Dining groups for the kitchen

The dining group is an ensemble consisting of a table and seating for eating, made in one stylistic decision. The central place of such a group belongs to the table. The size of the table is selected based on the size of the room where it will be located, and the needs of users.

Here you need to know the standards for placing one person at the table and take them into account so that it is convenient to use the furniture: the table has a depth of 45 cm so that the portion of the dish and extra cutlery can fit easily, the width is 60 cm so that there is no restraint on eating.

It is worth paying attention to the convenience of using a chair or stool and provide enough space for a free approach to the table.

At the dinner table can be placed very small families or with children, arrange dinner parties with a large number of guests.Accommodation can be compact, where kitchen space is very limited, traditional, in which greater freedom of accommodation is assumed and, finally, there are houses with a separate dining room. Furniture manufacturers offer a variety of solutions for dining groups, suitable for any premises.

Special features

Today there is a huge selection of dining groups for the kitchen that meet any consumer demand for materials, price and filling. It all depends on the preferences and conditions of use of such sets of furniture. Table designs are offered from traditional, sliding for large rooms to folding, transformers and reclining for a very small kitchen or just a kitchen area in the room.

Tables are made from natural and artificial materials. The advantages of using natural materials are obvious, but artificial ones are more plastic, allow you to create the most fantastic forms, durable and affordable. Countertops can be either wooden or plastic or glass. In families with children, plastic and wood are preferable.

Traditionally, the dining group is combined with chairs made of the same material as the table, sofas and couches are added if space is available. In small rooms, on the other hand, chairs can be replaced with stools, narrow straight or corner kitchen sofas with storage space, which is convenient in the kitchen. According to its size, the furniture of this group adapts to any requests: from a single table to tables, which can accommodate more than a dozen guests.

It is necessary to pay attention to such factors as the practicality of the furniture, resistance to the effects of hot temperatures, the durability of coatings, how often and what contingent the table set will be used.

Sometimes it is necessary to choose the upholstery of upholstered furniture leatherette, it is convenient to wipe it if necessary, especially if there are children in the house.

Accommodation options

In the spacious kitchen, a table of suitable size and chairs are installed in the center. Such central placement can be complemented by a corner sofa, which will replace part of the chairs, it is convenient in large families with children and when the kitchen is spent a lot of time.

In a narrow kitchen table is better to put the butt to the wall, and chairs or stools around the remaining sides, often on the sides opposite each other. The table can be moved into a corner by decorating with flowers, then you get a cozy setting for dinners for two. For younger owners who prefer to dine outside the home, a traditional table can be replaced with a bar with high stools, which is placed across the kitchen space or centrally along the headset with integrated appliances, replacing the kitchen island.

Dining groups for the living room have a ceremonial appearance, respectively, the size of these ensembles is much larger. Traditionally, a table with chairs in the living room is placed away from the center, while leaving a central space for sofas, armchairs, coffee or tea tables, a bar with drinks, show-windows for dishes are installed along the walls. The arrangement of the table with chairs in the far part of the living room near the windows looks advantageous.

Curtains with lambrequins, matched to the tone of furniture upholstery adds solemnity to the interior. Having a table ensemble is necessary to follow, so as not to block the exit from the room and beautiful and important elements of decor, such as a fireplace or sculptures.

If there is a dining room in the house, then the table is given a central place in the room, there are chairs for dinner around, and sofas and couches are placed along the walls.

The dining table should be well lit. When placed in the center, it is convenient to do this with the help of a chandelier, while at the side layout, you can add additional lights: sconces, spotlights or LED lights, candles. The brightness of the lighting above the table can be varied depending on the purpose of the event: a gala dinner, a romantic dinner or a daily noisy breakfast in a large family.

The decor of the dining group should correspond to the overall style of the kitchen or living room interior.

How to arrange the dining area in the kitchen, see the next video.

Modern design

Today, production technologies allow you to create all kinds of table designs and their corresponding seating positions. Tables with sliding mechanism are very popular. Such tables in everyday life take up little space, but if necessary, receive guests are moved apart, creating additional seats. It is important to note, if it is intended to use the table in a spaced form often, then You need to pay attention to the ease of use and reliability of the mechanism.

Sliding tables come in square, rectangular, round and oval shapes. The shape of the table dictates the choice of the shape of the backs of chairs or sofas.

If an oval or round table is chosen, the backs of the chairs should have rounded and smooth lines. The oval table looks better in the center of the spacious room. A round table can be placed in the center of the room, and against the wall, and in the corner. At such a table, more people sit down, it is convenient to approach it, without touching the people sitting nearby. You can add semicircular or corner sofas to this ensemble. Ordinary straight lines will not be in harmony with the shape of the circle and will give few seats.

Corner sofas have taken a strong position in the interiors of the kitchen. Often, they are used as additional storage space, and they often have drawers under the seat. The sofas from the dining groups can be laid out in a bed with the help of side walls or a transforming mechanism. In small kitchens such use of sofas is difficult, so here you can install a kitchen corner, made in the same way as the table and stools.

The upholstery of the corner, chairs and the upper part of the stool should be made of the same material or of the colors that are combined according to the designer's intention. In expensive sets, designer fabrics or table inlays play a key role in the aesthetic image of the entire dining group. Various techniques can be used - from drawing a picture to the surface of a table to finishing with precious metals, from artificial aging to decoupage, which give the individuality and artistic value of furniture.

Stylish dining rooms are subject to a single concept of a particular direction in the art of furniture design, they can be made of materials with a polymer or metallic coating, have glass or chrome parts.

In the ensembles of furniture, made in ethnic style, appropriate tables with a bench made of natural wood instead of chairs or stools.

The compact dining group can be designed even for one person and consist of a folding table and one, but very aesthetic chair. If you add here a small sofa that is suitable for design, then it becomes possible to receive guests.

A rectangular table, pushed to the wall, is often framed with wall cabinets on both sides, creating a niche above the table where the lamp, paintings or clocks are placed. Bar tables are often designed with a shelf for cups or glasses.

All of these types of dining groups can be completely different in texture, material, color and style.

Actual styles

Furniture made in the classical style is made of solid wood or veneer of valuable wood species, varnished or polished. Chairs or sofas are covered with textiles in soothing colors. Such groups give solidity and special luxury to the interior of the kitchen or dining room.

Lunch group in modern style It gives its special mood to the room and must correspond to the taste of the owners of these sets. Artists will suit the classic Provence with artificially aged surfaces and furniture painted with paint of whitened colors. You can dwell on the aristocratic furniture in the modern style with wrought iron elements of the legs of tables and chairs, glass worktops, fancy shapes.

Dynamic interior will give the dinner group hi-tech style. Here the main attention is attracted by structural elements, the presence of metal components. Such ensembles must conform to the entire interior style in order to create a single high-tech hi-tech environment.

Scandinavian style suggests straight lines, natural wood colors, functionality and simplicity. This furniture can be entered in any room, since the dimensions can be selected according to the available area. As a rule, conifers are used, the structure of which is very expressive.

Popularity declared ensembles in style loft. Deliberately simple industrial style of execution of furniture and decorative elements is characteristic of this style of design.

A table and chairs made of metal or plastic will actually fit into a large and spacious space.


The chosen style and location of the headset in the house dictates what material the furniture will be made from: natural wood, plastic, glass, metal, or rattan weaving will be used.

The traditional material for furniture is solid wood. The table top, the legs of the table and chairs, the backs are made of oak or beech.These are durable materials, such furniture can be operated from generation to generation, but it is also of the highest price category. The furniture from Hevea has a beautiful structure, great plasticity and a fairly affordable price. Conifers are more affordable and have a unique pattern of surfaces on the tops and chairs.

Wooden parts are well combined with other materials. Glass table top on wooden pillars adds lightness and shine to the dining room composition. Forged elements will look good with a glass top. The glass may have a metal frame for imparting additional strength and be installed on a metal frame.

The nuance of the use of such furniture is still its fragility and sufficient weight. Perhaps a family with children from such furniture should refrain.

Wicker furniture is popular in regions with a warm climate. from natural rattan. Weaving furniture gives openwork. It looks good combination of wicker chairs and sofas with a glass table. These dining groups are set on the terraces or in the open-air patio. Natural rattan will require some care to protect against atmospheric moisture, so it is more practical to replace it with an artificial one.

Color solutions

Selecting items for the dining group, you need to rely on the surrounding interior. White furniture is traditionally good. The upholstery of the chairs in the color of wenge will give such furniture the clarity of lines, the light blue upholstery will add solemnity. Dining furniture made of natural wood will be well combined with beige or pale green tones and a golden pattern on the upholstery fabric.

More saturated colors of wooden worktops from brown to almost black polish allow for bright colors of seat upholstery - red, blue, green. The combination of black polish and gold fabric upholstery will add luxury to the room.

Rapid colors of lime, orange, ultraviolet, are gaining in popularity, they are in perfect harmony with the chrome legs of the table and chairs.

Gray today at the peak of furniture fashion. It does not create an imbalance for visual perception. It combines almost any color finish. Taking the gray table and chairs as a basis, you can complement them with decor in various bright colors or change the shades according to your mood. A classic is the combination of monochrome gray metallic luster of furniture designs and a glass table top with pale leather upholstery of chairs andsofas.

The stools covered with red leather, armchairs and other details of the gray ensemble will give a powerful energy to the room. Furniture manufacturers collaborate with designers of fabrics and leather fabrics to satisfy any color needs of consumers.

Manufacturers Overview

The most sought-after of the affordable price range of furniture manufacturers is a Swedish concern. Ikea. The designers of this furniture giant follow all the demands of consumers; they create whole lines of dining sets with elements of a decor that is appropriate in style ,. This helps even a buyer who is not very well versed in the intricacies of furniture styles to correctly furnish his own kitchen or living room.

Ikea is systematically expanding the geography of its stores in Russia. Not so long ago, purchases were made available through the online store. The presence of furniture models of fashion trends, environmental friendliness, good quality, low prices won the sympathy of buyers.

If Ikea works for the younger generation of consumers, then traditional and more reputable furniture sets are made in Italy. Furniture production in this country has a long history. The furniture is of excellent quality with excellent wood processing.Italian manufacturers take into account modern trends in furniture fashion. Actual multifunctional models with competently verified and convenient details, practical and aesthetic, comfortable in use are produced. This furniture belongs to the expensive price segment of the furniture market. The favorite is the factory Scavolini, Savio Firmino, Rugiano, Angello Cappellini, Faber Mobili

In the furniture market, Chinese manufacturers traditionally occupy one of the leading positions. The elite furnishings from the Celestial are mostly elite, luxurious palace-style furniture, beautiful polishing, rich colors (often black), gilding, and valuable hardwood species. It is represented by brands Carpenter, Kinway, QM, Four Seasons Furniture.

The average price segment is occupied by furniture from Spain. Furniture production in this country has been developing for more than a dozen years. Spanish manufacturers have excellent wood processing technology, high quality and beautiful finishes. It is represented by such factories as Soher, Colleccion Alexandra, Muebles Cercos.

Furniture items of Malaysian manufacturers are appreciated, they can harmoniously combine in the traditional classics an array of hevea and wrought iron elements, giving an element of exotics to dining sets.

Russia has its own furniture traditions. Manufacturers cover a wide range of styles in the production of furniture - from classic to cutting-edge. Quality dining groups of ethnic orientation are in great demand among Russian buyers. In the ranking of furniture manufacturers, the first places are firmly held by factories. Shatura, TriYa, Lazurit, Soyuz-Mebel, Premium, Stoplit.

Beautiful examples in the interior

The classic style of the furniture group corresponds to a set made of solid wood of natural color and light drapery of chairs. Such an ensemble demonstrates good taste, looks solid and elegant.

To create airy and weightless spaces, a similar dining group should be made of whitewashed wood or pure white artificial material.

Fans of comfortable spending time in the dining room or in the kitchen will appreciate the use of a soft corner sofa instead of chairs.

In small rooms it is better to put compact furniture. For example, replace chairs with high backs on stools and use a small table that can be expanded at any time.

Dining groups with a round table and chairs or armchairs in the shape of sections of a circle are also considered space saving.

In the continuation of the topic of compact options can not ignore the option with a bar and chairs.

High-tech style ensembles look elegant in large spaces, have glossy coatings, metallized elements, and are characterized by clear lines and strict forms.

Cozy, bright and unusual furniture groups, made in the style of Chebbi-chic, fit dreamy and measured persons. They are characterized by the elements of deliberate aging, light and naive colors, ruffles, frills and draperies with a floral print.

Combinations of bold and bright colors will playfully enliven the space, surprise guests.

Benches are back in fashion. This is just a godsend for the reception of a large number of guests. There is a place for everyone, and the designers have tried to make it look modern, relevant and beautiful.

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