Kitchen set with a bar

Stylish furniture set is an attribute of many modern kitchens. Today it is difficult to surprise anyone with such a detail. It is very practical and combines several functional areas at once - rest, cooking and eating.

A practical bar counter allows you to combine business with pleasure - it will serve both as a place for dinners and dinners, and as a relaxation area with your friends or loved ones.

Advantages and disadvantages

At the time of the Soviet Union, the kitchen, and the apartments were fully equipped, so that people would spend a minimum of time there. The tiny kitchens were designed to motivate you to go to the dining room and eat in the company of other Soviet workers.

Unusual kitchens with bar counters in those days could not be found in Soviet apartments. But now society is moving away from the remnants of the past and many designers use headsets with a stand in the design of kitchens.

If we talk about the advantages of racks, then first of all, it is worth noting that they help to zone the kitchen space. This is especially suitable for studios where the kitchen space is connected to the living room.

A wide bar counter may well replace even the usual dining table. This is very practical, since the tables are too bulky, and modern young people try to find some more compact form.

Connoisseurs of practical and functional things will be pleased with the moment that under the bar counter it is possible to hide different things. Such a storage place is much more convenient than a balcony or pantry.

The disadvantages include the fact that a set with a bar counter does not fit in a small kitchen. Although here you can beat everything, picking up a compact bar counter, which will not take too much space. Such racks are usually fixed to the floor or ceiling with a sturdy steel pipe. At the same time, such a support may well function as a holder for glasses.

Another significant drawback of such a kitchen is that bar counters should not be installed in apartments where older people and young children live.But for young people, a bar counter with high chairs is quite capable of replacing traditional kitchen furniture.

What kind of kitchen is suitable for

Bar racks are not suitable for all varieties of cuisine. In the first place, as already mentioned, it is difficult to imagine a small Khrushchev with a bar counter.

For the studio

Ideal bar counter is suitable to complement the studio. It divides the apartment into several functional areas. It is very practical. On the other hand, studios are most often filmed by young people. Therefore, bar counters in their homes are very relevant, because there you can not only store alcoholic drinks and drink light cocktails, but also spend evenings with a cup of tea or coffee.

For a small kitchen

Many people think that in a kitchen too small in size, a set with a counter would definitely be too out of place and take up a lot of space. But for this purpose you can find bar racks of small sizes. The best option is a corner stand. This practical option is very convenient for cooking and to eat or drink another glass of wine at the counter.

For kitchen in modern style

If we talk about the interior, the bar counter best fits into the modern style.At the same time, the stand itself should be without any extra details. The best option - a bar counter, made of metal. A modern-style kitchen should not be too cluttered, so the bar counter should be decorated only with the most functional things.

In the kitchen in the style of Provence

Good bar counters and in the interior in the style of Provence. But in this case, it is desirable that the base of your rack was made of wood. In combination with light curtains and pastel colors of the walls, this element will look appropriate and organic.

Bar counter - this is not the most typical option to complement the kitchen in the style of Provence. But, if you want to experiment with modern French style and adjust it a little for yourself, then choosing the right bar counter will definitely not be superfluous.

What should be the layout

If you decide that you still need to install a bar in your kitchen, then you should think about the choice of the headset itself. A properly selected set with a bar counter allows to significantly save space and make the kitchen more functional and modern.

With an island

One of the most stylish options is a kitchen with an island suite. In the case of such a set, all the necessary things for cooking and dinner are transferred to the center of the room on the so-called island.

If desired, in addition to the bar itself, you can place a stove, table and sink. This approach makes it possible to collect all the most necessary things in one zone. And now, near the walls, there are all kinds of closed shelves, cabinets and other places for storing dishes and various accessories for cooking and eating food. So, during cooking, you will not need to constantly run back and forth and look for the right things - everything important has already been collected for you in one place.

On the "island" bar counter can be installed immediately in different ways. First of all, it can be a separate central element of the room. In this case, in the center of the kitchen space there is only a bar counter. In this case, it does not interfere with the cooking process, and while someone is busy preparing food, others can already start dinner.


For small kitchens, the most popular options are the corner set with a bar.This is the element of interior design that allows you to maximize every inch of your kitchen. With this bar you will not feel the lack of space. And under the bar, by the way, you can place a lot of necessary things, which is also very good for a small kitchen.


Kitchen appliances of direct type can be used both in small kitchens and in rather large ones. In a tiny kitchen, a bar counter of this type will help to significantly save space. And in large - it will help to ideally zone the space, dividing it into a place for rest and cooking.

The direct headset is good because it is located directly under the wall. It looks very neat and attractive. This type of suite, complemented by a bar counter does not take up too much space. In addition, if you place several shelves or cabinets above the counter, this will allow you to place even more things in a small area. By the way, these lockers or shelves can reach almost to the ceiling.

The bar counter on the direct headset can also be located at once in several ways.One of the most common options is to place the bar counter parallel to the headset. In this case, it is attached directly to the wall. Thus, there will be available space between the main headset and the stand.

Another option is to position the bar perpendicular to the main headset. This option is relevant for small kitchens. This is especially good if the kitchen is in some way a passing part of the apartment. This will allow to separate the kitchen space from the corridor.

In addition, this design allows you to additionally secure the lid on it, which will accommodate your glasses.


Another popular option among owners of small kitchens is the placement of a bar counter in a U-shaped headset. It covers three walls at the same time and gives access to all necessary things at once. Choosing such a layout, you will not feel constrained and all the necessary things will always be at your fingertips.

When choosing such a headset, you can safely refuse to buy a bulky dining table. All your family dinners or meetings with friends can be held at the bar.It can be located in several areas of the headset at once.

First of all, it can be used instead of a tabletop in one side of the headset. In this case, the entire kitchen furniture set looks harmonious and complete. This option is ideal for modern studios or rather large rooms. You can also place the rack across the table top. In this case, the room remains quite normal passage.

In general, a bar counter with an adjoining kitchen furniture is a practical option for any modern home. Even if visiting the bar for you is not a typical way of spending time, it will still be superfluous to install a bar in your house. Choose the option that best suits the interior of your room, and you will be comfortable spending yours yesterday in your new modern kitchenette.

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