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In the interior of a modern apartment or house, kitchen furniture plays a special role. In this room the whole family often gathers, receive guests, as well as prepare and store food. Therefore, furnishings should combine beauty and practicality, fit the intended style and create a cozy atmosphere.

The choice of materials, colors and configurations often depends on the stylistic direction in which the entire interior of the kitchen will be sustained. Furniture should be combined with wall, floor and ceiling covering, provide sufficient space for cooking and eating, have a high degree of wear resistance and are easy to clean.

Popular materials

As a rule, it is the materials from which the kitchen furniture is made, to a greater extent affect its value. Modern industry offers a wide range of options for every taste and budget - from economy to premium. Obviously, the durability of the kitchen also depends on the choice of material - the more expensive, the longer it will last.

The elements that make up the kitchen set are the case, the facades of the cabinets and drawers, the tabletop, the accessories. Also important is the selection of materials for finishing the “apron”, and the surface of the dining table. Consider the most common materials for creating the body and the beautiful facades of the kitchen.

Natural wood

This is a premium class option, because there is nothing more expensive and of higher quality than natural materials. Today's technology allows us to process an array of wood in order to serve for several decades. Special impregnation makes it durable, resistant to extremes of temperature, humidity, dust, dirt, grease, as well as to deformations. The peculiarity of natural wood kitchens is that they cannot be cleaned with coarse abrasive materials and caustic chemicals. But this is unlikely to become an obstacle for those who want to buy high-quality and durable furniture.


A more modern alternative to natural wood, which is a slightly cheaper option. This material consists of several layers of wood of various breeds, glued together.The quality of the adhesive composition, as a rule, is so high that it does not affect the environmental friendliness of the multiplex. Thanks to the manufacturing technology, this material combines the positive characteristics of several different wood species, which makes it as durable and resistant to external influences as an array. Multiplexes are more often used to create kitchen furniture cases, and it is practically not used for facades.

Chipboard and MDF

These options make up the so-called economy class materials for kitchen furniture. But this does not mean that they are not worthy of attention. The main difference from more expensive materials, which is not in favor of these options - their fragility. The kitchen from MDF and a chipboard will serve much less time, than furniture from a natural tree. The main reason is the sensitivity of these materials to changes in humidity, which cannot be avoided in the kitchen.

If we compare the MDF and particleboard, the first wins due to the fact that it consists of smaller particles of wood chips, which are tightly compressed. Special impregnations can bring the quality characteristics of MDF even to natural wood.But such a high degree of processing will add material and price.

The cheapest types of furniture made of chipboard, will last several years, and then with a high degree of probability they will begin to deform from the water falling on them. However, with the most careful use possible to extend the life of such furniture for several years. This will require careful maintenance, constant drying of the kitchen and removal of any traces of fluid from the furniture.

In order to create affordable, but high-quality and stylish kitchen sets, a combination of materials is often used. As a rule, cases are made of better and more expensive ones, and facades, as a decorative part, are made of economy materials. Also to reduce the cost of natural headsets used frame facades - when the natural array is located only on the edges of the element, and the central part is made of simpler imitations of wood, or glass, lattice.

Table top

The element that accounts for the greatest number of external influences in the kitchen is the tabletop. This is both a work surface and a storage place for kitchen utensils and small household appliances.The most common material for the countertop is stone. Despite the fact that natural stone remains a sign of classic good taste, its artificial imitation is far superior in practicality. It does not crumble or scratch, retains color and pattern, does not require special care.

Another eco-friendly material - an array of natural wood - is also quite expensive. But such a tabletop requires much more careful handling - long contact with water is contraindicated in it, and treatment with special oils will have to be repeated periodically.

Metal countertops have all the necessary positive characteristics, but are not very popular because of their cold appearance, and are only suitable for ultra-modern, high-tech interiors.

The most common and affordable option is a laminated chipboard worktop. For this element it is better to choose a laminate of high degree of strength, and then it will serve you long enough.


Oddly enough, high-quality fittings can be about half the cost of the entire kitchen unit.These small details - handles, hinges, guides - play a huge role in how long and how well your kitchen will serve you. Therefore, saving on furniture is undesirable, even if you decide to purchase budget furniture. In addition, the handles on cabinets and drawers play an important role in maintaining the style of the interior, and their choice should be approached with a special predilection.

Style features

Choosing the style of the future kitchen, you should take into account not only your own taste, but also such moments as the size and configuration of the kitchen room, the overall style of the apartment, the functional load of the kitchen. All this plays a big role, because there are rules for creating an original and practical interior, which it is desirable to follow, in order not to get an uncomfortable and strange kitchen, to be in it would be uncomfortable.

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Classic furniture for the kitchen is called muted colors, close to natural shades: brown, beige, pistachio, gray, white, as well as their various shades. The surface is a natural wood or its high-quality imitation. The main distinctive feature of the classical style is the presence of carved framed elements on the facades.

Often, kitchen furniture in the classic style is artificially aged with the help of various techniques, as well as give them a hint of luxury by applying platinum. Important point: the kitchen in the classical style can not be small. The described style looks decent only in large areas, as it imitates the furnishings of the rich houses of the past centuries with their spacious halls and dining rooms.

Country style

Some varieties of classics can be distinguished in this subgroup - these are the styles “Provence” and “Country”. From the names it is clear that the first is rooted in French culture, and the second - in the American. They have one thing in common - the desire to maximize the use of natural materials, and imitation of a kitchen located in a country house.

Such a kitchen also does not always fit in a small room, because it is characterized by the presence of many different elements of furniture, often quite cumbersome: cupboards, sideboards, dressers in retro-style. But with a competent design approach it is possible to create an interior in a style close to Provence or Country, even in the cramped city kitchen.

The Provence style is characterized by light shades of furniture, small floral patterns, elegant details, an abundance of textiles.In the country-kitchen, on the contrary, saturated natural shades of green, red, brown colors, coarser forms of furniture and accessories, wooden surfaces that look like untreated often prevail.

Modern styles

Modern styles of interior include modern, “hi-tech”, “loft”. As a rule, they are characterized by more concise forms, bright colors, large unusual details. A special feature of the modern kitchen is its manufacturability: the household appliances of the last generation will not only perform their direct functions, but also complement the interior of the room.

Furniture for the kitchen in the style of hi-tech or modern does not involve any elaborate details, carving, panels, or imitation of natural wood. Here, on the contrary, preference is given to more modern materials - plastic, metal, glass. Such an interior is suitable even for a small kitchen, the main thing is to choose the glossy surfaces of the facades, to use glass and mirrors, and the headsets will no longer look so bulky. An important point in creating a modern kitchen interior is lighting.

How to arrange furniture

In addition to the choice of the appearance of furniture for the kitchen, it is important to immediately determine how it will be located indoors. There is a classic arrangement of equipment and working surface on the principle of a triangle: from left to right are a refrigerator, sink, stove, and between them - the gaps of the table top. Then the hostess will be comfortable to make a full cycle of movement in the kitchen during the cooking process, and finding all the items in their places will provide comfort and order.

But if the configuration or size of the room does not allow to place objects in this way, it is quite possible to choose another arrangement. The main thing is to use all the pieces of furniture and equipment could be freely and easily.

The choice of beautiful furniture for the kitchen - not the most difficult task in our time, when manufacturers offer a wide range of options for every taste and wallet. It is only important to decide on the general style of the room and make it so that the headset only emphasizes its originality.

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