Wooden kitchen set is much harder than all other materials, so be prepared for the fact that you will need a lot of strength when assembling it, if you decide to assemble it yourself. In order for wood furniture to serve you for a long time and not change its appearance, follow some simple rules. First, try to maintain a constant temperature in the kitchen area, avoiding its drops.Secondly, carefully protect the headset from the effects of fire and large amounts of moisture.

From chipboard

MDF and particleboard has many similarities, but the second option is more loose and softer. As a rule, this material is used in the manufacture of cheaper furniture. Belarusian factories are engaged in the production not only of elite kitchen sets, but also of budget models that are available to most categories of the population.

Compared with natural wood and MDF, chipboard can not be used in the design of classic kitchens with carved doors. The material is rather loose, poorly amenable to milling and creating decorative elements. But the kitchen of chipboard is distinguished by a variety of colors, which can imitate even wood, even stone. You can make to order a glossy kitchen that fits perfectly into the interior in modern or fusion style.

Many young families prefer the kitchen of chipboard, as it is much easier to change to a new one. In addition, the cost of such a kitchen unit is much lower than all the others, which is also a fundamental factor in the choice.

From MDF

MDF - a modern building material, which is a fibreboard. This material is widely used in the manufacture of various furniture, and Belarusian factories are no exception and actively use MDF. Wood fiber is quite flexible and light, therefore it opens up great opportunities in the design of kitchen sets. With the help of MDF, manufacturers can bring all their ideas to life, creating curved, convex or classic facades.

Separately, it is worth noting the frame MDF, which completely imitates natural wood, and it is quite difficult for an unaware person to distinguish these two materials. Frame MDF is actively used in the design of the doors of kitchen cabinets and looks great in combination with glass inserts.

Kitchen furniture from MDF has an excellent appearance, similar to expensive models of headsets. At the same time, its cost is much lower, and the design is lighter.


Belarusian furniture company GeosIdeal has been manufacturing kitchen sets for over fifteen years. During this time, the company has acquired its fans, whose number is constantly increasing.This is not surprising, because all the furniture is made using modern technology from high quality materials.

In the collection of the company there are several options for kitchen sets, which have already become classics and are especially loved by homeowners:


Set for those who value luxury and grace in everything. The kitchen will perfectly fit into the currently popular Art Deco interior.


The combination of frosted glass and alder facades embody the real Italian style, which is characterized by brevity and severity. But at the same time the kitchen is absolutely not devoid of grace and lightness.


Set for fans of Provence style. The carved elements of the facades fit perfectly not only in the country interior, but also look great in a city apartment.


This type of kitchen furniture is the embodiment of contrast. Light cabinets and dark floor cabinets are an indicator of sustainability. The set is created specifically for kitchens in modern style.

Our Furniture

Unlike the two previous manufacturers, which make furniture elements in Belarus and supply it to the CIS countries, Our Furniture has a branch in Russia. In addition, this company is a dealer of many other furniture factories.The product range of the company is quite wide. Here you can purchase both a separate kitchen table with chairs, and a fully equipped kitchen.

How to choose

The choice of cuisine is a responsible and very troublesome event. Here you should consider a few points. First of all, decide on the material from which your kitchen set will be made. This material has a significant impact on the cost of the kitchen.

If you are just going to make repairs in the kitchen, then you will have a much wider selection. What is already for the finished interior. In the second case, you will have to give preference only to the furniture that will look harmoniously against the background of the general style of the kitchen space.

When making a headset to order, think in advance of all its components, so you do not regret the result. The kitchen should be as functional as possible, have a sufficient number of cabinets and shelves.

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