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Ikea kitchen furniture is a prime example of Scandinavian style. Restrained tones, simplicity of models and indispensable functionality. With all this, the furniture is very stylish and for every taste. It is designed to be comfortable.

Among the styles presented in the assortment of the brand, there are four: Scandinavian, modern modern, rustic “country” and youth.

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Turnkey Kitchens

In its catalogs Ikea offers to consider options for ready-made kitchens. The plus of such a purchase is that you get the whole kitchen, the design of which is thought out to the smallest detail and all the components are perfectly combined with each other. Therefore, if you want to change only a few items in the kitchen, this option will not be the best.

Let's look at solutions in the kitchen interior, which have been developed in the Ikea company especially for you.

  1. For medium-sized or large kitchens, this company offers open shelves instead of wall cabinets.In some designs, cabinets are present, but either very few of them, or they occupy no more than half.
  2. But in a small kitchen it will be very difficult to do without wall cabinets. Therefore, in Ikea there is a great option for placing cabinets up to the ceiling itself. Glass doors will help to make your kitchen more visually spacious and lighter. Moreover, with such doors it is easy to immediately find what you need.
  3. For kitchens with a difficult layout and any irregularities, the catalog always has a variety of options. Like cabinets with shallow shelves - about 37 centimeters, which will help to go around the protruding ventilation channel or other difficult places. And if the kitchen is small, it will also save you a lot of space.
  4. The undoubted plus of furniture for the kitchen Ikea is that many things can be inexpensively replaced. For example, fronts for cabinets, wall panels and even a tabletop. And all this is presented in a variety of colors, giving a wealth of choice.
  5. Also, the furniture is designed in such a way that allows you to use the work surface as best as possible. For small kitchens, where there is not always a place for a dining table, this function is perfectly performed by a folding worktop without shelves below.Or another option - a table on wheels with shelves, which can also be used for lunch and at the same time store the necessary things in it.
  6. Often there is such that the kitchen is combined with the living room. In Ikea they propose to use a large table multifunctional. For example, at the same time in order to perform some work, lunch or rest.
  7. The company directory pays close attention to things like LED lights. The company Ikea develops it even for cabinets and drawers, this is the so-called “lights-garland”. The bottom line is that when you open the box, the light turns on itself, and after closing it turns off. The brightness of the light can always be adjusted.
  8. Functionality is one of the most important aspects in furniture design. So the appearance of a single-door floor cabinet, which can easily turn into a nightstand with several shelves, is not at all surprising. The transformation is due to the greater number of facades installed inside the prefabricated furniture.
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Storage systems

At Ikea, every single space is made functional, especially in the kitchen, where there are always a lot of little things.Provide easy access to the desired items allow shelves, which are always put forward to the very end.

Wall cabinets, designed by designers, can boast retractable rotating sections, and floor - convenient sliding sections with shelves. Narrow retractable shelves on which you can place bottles of wine, household chemicals or spices are quite popular. Thus a great place is saved and this is especially important for small rooms.

The storage system in Ikea is treated with special attention. They have a lot of things to keep order on the shelves and not to allow disorder to settle in your kitchen. The assortment is rich in any size trays for cutlery, containers and all kinds of dividers, holders for plates and not only wire baskets, inserts for spice jars and much more. These things will make your kitchen more functional and very comfortable, and also definitely will not let any thing get lost.

Special features

All the kitchens of this company are produced according to a single standard, including in the approach to design. Some standard features are:

  1. Simple and concise lines.To some it may seem boring, but with a variety of colors and types of such furniture can fit almost into any kitchen and fit any style;
  2. The facades of the modules are made of high strength MDF. It is mounted not on the frame, but, despite this, the fasteners are reliable, as a special system of dowels and screws is used;
  3. Fasteners for drawers are very reliable, as the guides are made specifically for Ikea;
  4. Most of the lockers in the collections have plastic legs. It seems that they are very fragile, but one such leg can withstand up to 125 kilograms, which is about half a ton for one cabinet;
  5. Kitchen furniture in Ikea is of a standard size, so it is very easy to find modules that are suitable for the size of 60 centimeters wide. Under the other parameters, the furniture is also there, but it is more difficult to pick it up.
  6. Most of the useful furniture fittings are made by the Austrian company Blum. It guarantees the high quality of the drawer drawer mechanism and can withstand a weight of 15-25 or 60-70 kilograms, depending on the series. In addition to them, you can purchase inserts, organizers, but it will cost more.
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How to order?

  • To get started is to familiarize yourself with the catalog of kitchens. Choose the option that you like, imagine how it will look in your kitchen.
  • Next is to measure your kitchen. Treat this carefully and responsibly, because you are planning your own future. If you are not sure that you can do it yourself, contact a specialist for help.
  • Now it’s time to find the right furniture for you. There are a lot of different models in the catalog, so the choice is unlimited.
  • Further, using the previously recorded dimensions, you begin to design your own kitchen. If you are not friends with a computer, then in every center of Ikea there is a planning department, where you can be helped to make a kitchen layout.

If you still did all the main work at home, now is the time to get to the store and look at the selected kitchen live.

During the purchase, you will certainly be offered additional items and household appliances. Do not rush to abandon them, because all these things are specially designed by Ikea designers and perfectly fit into your kitchen.

After the formation and payment of the order, you get the Ikea kitchen in a disassembled form.When assembling, you can invite experts or do everything yourself - after all, this furniture is exactly what this is intended for.

Advantages and disadvantages

Ikea furniture is popular all over the world. And this is not only the result of advertising - people really like the proposed models.

So, what are the main advantages?

  1. In furniture Ikea you will not find fanciful designs and strange designs. Everything is as simple, functional and convenient. It looks stylish and gives the room a certain taste;
  2. The manufacture of all furniture takes place according to a single standard, therefore there are almost no problems with the assembly;
  3. Speaking of the build - it is incredibly simple, with clear instructions. So if you are not afraid to work with your hands, this method is for you. But, thanks to the simplicity, even assembly specialists will not mess around for very long.

The disadvantages of furniture for the kitchen Ikea are directly related to the merits.

  1. This furniture is made according to certain standards of appearance, therefore, buying it, you can forget about individuality;
  2. Also Ikea furniture is not suitable for every kitchen. It is good for the modern style, but if you prefer the classics,then in this case it will look rustic;
  3. If you decide to save money and choose a cheap kitchen, you should know that it is unlikely to last for a long time. After five or six years, you will have to re-change the facades and buy new parts. We draw your attention to the fact that the more expensive kitchen sets, the better they are. So it’s up to you to spend the money right away or tidy up the kitchen every few years;
  4. The company Ikea is also widely used artificial materials. But since the quality does not fail, most people consider this problem to be far-fetched.

The whole philosophy and development of the Ikea company is aimed at making it convenient for people, as well as at the fact that everyone can choose and design for themselves a kitchen or a room they dream of. After all, the company does not sell furniture, it sells modules. Complete freedom of choice confuses some people, but most people like it. After all, this way you can make the kitchen specifically for yourself and assemble it yourself.

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