Wallpaper for a small kitchen

Ways to visually enlarge the space

Large modern kitchen - the dream of almost any housewife. But what to do if this kitchen is located in the “Khrushchev”, and not more than two people can comfortably sit on it in comfort? Designers have many ways to make a small room more visually. Here are the main ones:

  • light tone of the walls, floor and ceiling. In this case, the kitchen in pure white is undesirable. Firstly, this color quickly tires eyesight, and secondly, it is necessary to carefully monitor the cleanliness of the kitchen. Much better and more spacious are the rooms in beige, light gray or blue colors;
  • light in the room. Ideally, natural light from a window located on the sunny side of the building. With a lack of sunlight in the kitchen, competent organization of artificial lighting is necessary: ​​spots, lamps, LED strips, etc .;
  • lacquered kitchen surfaces. As you know, mirrors and glossy surfaces create the effect of expanding space due to reflection. However, if they reflect dark furniture, floor or walls, the effect will be reversed. We must not forget that the gloss requires more careful care of him;
  • replacement of open shelves for one wall cabinet. Surprisingly, numerous shelves on the wall "eat" visually much more space than a solid closed cabinet. In order to further enlarge the room in this way, a cabinet is, if possible, installed along a short wall;
  • color and pattern wallpaper on the walls. Wallpaper for a small kitchen should choose light shades and no bright color spots. If the choice fell on the wallpaper with a picture, it is important to remember the rule: the smaller the kitchen - the smaller should be the pattern on the wallpaper. Extend the narrow room will help wallpaper with a horizontal bar, and pull the kitchen up - vertical stripes.

Color design

The base color of the wallpaper creates the first impression of the kitchen. Why in some kitchens feel the comfort and desire to be on them all the time, and on others with the same area you want to go as little as possible? The main role in sensations is played by the main tone of the walls. Therefore, when choosing wallpaper, the following aspects should be considered:

  • The best choice of wallpaper color for small kitchens are neutral pastel colors. For example, beige, peach, light gray, color of baked milk, light green. They can be plain or patterned - floral, with stripes, checkered or other motifs. The color of the pattern on the wallpaper should not contrast with the main color of the wallpaper. And it is better to abandon the wallpaper with a large pattern - they "eat up" the space of small rooms;
  • The warm colors of the wallpaper visually narrow the space, although in general they produce a more welcoming impression. Wallpaper warm shades should be chosen for a dark kitchen. Cold colors - blue, light gray, and lavender are perfect for rooms on the sunny side. They will create the effect of increasing the kitchen;
  • the dark or bright tone of the wallpaper makes smaller rooms even smaller. A bright blue, red or black wall can look stylish, but a kitchen of 5-6 m in size2 she will turn into a cramped closet. With a very big desire, you can cover with a bright wallpaper a part of one of the walls, highlighting the dining area. Another way to add color to the kitchen without visually reducing space is to stick a bright curb along the walls or under the ceiling.

If several primary colors are chosen for kitchen wallpapers, they should be harmoniously combined with each other, as well as with the color of kitchen facades. Here are some classic examples of color combinations:

  • light beige set will be harmonious in the blue, white or light brown kitchen;
  • with brown furniture the color of wenge will be combined olive, orange, pale yellow, gray color of the walls;
  • the black color of the kitchen will fit well into a room with white, yellow or red accents;
  • White set is combined with black, blue or red colors.

At the same time it is not necessary to choose plain wallpaper of the proposed colors. This can be a pattern on the wallpaper, part of the strip or just their shade.


The choice of wallpaper - the most pleasant, but often the most difficult stage of repair. The variety of colors and textures does not allow you to quickly stop the choice on one thing. But correctly selected on the material and the colors of the wallpaper will delight look for a long time.

Wallpapers can be made from the following materials:


Even the most budget wallpapers are now covered with a moisture-repellent layer and come in a very wide color and patterned palette.The life of such wallpaper is low compared to other modern materials - they quickly wear out, get dirty and fade in the sun, losing appearance. But their sticking can be a good option for redecoration or temporary housing. This option is suitable for those who make repairs every two or three years to bring new colors to the kitchen;


This material is most suitable for kitchen wallpaper - it is durable, light and moisture resistance, resistance to abrasion and mechanical damage. Vinyl wallpaper is easy to glue on the wall - it is necessary to cover only the wall with an adhesive layer, without putting it on the wallpaper. And the proposed range will allow you to choose the wallpaper on the kitchen the most demanding buyer;


Textured non-woven wallpaper can be repainted many times. This will allow you to easily update the kitchen at any time, using only a can with the right paint. In addition, the width of non-woven wallpaper, as a rule, more vinyl and paper. This greatly simplifies their sticking;

liquid wallpaper

Their application resembles the treatment of walls with plaster. The advantages of such wallpapers should include the absence of joints and a wide range of colors. Technically, even a novice master can handle them;

wallpaper made of natural materials

These include cork, bamboo, and textile wallpaper. They look, and they are expensive. But for the kitchen this version of the wallpaper is extremely impractical: they absorb odors, and the stains from them are practically not removed. With a great desire, you can make a small area in the kitchen in the dining area of ​​the cork and fix notes or photos on it.


In small rooms that combine several functions at once, zoning with wallpaper or furniture is almost the only option to create a harmonious space. As the kitchen most often combines a cooking zone and a dining zone. You can divide them as follows:

  • use in one of the zones the wallpaper combined with the basic tone of color. You can use different shades of the same color (for example, lime and emerald), or choose complementary colors (yellow and purple). A darker shade is recommended pokleit small area, so as not to hide the space;
  • highlighting a zone with wallpaper with an ornament. A geometric or floral pattern in the dining area against the background of a plain kitchen will make it more attractive and cozy.Many manufacturers, knowing this, produce entire collections, including plain wallpaper and several options for ornaments. A similar effect will produce a curb in any of the kitchen areas;
  • photo wallpaper. Modern wallpaper does not look like the vague landscapes of poor print quality, which "decorated" Khrushchev in the recent past. The printing technology and photo wallpaper materials have changed, and a variety of colors allows you to place them anywhere in the apartment. There are 3D-wallpaper and backlit wallpaper that can turn any kitchen into an art object.


In kitchens of a small area when combining wallpapers, the main thing is moderation and restraint. Sometimes in the design you want to use everything at once. However, the combination of more than three primary colors is undesirable, because the abundance of bright spots will make the small-sized kitchen even less. The basic techniques of combining are as follows:

  • combined colors - contrasting or complementary;
  • combined textures - matte and glossy wallpaper;
  • combined materials - wallpaper and brick, concrete, cork;
  • the combined pattern is a large and small pattern, a narrower and wider strip.

A bold combination of wallpaper even in small kitchens sometimes leads to amazing results.

Design examples in the interior

This year, the following fashion trends in wallpaper design are observed:

  • plain wallpaper. Timeless classics are back in fashion. In an apartment with small rooms, plain wallpaper will be the most literate way of organizing space. On such wallpaper looks good collection of paintings or photo gallery;
  • wallpaper in loft style. Textured wallpaper with a pattern of bricks or concrete - today's fashion trend. He creates the illusion of being in the attic or in the technical room. This style can be easily implemented even in the smallest kitchen, as it promotes brevity;
  • wallpaper with geometric pattern. Large circles, imitating plates in the kitchen, or subtle diamonds - all this is fashionable this season. And, of course, the fashionable strip remains unchanged, which is able to correct the geometry of a too long and narrow room in a flat;
  • moderate use of materials with floral ornaments. Floral motifs are also a kind of classic, but this year it is recommended not to glue all the walls with such wallpaper, but to focus on one wall or zone;
  • all shades of blue. A noble pale blue, a beautiful hue of indigo, luxurious sapphire - with the help of wallpaper with blue motifs you can bring any bold ideas to life. The interior in blue and blue is associated with Mediterranean cuisine and brings air, freshness and the sensation of the sea to the kitchen.
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