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Your apartment may not have a separate bedroom, which serves as a living room, but no landlord can do without a kitchen. Especially the presence of kitchen space in the apartment is important for the woman, the keeper of the hearth and the hostess. The choice of furniture for the kitchen is a very important stage in home improvement, which causes a lot of trouble and takes a lot of time.

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Many apartment owners, where the kitchen occupies a small area, prefer modular furniture, and the kitchen is no exception.

What is it

Many people associate modular furniture with upholstered furniture, when a large roomy sofa can be assembled from individual elements. For many people who want to save space, but to make the kitchen as functional as possible, a modular kitchen is an excellent solution.

As a rule, this type of headset is sold in finished form for the elements, you choose and purchase those elements that you need. There are also sets of finished furniture, the modules of which are also separate segments.The main principle of manufacturers of modular systems is to save free space without sacrificing functionality and practicality.

Preferring this type of furniture for the kitchen, you get the opportunity to be yourself as an interior designer. Separate modules allow you to place them the way you like and swap them at any time.

There is a mistaken opinion that modular furniture is too low-cost option, which can immediately tell about the financial situation of the apartment owners. In fact, this is just a stereotype. In modern life, which is a constant rush, not everyone has time to make a kitchen to order in size, and then wait for its production an indefinite amount of time. That is why people choose modular versions of kitchen sets, which can be purchased in finished form and enjoy the beautiful modern interior.

Features and benefits

Modular kitchen systems have been popular with homeowners for several decades. During this time, this type of furniture has established itself as a stylish,practical and modern option of arrangement of kitchen space. The kitchen suite is truly roomy and practical. Each piece of furniture performs its function. You can choose the required number of both lower and suspended cabinets.

All modular kitchens are made according to consumers, based on reviews and recommendations, therefore they are suitable for a large number of kitchens.

Even the smallest room can accommodate a beautiful, compact, but roomy headset. Unlike custom-made furniture, modular systems allow them to be used on the day of purchase, rather than waiting for several months. You can be sure that you will receive exactly the furniture you have chosen, without any incidents or unpleasant surprises.

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Like many other furniture, modular kitchens can be made of various materials, which are the main determinant of their value.

Natural wood

Kitchen systems from a natural tree have the features to which it is possible to carry both positive, and negative qualities. It's no secret that wooden furniture is the most environmentally friendly option, has a unique smell of wood and an attractive appearance.With proper care, headsets from solid wood can last for many years and be inherited.

Most often, the set of natural wood is made in a classic design using carved decorative elements.

The disadvantages of such a headset is its very heavy weight. Moving the modules alone will be quite problematic. In addition, the cost of elements made of natural wood is quite high, but in most cases it fully justifies itself, giving the owners of the kitchen aesthetic pleasure.

Chipboard or MDF

Most modular furniture for the kitchen are made from materials such as chipboard and MDF. Both options are very popular, differ only in composition. Chipboard is a pressed sawdust, topped with varnish or veneer of various tree species. MDF is a special board made of wood fiber by drying. Both materials are similar to each other, but differ in some functions.

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Furniture systems from chipboard most often have smooth facades that can be of any color. MDF is a more versatile building material that can easily imitate different types of wood.Due to the flexibility of MDF panels, the manufacturer has the opportunity to produce textured elements and various types of decor for kitchen sets.

Furniture made of MDF and chipboard is easy to transport due to its lightness, so the modular kitchen set will become truly mobile and versatile. It should be noted and the cost of such kitchens. Unlike natural wood, MDF and particleboard are cheaper materials, respectively, and furniture is cheaper. Modern technology and equipment in furniture factories allows you to create masterpieces that you acquire for reasonable money.


If your favorite style is high-tech, and you want to recreate a similar interior in your kitchen, then modular metal furniture is perfect for you. Cold metallic shades are peculiar to this style, therefore the headset from this material most often has a natural gray color. When choosing a kitchen you will be offered two options: with matte and glossy facades.

For a small space, it is recommended to purchase the second option, since the reflective glossy surface visually increases the space.

Metal modular kitchen brings some cold into the interior. In order to soften a little and make the room more comfortable, you can hang a picture made in warm colors or lay a small fluffy rug on the floor.

Metal furniture is extremely stylish and modern, ideal for young people with ambitions. In addition, this furniture will serve you for a long time and will not lose its appearance.



Ikea is one of the largest manufacturers of home goods. Modular kitchen furniture is available in the company's arsenal in a wide range. This manufacturer for many years occupies a leading position in the furniture market and has a fairly good reputation. Sale of the finished kitchen is the main trump card of the company. Here you can find the ideal and unique option for yourself, as Ikea furniture is most adapted for a standard kitchen.

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All modules are equipped with the latest technology. You will have no problems with where to place all the kitchen utensils, small appliances and much more. The company works, respecting the principle of price-quality, so many Russians trust it.

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The main office of the company is located in Ukraine, but regular deliveries of furniture are made to Russia. Modular kitchens are realized with the help of various distributors who offer their customers high-quality and practical furniture.

In the assortment of a furniture factory there are kitchen sets of various models and sizes. You have the opportunity to order a kitchen directly from the manufacturer.

Delivery does not take much time, so the kitchen is ready and just waiting for its buyer in the warehouse. The same headset is presented in several colors, it can be made of different materials, from which its cost will depend.

A lot of furniture

The Russian company Plenty of Furniture appeared on the market relatively recently. Making furniture to order - the main activity of the company, but also in the collection there is a decent selection of modular kitchen sets. All furniture is made using materials chipboard and MDF, natural wood is extremely rare here. Of course, the cost of such headsets is considered extremely affordable.

The furniture factory attracts the attention of buyers with constant discounts and promotions, which is good news for economical homeowners.

How to choose

When choosing modular kitchen furniture, pay attention to the dimensions of the lower cabinets and the height of the hanging elements. In the second case, you can be trapped, preferring spacious high cabinets. Getting to the top shelves will be very problematic, so people with low stature should take this fact into account.

How to choose the right kitchen - see in the video.

Make a careful measurement of your kitchen space and make a start from this when selecting individual elements. Consider that in the near future you will want to place the modules in a new way, and they should harmoniously fit into the interior.

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