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The kitchen is the place where the whole family gathers. Women treat with delicious soups and pies, men and children talk about their day. This is the most comfortable and warm place in the house, so it is very important that the kitchen has comfortable and beautiful furniture.

Features of the choice of models

The kitchen is the focus of life in the house. The hostesses cook food here, tea is held here with friends and girlfriends, family breakfasts and dinners. Great importance is attached to furniture sets. Choosing kitchen furniture, it is important to take into account the overall concept in the interior, convenience and practicality, the harmonious combination of decor, as well as the parameters of the room and the location of the windows.

A feature of choice is the personal preferences of the owners, and the number of families. For a family of 2 people do not need to buy a lot of chairs and sofas. But for a large family in the absence of a dining room, it is worth looking out for large dining tables.

According to the design and purpose of kitchen furniture can be: soft, folding, wicker, built-in, cabinet.The upholstered furniture represents various corners and sofas. Choosing a similar option, you must clearly define the size and future location. Collapsible furniture consists of chairs and folding tables. Chairs of this type have high backrests, hard or soft seats. Tables of a folding design will serve as the excellent decision for the small-sized apartment. The ideal solution for "Khrushchev".

Wicker designs are an excellent option for spacious kitchens of country houses. Wicker chairs, sofas, tables and shelves create a sensual and cozy atmosphere of nature. For small rooms, it is worth choosing a kit with care. The main thing is that it does not clutter the space and fit into the overall concept of the room.

Built-in headset, as a rule, is located in niches and has no roof and side walls, only shelves and partitions. Cabinet furniture is the main component in the interior of any kitchen. Such a headset includes wall and floor cabinets, bedside tables, desks, dressers, pencil cases and cupboards.

Many people dream of high-quality kitchen furniture of premium class.Luxury furniture is made of only a few types of materials. Of course, the best and environmentally friendly option is a tree. The most expensive furniture implies a facade of carving and inlay. This furniture creates the impression of luxury and wealth of their owners. Genuine leather is often used as upholstery.

Interesting and stylish options are offered by the Ulyanovsk Trio company. The bar counter or a huge tabletop for culinary exploits, various materials and tones will appeal to discerning owners. Very popular are the models of kitchens in which there is a bar counter. This is a good choice for a small-sized kitchen, when it can be used instead of a dining table.

For small kitchens, designers have developed a special furniture - transformer. Due to this type of construction, it is possible not only to save space, but also to use it extremely rationally. Create a cozy and harmonious space. Folding tables that turn into a shelf and folding chairs do not take up much space in a small kitchen.

Modern standards of kitchen furniture imply that it consists of elements - modules. It is important to think through every kitchen element and its purpose.In a small kitchen, all elements of the kitchen unit are installed along one line, and the table and chairs are opposite. For square rooms, you should choose furniture that will be located on a corner or on both walls opposite each other. Choose one or another option is based on the design, functionality and harmonious combination with the interior. Modern furniture has retractable mechanisms, hidden handles and the ability to install built-in appliances. Famous suppliers of kitchen furniture are Spain, Italy, Germany, Sweden and Russia.

Types of materials

A set of kitchen furniture includes a dining table, chairs or stools, cabinets, facades for built-in appliances, wall panels. There are also sofas, a bar, a cupboard or a chest of drawers for dishes, special places for storing wine, spices and free-flowing products.

In order for the kitchen to look decent for a long time, it is necessary to pay special attention to the material from which it is made. Currently, kitchen furniture frame or built. The range of modern materials is so large that sometimes consumers find it difficult to choose.Consider what make kitchen sets and what material is preferable.

  • The main part of the furniture of the middle and economy class is made of laminated chipboard. Modern characteristics indicate that it is a fairly durable material. Laminated chipboard make facades for kitchen sets. Veneer and polymeric coatings are often used for cladding the facade. Often in the manufacture of used and fine fraction (MDF). It is better in quality than chipboard, but also more expensive.
  • Solid wood is the most expensive material for making a headset. Often, such wooden furniture can only have a frame or facade, and the rest of the MDF. This is due to the expected large temperature differences in the kitchen. Facades made of natural wood are often subject to deformation due to such temperature fluctuations.
  • Another material classified as natural is multi-lamellar wood. This is a composite material of thin veneer and hard wood. These plates are stacked together in different directions, and then glued together. The material has good strength and moisture resistance.Popular furniture and furniture board. It is a leaf wood and is an environmentally friendly material. It is mainly used for the manufacture of kitchen sets and cabinets.

Thanks to the fashion on the high-tech style, you can meet kitchen sets with aluminum profiles and glass surfaces. Very often found in this version of furniture and glass. It is usually used in the design of kitchen fronts and decorative shelves. Serious attention should be paid to fittings and avoid cheap options. It will ennoble and create the mood of the whole kitchen set. Chrome handles and legs, which are adjustable in height and special mechanisms that ensure smooth closing of drawers, are a good option.

Kitchen tables, chairs and sofas should be purchased after the completion of the repair and determination of the style and color of the kitchen unit. The table top can be made of solid wood, stone, MDF or chipboard, which are covered with plastic or film. An interesting solution would be a glass tabletop. Tables and chairs should be beautiful and safe.It is desirable that they have no sharp corners, they are easy to clean and do not slide on the floor covering. Upholstered furniture should prefer rattan chairs and decorate them with beautiful cushions or from natural wood, for example, from alder.

New wood furniture is very durable and durable, it serves for decades and after such a period of operation has an excellent appearance. Tables and chairs made of wood are great for the olive and classic styles. Rattan is also a natural material and, despite its light weight, is very durable and lightweight.

Often, the table top is additionally covered with thick glass in order to preserve the appearance for a longer time. Glass is a material that does not visually overload the kitchen space. Glass can be transparent, opaque or with the drawing applied on it. To such a tabletop you should choose metal legs. Such materials ideally fit into the interior in the style of minimalism or hi-tech. The disadvantage of this material for the kitchen table is its excessive marketability, for such a countertop must be monitored more carefully.

Laminated chipboard is the cheapest material, but enough for a short time. You can choose a table with an imitation of any texture, but you need to be prepared for the fact that soon it will appear chipped or bubbles from moisture. Another type of material for kitchen tables and chairs is veneered MDF. It is very durable and in its technical characteristics is not much inferior to the tree.

Stone worktop can be a center element in any interior. In the matter of operation, they are very durable and they are almost impossible to damage. A table that was tiled with an interesting but rare instance in the kitchen. If you combine the walls and the tabletop and lay out all with one type of tile, you get an interesting solution in the interior. This table is very easy to clean with any cleaning agent.

Wicker furniture is very light and suitable for spacious rooms. On top of the wicker table must be placed glass, which will protect the material from contamination. On the wicker chairs and sofas will need special soft seat or regular pillows of a small size. Quite an original solution is forged furniture.Such chairs and a table would be more appropriate in a country interior, rather than in an apartment building. Kitchen furniture items can be made of various materials, as long as they fit into the overall concept.

Choose a style and color

It is important that all the furniture combined with each other and fit into the interior of the kitchen. Kitchen set, table and chairs should be chosen after completion of the main repair. When the installation of the kitchen unit and equipment is completed, you can choose a place for the rest of the furniture. For a classic-style kitchen, a wooden table and chairs are perfect. The main criteria in this area are the harmony and naturalness of all materials used.

For this style, you should choose soft colors, smooth lines, patterns or stained glass on glass and put the main emphasis on elegance. Kitchen furniture in a classic design can be distinguished by simplicity and elegance or, on the contrary, an abundance of finishes and gilding. For the hull, wood or MDF is usually used. When you design the kitchen space is extremely important to choose a single color palette.

If the furniture is made in bright colors, then the stove and other kitchen appliances must match and be in the same range. Dark classic furniture in combination with light wallpaper looks very stylish. Classic style does not always mean furniture in the color of wenge or bleached oak. It may be the color of caramel, blue, green or lilac. For light kitchen furniture I often use glass or mirror doors that emphasize the volume of kitchen furniture. A massive walnut walnut with inlaid decoration will become a real decoration of the spacious kitchen.

For kitchen furniture in Art Nouveau style, geometric and clear lines, smooth surfaces and almost no decor are characteristic. Fittings in this style does not attract attention and can be drowned in furniture. Furniture for the kitchen in this style can be both from natural and artificial materials. Often used in the manufacture of transparent and frosted glass, built-in lights and lights. Restrictions for kitchen furniture in the modern style absolutely no. It can be orange, red, green, black or white. Wooden kitchen furniture in modern style is a compromise combination between classic and Scandinavian style.

Modern minimalist interiors perfectly complement the glass tables with plastic translucent chairs. For the kitchen - studio a bar counter will serve as a good solution, which will help to zone the space and does not take up much space. High-tech kitchen includes furniture made of glass, metal and plastic. For the kitchen, this style may seem too uncomfortable and cold. Most kitchen sets come with radius fronts, and the table and chairs are made of glass and metal. It is great for people who love dedication and maximum free space. The furniture in this style is inherent in the presence of bar counters, and the dining area can be located in the middle of the kitchen.

For a narrow 5 sq.m. Kitchens are perfect furniture in country style. It is perfect for a large family, where they appreciate comfort and coziness. In the manufacture of this furniture wood, cork, stone and even straw are used. Strict and clear lines, the absence of voluminous decorations, but this kitchen furniture is decorated with many small things. If space allows the owners, then the dining table must necessarily be wooden and decorated with a lace tablecloth.

Additional elements will serve wicker chairs and a small sofa. The colors of the furniture are mostly brown, orange or sand. In such an interior, narrow canisters, colorful curtains and tablecloths look good. If the owners want something unusual and standard kitchen furniture modules do not suit them, then you can always contact the furniture store where designers can help find the best solution.

How to do it yourself

Home-made furniture - not the worst decision with the right hands or limited financial capabilities. Manufacturing technology of kitchen furniture is not very complicated. At the very beginning, you will need a diagram of the entire room with the dimensions of the width, height and desired dimensions of the furniture. Designing a future kitchen set is worth buying consumables. Then you should calculate the cost of the necessary materials and tools.

It is important to consider some points. For example, the stove should not be located more than 2 meters from the gas pipe. Make niches for washing or dishwasher better closer to the water supply. In addition, for them or the stove will need an additional outlet.Making the scheme for wooden furniture is worth considering what material will be the frames, facades and countertops. What part of the shelves will be open, and what will be under the glass.

Properly save space in a small kitchen will help the use of space under the window sill to accommodate the dining area or tabletop. It is important to buy the necessary accessories, which is better not to save. For hinge cabinets and door closers, you should choose good quality. Sheets DPS or MDF under the required size can be cut in any construction market for a small fee. Assembling kitchen furniture always begins with straight cabinets.

Immediately you need to fix the rails for the drawers on the side walls, then adjustable or ordinary plastic legs are attached to the lockers. The back wall will serve laminated fiberboard. Assembly of wall cabinets is carried out in the same way. When the composite part of the facade is ready, you can proceed to its installation.

Given the parameters and features of the kitchen, it is worth starting from the side cabinet and in the corner kitchen from the corner. After adjusting the lower tier in height, mounted lockers.They are hung on a steel tire and connected with a special tie so that there is a solid construction. The distance between the cabinets should be at least 60 centimeters. If linoleum is spread on the floor, not tile, then additional support is needed for kitchen furniture.

Then cut a hole in the countertop for the sink and the tabletop is fixed. If the kitchen model is angular, then it is necessary to connect the ends with special metal slats. In a small room, the kitchen is simple and goes in one lane. Special plinth closes the hole between the tabletop and the wall. Install the sink, hob and hood.

To update the annoying headset, a self-adhesive film or paint will be a good option. A more decisive step to update the kitchen furniture will be the replacement of facades. Old furniture items can be replaced with wood or chipboard facades. It is better to paint a summer kitchen made of chipboard or drywall. The job description is not so difficult, the main thing is attentiveness and perseverance. Making wooden tables and chairs also does not take much time. And the finished items of kitchen furniture is better to cover with a special varnish or paint.

Examples of interesting interior design

Today, the kitchen is a true philosophy of the house, a reflection of the taste of its owners and certainly the heart of the whole dwelling. Particular attention is paid to modern housewives design kitchen space in general. Design projects involve competent placement of kitchen furniture, so that it is as functional as possible.

Non-standard kitchen furniture always looks stylish and attractive. For a country house or a country house with a round room and panoramic windows, an excellent solution would be a wooden kitchen located in a semicircle. A large tabletop and many drawers in the lower tier compensate for the lack of wall cabinets and retain a sense of airspace. A round wooden table on one leg and high-backed chairs will support the overall concept of the kitchen. Another great solution for giving will be kitchen furniture in the style of "Provence", sky-blue color. A large chest of drawers will complement the kitchen set and accommodate a large number of various trifles. A huge dining table is better placed in the center of the kitchen, which will create a pleasant atmosphere of comfort when the whole family gathers behind it.

For a small kitchen, Provence-style furniture is also an ideal solution. Light furniture and bright accessories in the form of curtains, napkins and tacks will create an additional feeling of lightness and comfort. Even in a small kitchen, you can place a sufficient amount of furniture with a competent and rational approach. For a small kitchen in the "Khrushchev" you can find decent options. Set of cherry color in the style of "modern" will look stylish and original. An excellent option would be to use the space at the window as a work surface. In such a kitchen with a bar counter instead of the usual table fit a small family of 3 people.

For lovers of all unusual, you can use Chinese paintings or decorate your kitchen furniture antique. In some interiors deliberately aged furniture looks particularly impressive. The decor depends on the taste preferences of its owners. Spanish, Italian, German, Chinese and Russian manufacturers of kitchen furniture offer a huge number of various options.

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