Non-woven wallpaper for the kitchen

The basic mood in the design of the kitchen depends on the decoration of the walls. The most popular material for this was and remains wallpaper. The last decade, the palm held by non-woven wallpaper. They are valued for their high quality, long service life and attractive appearance.

Due to the non-woven base wallpaper does not shrink and do not stretch. Wallpapers are glued to the seam butt and if the correct technique of pasting is observed, the seams are not visible on them. There is a great demand for wallpapers without picking a pattern.

Choosing non-woven wallpaper for the kitchen, designers recommend avoiding gray tones, as this color suppresses appetite and can provoke depression and, as a result, improper digestion.

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Special features

There are several types of non-woven wallpaper.

  • Wall-paper on a flizelinovy ​​basis - two-layer wall-paper. The bottom layer is the floor of the flizelin itself, which is in contact with the wall. And the top layer, which is responsible for aesthetics, can be made of paper, vinyl and even textiles.
  • Wallpaper consisting of several layers of non-woven.In this case, the lower layers have a smooth texture, and only the uppermost layer is made of relief. Due to the relief surface of non-woven wallpaper there is a variety of interior solutions in the kitchen. The top layer of wallpaper is often subjected to staining. Such wallpaper can withstand several repainting.

Advantages and disadvantages


  • Due to the dense base of the wallpaper, you can not pre-prepare the pasting - the wallpaper hides minor flaws and irregularities of the glued surface.
  • Such wallpaper is very difficult to set on fire, which is an additional advantage in favor of the kitchen finishing them.
  • Non-woven wallpapers “breathe” very well - they let the air flow through.
  • Convenience in work. Wall-paper is rather strong, when pasting it is torn and not deformed. Convenient roll width reduces pasting time.
  • Since non-woven wallpaper does not absorb moisture at all, when gluing wallpaper, glue is applied not to the wallpaper, but to the wall. This significantly reduces repair time and saves consumables.
  • On non-woven wallpaper does not sit dust, dirt and other substances, which is especially important for those who are prone to allergies.
  • Non-woven wallpaper is easy to clean with a damp cloth.They can also be washed using cleaning products.
  • Wallpaper does not lose color in the sun - this is evidenced by the numerous customer reviews.
  • With their help, it is easy to make changes in the interior by simply repainting the walls.
  • Non-woven wallpaper calmly withstand a pair of hot air, which is so characteristic of the kitchen.
  • Wallpaper does not absorb extraneous odors - namely, this is characteristic of the room where food is constantly prepared.
  • Walls covered with non-woven wallpaper, have a sound-absorbing effect.


  • If the top layer of non-woven wallpaper has a convex surface and three-dimensional pattern, dust may collect inside the pattern. Therefore, additional cleaning will be required.
  • The price of non-woven wallpaper for many will seem high.
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Features of wallpaper from Germany

Today, the production technology of German wallpaper on non-woven fabric is widely used by manufacturers in many countries. But few people know that it was Germany that became the very first country that offered consumers a new product of that time - non-woven wallpaper. Today, Germany still holds the leading position in the production of high-quality products.

About the German quality there are legends around the world. This is a distinctive feature of the nation, which is expressed in everything, including in the production of wallpaper. German manufacturers take this type of production very seriously. The Germans, in principle, can not afford to allow marriage in anything. German accuracy and accuracy to the meticulousness affects the quality of products. All wallpaper factories are strictly monitored at all stages of production.

The nature conservation movement is very developed in Germany, so the German wallpaper on non-woven fabric meets all environmental regulations and European standards. All products pass the strictest certification. Therefore, wallpaper from Germany is absolutely safe for human health. In their composition there are no harmful impurities and various toxic substances. For the production of German non-woven wallpaper, only natural raw materials are used, produced in Germany itself, as well as in European partner countries.

Progress is constantly moving and non-woven wallpapers that imitate natural materials - stone, wood, ceramics, fabric and even natural leather, are increasingly appearing on the market.Their texture is such that to the touch such wallpapers are completely identical with the materials that they imitate.

The most famous German companies - manufacturers

Erismann - non-woven wallpaper of this company are characterized by a standard size and simple patterns. In Russia, there is a factory of this company, which produces wallpaper on the technology of this brand. Therefore, on the shelves of Russian stores can be found wallpapers of this company, released both in Germany and domestic production. As manufacturers say, the quality of those and other wallpapers is absolutely identical. This brand has a rather bold design for the Germans and a huge number of constantly updated collections.

Rasch Vinyl wallpaper with non-woven substrate of this brand have an original design. This brand is the most popular and recognizable in Russia. The entire range of the company can be divided into three groups:

  • Rasch Taste is distinguished by the repetition of some variations on the same theme;
  • Rasch Style - wallpaper of interesting design, produced in limited series;
  • Rasch 1861 - an exclusive collection of wallpapers, which is intended primarily for architects, interior specialists and builders, has an original design.

Marburg - high quality wallpaper with repetitive design in subsequent collections. It was at this factory for the first time made, and later patented non-woven wallpaper. Products of this company disperse millions of copies in more than one hundred countries around the world.

A.S. Creation vinyl wallcovering with different basics. In the design of the wallpaper there are not only simple lines and stripes, but also complex floral motifs, geometric patterns, as well as individual scenes and even photos of various subjects.

Coswig - wallpapers of this brand differ in various designs in a volume price range with corresponding quality. The exclusive development of specialists of this company is the invention of wallpaper on non-woven base with a solid texture.

The technology of printing German wallpaper is completely modernized. This allows the use of water-based inks for printing. All wallpaper German companies decompose in a short time and therefore completely safe for the environment.

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