Kitchen of furniture boards with their own hands

The kitchen is the most emotional, family and functional place in the apartment. The overall feeling of home comfort depends on how it is landscaped and aesthetically framed. Therefore, at all times a special and close attention was given to the kitchen equipment.

Currently, the style "handmade" (English - made by hand) is considered to be ultrafashionable and megapopular in various activities, including the design of furniture. In this article we will consider the process of constructing a kitchen with your own hands from furniture panels.

Required materials and tools

Furniture shield - a sheet of glued parts of natural wood or pressed its waste, intended for the manufacture of furniture. Both coniferous and deciduous trees are used as the basic material: pine, aspen, birch, spruce, larch, oak, cedar, beech. Such panels are easy to process, environmentally friendly, lightweight, durable and, importantly, quite budget.

In addition, exclusive wooden furniture has always been and will be "in trend."

Before the process of making the kitchen should be prepared:

  • furniture boards;
  • plywood sheets;
  • doors and fittings;
  • boards;
  • Sander;
  • hacksaw;
  • drill;
  • screwdriver;
  • self-tapping screws;
  • paint, stain, varnish, impregnation.

Imagination is stronger than experience

Before you start planing, sawing and pounding kitchen furniture (usually cabinets, shelves, tables, chairs, benches, etc.), you must clearly understand the final result of all the individual elements and the whole project of the future kitchen. Therefore, it is advisable to carefully study the various layouts and ideas for creating furniture, select the options harmoniously combined with each other and with the common kitchen interior, transfer them to paper or print out ready-made drawings.

After you need to calculate the square of the future furniture. To do this, we add the area of ​​all the elements and get the total area.

We need the data to purchase the required amount of building materials. Do not forget about the back wall of the kitchen set, for which a sheet of hardboard can serve. Plus the required number of pens, hinges and other accessories, we determine the exterior paintwork and purchase all the material on the list.


One of the main elements of kitchen furniture, of course, is the table. It can be square, rectangular, round, angular, sliding or folding. But any table should have a beautiful flat tabletop. For its manufacture, a one-piece furniture panel is taken and cut to size with an electric mill or electric jigsaw. A typical rectangular table has dimensions of 2700 by 600 mm. A square tabletop (because of its equilaterality) also will not create certain problems. The round table can be done as follows: a small carnation or a screwdriver is driven into the intended center. A thread with a length equal to the radius of the future table is attached to it. A pencil or marker is attached to the end of the thread. To mark an even circle, you need to draw a circle around the nail, pulling the thread to the maximum. In the same way you can round the corners of a square or rectangular table.

The tabletop, after giving it a certain shape and size, is polished, fasteners for the legs are screwed to it, then the legs themselves and the whole structure is coated with varnish or paint on several layers, each new layer being applied after the previous one is completely dry.


Initially, it seems that the creation of a kitchen cabinet is a rather laborious and complex business. But in the presence of even a small experience in owning carpentry tools, the whole process proceeds quite simply.

In accordance with the required dimensions, the cabinet box is assembled from pre-ground parts of the furniture panel. If necessary, the parts are rigidly joined with clamps, and then euro screws. The back plane can serve as a sheet of fiberboard, which is nailed to the main box with small cloves. Then in a box markings for shelves or doors become. All the necessary fittings are attached and shelves of the same shield, plastic, glass or plywood are put. After the whole structure is covered with stain, paint or varnish.

The cabinet can be decorated with various inserts of photocells, fabrics, glass, stones or pieces of precious wood.

Hinged shelves

The presence of hinged shelves in the kitchen is a very convenient moment when placing numerous dishes or food. The principle of designing such furniture is similar to the design of the cabinet: a frame is made of furniture panels, the back wall, doors and shelves join.The main feature of this furniture are fasteners with which shelves are securely fixed on the walls.

Most often this is done with the help of special loops placed on the upper corners of the back walls of the cabinets and hooks hammered directly into the kitchen wall.

In the presence of hanging furniture, it is necessary to avoid its excessive load, since due to excessive gravity there is a possibility of tearing the hanging loops from the main structure. In this case, the fall of such a shelf promises a lot of trouble, including injuries to family members.


To construct a kitchen sofa with furniture panels, you should also purchase fabric and foam rubber, which, compared to padding polyester and holofiber, has the optimum density for comfortable sitting. Using an electric jigsaw, you should cut the furniture board (18 mm) in accordance with the drawing of the sofa, connect the parts together with screws. After assembly, cover the structure with a paint coating and let it dry.

The most time-consuming step in this process is the manufacture of soft seats.

For this, a piece of foam rubber suitable for the area is cut out (for the backrest, the optimum foam rubber thickness is 20 mm, for the seat is 80 mm) and glued to the wooden planes.After that, a soft base must be covered with a cloth or leather using a construction stapler. Ideal for the kitchen sofa - removable covers with elastic or zippers, which can be done with the help of a sewing machine.

Corner Furniture

In the kitchen, it is very important to organize the space properly, especially when it comes to small kitchens. In this case, the corner furniture (sofa, shelf, wardrobe, etc.), which due to its deepening can reach impressive volumes, has a great help.

The front and side surfaces of such furniture are fastened together at an acute angle, and the back side of the shelves may not be at all, so the process of making such structures is more complicated. In order to avoid creating an unsuitable corner frame, it is not recommended immediately to rigidly and statically fasten the parts of the furniture panel to each other.

It is better to do this after “fitting” such a cabinet to the appropriate angle.

General tips and tricks

The process of constructing a kitchen from furniture panels with their own hands is quite laborious, but at the same time interesting and fascinating.

The result is an exclusive, but rather budgetary furniture that has personality and is optimally suited to a particular kitchen.Attentiveness, accuracy and creativity - these are the components of the pledge of successful work on the assembly of this furniture. And the effect of giving antiquity, skillful decoration with self-adhesive film or other materials, painting or firing of such furniture will bring a certain zest to the family meal.

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