Corner kitchen furniture

Corner furniture for the kitchen is the ideal solution for a small apartment, as well as for a spacious room. Every day, kitchen furniture becomes more and more popular. After all, it is comfortable, compact and practical, does not take up much space, and all the necessary items and equipment are always at hand.

To select the appropriate corner furniture is not necessary to seek advice from experts. You can easily make a great purchase yourself, having studied only a few principles of the right choice.

Special features

Corner sets for the kitchen are ideal, they have practically no drawbacks and are suitable even for off-standard rooms. The only exception may be too oblong and elongated room, but in such cases you can easily order a kitchen with individual sizes.

This set of furniture occupies the minimum amount of space, but it has high functionality.Inside the space there is always a lot of shelves, drawers, tiers. A unique layout allows the use of corners, which in the ordinary kitchen is a "dead zone".

For example, in the corner you can install a sink or corner lockers.

With the help of corner furniture, you can divide the room into several zones. For example, the workplace, where you can prepare food and a recreation area, where you can receive guests.

You can independently create an individual kitchen design, taking into account the tastes, personal preferences and the basic style of the room.

The corner kitchen allows you to create an optimal comfortable working triangle - a fridge-sink-stove.


The corner kitchen is the interior of the room where all the furniture is located along the walls. She is of four kinds.


Versatile and safe choice. The furniture is arranged along two perpendicular walls. This option is best suited for a small apartment, for example, an area of ​​6 m2.


One part of the kitchen is located along the wall, and the other across and has free space on both sides. Thus, the peninsula can serve as a bar or table. This option is best suited for square large rooms..

The advantage of such an angular kitchen is that the table separates the work area and the place to eat.

On the island

Unlike the peninsula, for this type of kitchen, an island is a table with stools or chairs that create simultaneously working and dining area.


The furniture is placed along two perpendicular walls and is added to all this. Peninsula in the form of a bar or table.



The main difference between the classic style and the rest is that for the manufacture of headsets only natural and expensive material is used - wood.

The classics always has a large number of various accessories, decorated with carvings and various inserts.

Designers for this style use only white, brown, cream and cream shades.


Style "Modern" is characterized by conciseness, accuracy, rigor and functionality. The most popular material for furniture and decor - it is metal.

Country music

Most often, samples of "Country" can be found at cottages and country houses. Natural and comfortable furniture is created from natural material.The most important rule of this style is minimalism. Curtains, tablecloths, textiles for the floor can be either in a cage or with floral ornaments.


Elegant and romantic style that has simplicity. You can apply some rough and careless details for a unique interior.

Most often, for the decoration of the room in the style of "Provence" are used only Light shades (lavender, mustard, sand, delicate turquoise) and the maximum possible amount of natural materials.


Ideal for corner kitchens of six and nine square meters. Scandinavian interior is characterized only by straight lines and simple furniture made from natural materials. Preference is given to white, beige, turquoise, light brown.

Art Deco

In this style there are a variety of colors: from sand and beige to burgundy and even black. The Art Deco style will transform even the most ordinary and inconspicuous cuisine. The room will sparkle with new colors, will be refined and luxurious.

Selection features

The corner kitchen is the ideal furniture for small spaces.When choosing a kitchen, you should pay special attention to the layout, as the functionality and the amount of free space depends on it.

For a spacious kitchen, you can select any style, but only modern designs are perfect for placing modest sizes. For example, minimalism, hi-tech, modern.

Shine. Be sure to have a bright light in the kitchen. The more lamps built into the corner furniture, the better. Especially it is worth paying attention to the work area.

For small rooms, it is necessary to choose furniture with a glossy surface and cabinets with glass doors or mirror inserts.

Hanging cabinets and outdoor furniture is best to pick narrow, but high. This will give the room an original look and visually increase the space.

It is necessary to avoid sharp corners, which give the furniture rudeness and make it heavier. Rounded tabletops or open shelves designed for beautiful and useful trifles will look good.

Color and material

For small kitchens with a corner set, classic beige, cream, creamy, champagne, and white are considered ideal colors.Darker colors are perfect for a spacious room, but still visually create the look of a cluttered space. Classic dark colors have a fairly large number of shades - from black to light brown tones.

It is quite rare to find colored kitchens. Designers use mostly only natural soothing shades. For example, green, red, yellow, blue.

Classic corner kitchen furniture is often made from solid wood or MDF, which imitates wood qualitatively. The budget option can be created only from MDF coated with enamel or film.

More expensive furnishings are made from a combination of MDF and an array. Such a combination is much cheaper and more popular than fully wooden furniture. The most important advantage of this type of construction is the absence of deformation and wear of the wood.

The decor of the corner furniture can be varied and depend on the style. This stained glass, and lattices, and cornices, and milling and much more.

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