German kitchen furniture

The production of German kitchen furniture has a deep history. Back in the Middle Ages, German furniture makers laid the foundation for rationality and quality. In the sixteenth century, the invented saw for cutting plywood brought furniture production to a new level and made it possible to produce more practical furniture. It was the German masters who began to produce interior items on an industrial scale and paved the way for the discovery of the modern modern style.

Its aesthetics and practicality, the predominance of straight lines contributed to the mechanized assembly of high-quality and practical kitchen furniture, a characteristic feature of which is the quality of the source materials, reliability, and ecological cleanliness. In the decoration of the facades made to use natural wood and stone. For the convenience of customers, today new constructive developments are being introduced, as well as modern accessories of German enterprises.

Advanced technologies, automation of production in combination with high-quality materials are components of durable and reliable German furniture for the kitchen.


German manufacturers use advanced development of accessories, components, creating ergonomic modular kitchens, whereby they can be placed in any room, with the most convenient arrangement of furniture and equipment, while retaining the functionality. Silent closing of doors, child-proof locks, a system of silent drawers (thanks to roller elements), thoughtful illumination of the working surface guarantee a long use of furniture and a pleasant stay in the cooking zone.

Resistant materials to moisture, kitchen tools and temperature extremes ensure ease of use and durability. Companies from Germany have always been distinguished by an innovative and individual approach to their products, using modern trends, all of whose components are tested for compliance with European environmental safety standards.

Quality and design

German cuisine - the standard of style and design solutions. All people have a different vision of the convenience and comfort of the kitchen interior, but there are several unifying touches.The German design, mainly, has smooth surfaces of kitchen sets, mainly in monochromatic light or neutral colors, with inlays of various types of wood or stone, with various sources of illumination, at different levels.

Motley design techniques are found in the form of bright aprons above the working surface, in the decoration of walls, modern flooring, this adds exclusivity and attractiveness to the interior. Natural patterns of wood in facades and tabletops are aesthetically attractive, while the interior is filled with warmth and becomes more homely and cozy. Sometimes fashionable design, striving for practicality and minimalism, is expressed by the lack of decor and textiles. Laconic solutions in furniture are aimed at increasing the space, and rational storage systems and multifunctional modules - furnishing kitchens of any shape and size, regardless of the number of doorways, windows and panoramic views.

The furniture ensemble along the wall is suitable for a narrow kitchen layout. The elongated shape of the arrangement of furniture in a spacious room will be logical if the width allows you to freely install the headsets of the dining area.

An island in the kitchen, with a built-in stove, sink, cooling device or oven, today plays the role of an independent work surface in the German interior, and lengthening its table top will create an area for family pastime.

One edge of the island, attached to a wall or a headset, will provide an opportunity to save the volume of the kitchen and have all the processes for working with products.

In small kitchen spaces, it is better to install universal kits with u-shaped or angular layout, in which household appliances can be optimally separated from each other.

The systematization of the storage of accessories and tools is a feature of the German owners, which helps to restore order through the use of various storage systems, drawers and magnetic holders.

Famous manufacturers

The third part of the kitchen furniture market in Germany is produced by Nolte Küchen Corporation, the main principle of which is the individual layout. Due to the variety of models, styles, facades, managers can fulfill any desire of the customer.

Zuchel Küche company is distinguished by simplicity, quality, affordable prices, while applying the latest fittings of companies such as Blum, Vauth-Sagel.

The Eggersmann factory has been keeping the quality level of kitchen furniture for more than a hundred years, combining natural wood, metal and stone in the design. Handmade finishes, speaks about private work with each client.

The brand Bacher Tische produces high-quality kitchen sets with a long history of production of upholstered furniture, tables and chairs using materials and mechanisms of its own production. The famous SieMatic is engaged in the development of new fashion trends and acts as an individual designer of kitchens based on modern materials and the latest engineering developments.

All manufacturers of German kitchen furniture represent a variety of styles, materials, taking into account the latest technology, design and production traditions.

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