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The kitchen is the most important and most visited place in any home. Therefore, you need to choose the wallpaper on the kitchen carefully, so that the pastime in this room was pleasant not only because of the delicious food.

Criterias of choice

Due to the versatility of the room, the choice of wallpaper in the kitchen is a time consuming process.

What to consider when buying:

  1. In the process of frequent cooking on the walls stains from a variety of products. In the cooking zone, regular wet cleaning with the use of detergents is required, since greasy stains are difficult to remove with ordinary water. Also in the kitchen, increased humidity and constant interaction with liquid vapors can have a detrimental effect on the appearance of the wallpaper. Therefore, it is recommended to choose moisture-proof and washable wallpaper for the kitchen.
  2. The density of the wallpaper. The life of the product depends on this parameter. The denser the wallpaper, the stronger they are and dust accumulates in them much less.
  3. Resistant to fading.Usually in an apartment of any type, the kitchen is the lightest room. In order to preserve the original brightness of the wall coverings, you need to choose very high-quality wallpapers with high resistance to light.

These were the three basic rules that apply to all types of wallpaper. There are also other parameters, but they are applied to individual wall paintings.

Color selection

It is very important to choose the right color or pattern for the kitchen. On this depends not only the appearance. With the help of wall decor, you can both increase and visually reduce the space.

Basic rules of selection:

  • Large images, both multiple and single, hide space.
  • Small details on the walls visually increase the space at times.
  • Vertical stripes and drawings visually narrow the space, and make the room taller.
  • Drawings and stripes located in a horizontal position “expand” the space.
  • Colors in a geometric style (cell, diamonds, circles) create some kind of illusion, due to which the room seems immense.
  • Lines diagonally contribute to the design of the kitchen movement and dynamics.
  • Cloths, with a textured surface, very beautiful and unusual. Walls with such wallpaper can change the space, with the help of constant games of shadows and penumbra.
7 a photo

As for colors, the wallpaper in the kitchen should be moderately bright. Their main task is to please the eye and create a good mood. The most recommended colors: beige, orange, yellow, light green.

Want more space? Choose cool shades: blue, blue, silver. Prefer home coziness in the kitchen? Feel free to stick wallpaper saturated colors: dark gray, brown, purple, burgundy.


The main factors that influence the choice of the type of wallpaper are the style of the room and its intended purpose, personal desires and material capabilities.


A good option that is suitable for two main parameters for the cooking zone: moisture resistance and density. Also, almost everyone will be satisfied with an affordable price and a relatively long lifespan, which can last up to 10 years.

Non-woven vinyl wallpaper is great for the kitchen, as they are very convenient in sticking, suitable for painting and resistant to deformation.

The “hot stamping” canvases, which are made of solid vinyl, have great strength and the longest service life. Such wallpaper absorbs less dirt and can be wiped with a damp cloth.

The peculiarity of vinyl coatings is the ability to pass air through it, which is very good in a wet kitchen.

The most common options for vinyl wallpaper - canvas with embossed texture that displays a variety of patterns and patterns.

The pricing policy of vinyl wallpaper depends on the thickness of the fabric and the country of manufacture. A roll from a Russian manufacturer can cost from 400 rubles, while European manufacturers sell wallpaper with a higher cost, which exceeds 1000 rubles.

Examples for Khrushchev.

Non-woven wallpaper for the kitchen

Non-woven wallpaper - one of the best options, as they have a natural base, which not only passes the air, but does not deteriorate from high humidity. Such wallpapers are easy to glue: they are easily smoothed and mask cracks and irregularities on the surface of the wall.

Samples of nonwoven have an undoubted advantage - good quality, but there is also a minus of such wallpaper.The high price, that's what stops many buyers. Most non-woven fabrics produced in European countries, so their cost is so different from the prices of local producers.

The minimum that you can pay for a roll of Russian non-woven wallpaper is 700 rubles. In the European market, the price starts from a higher point.

Interesting ideas design kitchen non-woven wallpaper.


These wallpapers are quite unusual. They are particularly durable. Humidity is completely naughty to them, just like fire, so they are ideal for finishing the kitchen area.

Fiberglass is a mixture that includes soda, quartz sand, lime, dolomite and some binder additives. Absolutely all substances are safe and do not cause allergies, even in babies.

Glass fiber can not only mask the walls, they also prevent the emergence of new deformations, and level the walls. These canvases perfectly pass through a pair, which eliminates the possibility of the institution of mold.

"Glass" wallpaper, like any other, have a huge variety of colors and textures.Despite this, fiberglass is most often used as a base for paint, because it is able to withstand painting with acrylic or water-dispersed mixture more than a dozen times.

Photo fiberglass wallpaper in the interior.

Silk screen printing

In fact, silk-screen printing is not a separate type of wallpaper, but a kind of vinyl canvases, the main difference of which lies in the original decor by means of silk threads.

Such wallpaper is very unpretentious. They are easy to wet cleaning, and for a long time retain their original appearance without fading in the sun.

Several interesting design options for the kitchen with the use of silk-screen printing (Fig.10,11,12).


Surely, anyone who has ever started to repair, not just looked through the ideas of kitchen design, both in magazines and on the Internet. Decor options with the help of wall paintings are many. Particularly interesting options for combining different wallpapers. Many people think that only designers are capable of such things, but it’s not very difficult to implement them in real conditions.

To get a harmonious combination, you need to consider a few rules:

  • Combining paintings too different price range is impossible.
  • It is impossible to use within the same room wallpaper from different materials.

It is best to think about the right combination at the purchase stage, using the help of a designer or seller-buyer. Often, the building stores sell entire collections of wallpaper, which differ in type of pattern and texture, perfectly combined with each other.

In any endeavor, planning plays a major role. This also applies to repairs, in particular to the wallpapering in the kitchen. If you do not think out in advance what you want, then the result can be very deplorable. Choose wallpaper carefully, do not be afraid to ask for help and advice, and then wall canvases will delight you for a long time.

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