Mounted shelves in the kitchen

The kitchen is one of the most iconic places in the house. Here, every hostess wants to have all the kitchen attributes that allow her to quickly and easily create culinary masterpieces. An economical home worker places items in the interior, effectively using wall cabinets for this, but there is often not enough space.

In addition, the number of volumetric cabinets on the walls may be limited. They put the most bulky and heavy things, glass and cereals in large jars. Over time, such a furniture element as hinged shelves can be attached to the lockers.


A convenient hinged shelf in the kitchen is perfect for dishes, utensils, as well as the storage of spices and seasonings. A beautiful wedding set and decorative items are open to view, creating a special style in the kitchen. Households can quickly remove from the shelf the most commonly used plates and mugs, necessary household appliances. There is a place there for a small TV for the whole family.

Mounted shelves are open and closed. Closed there are side and rear wall, and the doors are sliding, lifting and swing. Behind the doors are placed strongly smelling spices and loose types of materials.

The lack of doors on the shelf makes the design easy, so you can hang several of these shelves at once. Experts will help to do this quickly.


They are popular because of simple mounting on the wall and inexpensive prices. For the corner, especially in a small kitchen with a limited area of ​​walls, standard shelves that take up a lot of space and are massive will not do. Fix the corner shelves on the opposite side of the headset.

On the corner shelves are usually located figurines, light objects and decorative elements. The use of lighting and interesting two-tier structures make the demand for plastic shelves increased, although they are not as versatile as the traditional horizontal ones.


Unusual and beautiful shelves - a work of art on the wall. Asymmetric, oblique and oblique arrangement at an angle - this is not a complete list of the types of shelves that designer imagination offers to place as mounted on the kitchen walls.On the free wall can accommodate a cozy "labyrinth" that can accommodate a lot of useful items.


A console structure in architecture is called one that has one rigidly fixed one end and a free other. Consoles are located perpendicular to the surface of the wall, like signs or scoreboards. The console itself can create an industry style and pay attention to the shelf reinforced on it. Accents in the form of pipes and trugs made of metal and cast iron, turnbuckles for floating shelves - all kinds of holders fit perfectly into the modern interior. Consoles are very firmly fixed on the wall. Even the most elegant of them can hold shelves up to two meters long.

Vertical open / closed

Vertical shelves are another option for interior design. Located on the steps or vertically wall shelves create a complex effect of partitioning space. As a rule, they are not long, the vertical, which serves as a mount for the entire modus, is perceived as a single and integral decorative modus in the kitchen set. It can be a stand with horizontal surfaces placed on opposite sides.

The shelves are closed, with high lateral sides, in the form of squares and triangles, are considered classics. For open options, a wide and stable back surface is characteristic, against which any thing leans - a cup, a book or a beautiful decorative plate.

With a simple and complex mount

A simple fixture for a hinged shelf is considered to be a classic screw, with the help of hinges. If it is planned to store sufficiently heavy objects on it, a number of additional screw connections are added.

For glass and other materials that cannot be drilled, a complex mount is used using a finished part called a pelican, which looks elegant and original and reliably supports material up to 35 mm thick. A good choice can be decorative brackets to maintain shelves in the kitchen.

A secret mount looks festive and unusual. The complex frame and box construction allows you to completely hide the fasteners hinged shelves. The secret of installation is a phased hanging. For attachment use dowels and screws, with which the frame is inserted into the wall.The shelf is then simply put on the pin.

With built-in drawers and lighting

A shelf with small drawers will be a worthy alternative to a bulky closet. Inside these boxes, you can put spices and confectionery seasonings, other trifles for the convenience of cooking in the kitchen. For small rooms, in which every centimeter is counted, the shelves are inexpensive at the price, in which the boxes are built in, optimally fit - after all, the place is noticeably vacated.

To find the right thing on the shelf are several mounted on it spotlights. Additional lighting is carried out with the help of strips of LED light bulbs; on large and wide shelves you can even place original sconces. The back is made of a mirror material that diffuses light. Even in the dark, you can easily find a cookbook or photo, admire a souvenir. In the evening, warm and soft light creates a cozy atmosphere. Delicate lighting with candles on the table - an impressive paraphernalia for a romantic dinner.

Manufacturing material


The metal shelf is a thin-walled structure.The elegant configuration allows, however, to withstand quite heavy kitchen items placed on it. To choose the interior, first of all, you need to think about what metal and what form the shelf will make your kitchen elegant and not too much wall, what color to paint it. Chrome details and elegant grilles, other decorative elements are able to add sophistication to the whole headset. Particularly well fit the shelves in the interior, made in the style of hi-tech and modern. The structure is fastened with rails, the shelves of aluminum can be one with the fasteners used for them.

A shelf with a metal frame will be appropriate and well complement the style of the kitchen interior, if there are already objects with metal parts. Any kind of things can be put on it, except that fragile glass and metal do not fit together well, since the shelf can slide a little. But the advantages of such a shelf are obvious - it is not afraid of the effects of high temperature and moisture, it is convenient to wash it.


Ecological shelves made of wood are recommended for placement in the apartment. Carving, unusual decorative elements - all this is inherent in the shelves with a touch of country-style, adding comfort and warmth.Wood is a strong material, but the kitchen is the area in which there is moisture, rising steam. The wooden shelf is not insured against swelling and deformation. It is possible to renew the shelf by dyeing; nevertheless, often watered flowers in pots are not recommended to be placed on a tree, it is better to choose for them a shelf from another material.


Plastic belong to the economy class materials. Typically, plastic shelves strengthen the corners, creating an interesting decoration of the kitchen. On them you can dry the dishes, placed over the table or sink. With the help of light and economical at the price shelves kitchen space is used quite rationally.

Another big advantage of such light shelves is a wide choice of colors and patterns on them. It is possible to apply any pattern to plastic, fix bulbs on it. It is in harmony with the rest of the furniture in the kitchen. Thin shelves are elegant and able to accommodate the most necessary things, without violating the general style that prevails in your apartment.


The shelves of decorative glass at first glance seem so fragile.But in fact, six to eight millimeter tempered glass is able to withstand virtually any load. In order to place the shelves in the kitchen, often use hidden fasteners, creating the feeling of "hanging in the air." For a modern interior, made with a refined taste, in which there is a table made of glass and other transparent details, the shelves will become a real decoration. Glasses, photos and crystal look amazing on the elite multi-level shelves of tinted glass.

A rock

The heaviest material. A shelf for granite or marble requires a solid wall mount. This is the only disadvantage next to large numbers of obvious advantages. There are no obstacles for the stone to use - it is not afraid of a high level of humidity, it is easily cleaned of dirt, not to mention the attractive and status appearance of your kitchen with such shelves.

Interior design

With the correct location of the shelves, they are quite capable of replacing many items from the furniture for the kitchen, cabinets with heavy drawers, occupying free space. Hinged shelves help to make your kitchen more ergonomic.Moving along it while cooking your favorite dishes, the hostess will experience joy and feel the comfort and convenience. Which shelves look nice and how best to place them in the kitchen?

  • Instead of cabinets. For long and narrow kitchens shelves will be a real salvation. After all, cabinets will not only look overly rude, but also obscure the already narrow space. Hanging rows of shelves at different heights would be a great solution. You can place almost all kitchen items on them, including pans and pots.
  • As a supporting element. Shelves are inserted into the free space between the cabinet and the wall. The support can connect two cabinets to each other, increasing the useful area for placing kitchen utensils.
  • Like a decoration. Original shelves for candles, cute trinkets or photos, lamps and flower pots help to soften the impression of the interior, to make the kitchen tastefully decorated.

It is very important to choose all the materials so that they are optimally combined with each other. For example, if your furniture is made of unpolished wood, plastic is unlikely to make her a good company. Large and reliable shelves can withstand even tangible weight, they are roomy and play a prominent role in the interior of the kitchen.

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