Photo wallpaper 3D in the kitchen

Enjoy your morning coffee in a flowered garden or gazing at the raging sea surf. Dream? Her reality will make 3D wallpaper in the kitchen.

Comfortable illusiveness

3D wallpapers are three-dimensional drawings that are perceived by our vision as voluminous. They give the illusion of an open window, blazing hearth or steps leading to heaven. These wallpapers can literally modify the room - expand and brighten, lengthen and all this with the effect of presence. 3D wallpaper is completely different from standard photo wallpaper.

3D wallpapers are made using a different technology, using a lenticor plastic. The pattern is shaped by tiny cylindrical plastic lenses that are parallel. The drawings in these photo wallpapers are as if they are two-layered with a slight offset in relation to each other. As a result, the image as if bulging out of the wall, opening a new space. Sometimes a special plastic is used to achieve a volumetric result.In this case, the picture really get the volume.

Beauty and reliability

Undoubtedly, three-dimensional wallpaper is pleasing to the eye, immersing in comfort and relaxation. In addition, they have practical advantages:

Conceal cracks, bumps and any irregularities of the wall;

Burnout does not threaten them even under very long exposure to sunlight;

Moisture resistant. It means that they are perfect for the kitchen both in the apartment and in the house. If you often wash, the picture is not overwritten, even if rubbed with a sponge and detergent.

Sharp objects or cat claws will not harm them. In this sense, the wallpaper can be called scratch-resistant.

They are not deformed in the heat and do not burn, because they are treated with a non-flammable compound.

Odorless, even at high temperatures.

The raw materials that are used in the manufacture of these wallpapers are absolutely harmless to human health.

Enriching interior

Gallery of any catalog will offer a huge selection of 3D wallpapers. Having decided to decorate the kitchen with them, it is important to remember that incorrectly chosen canvases will harm the whole business. It is necessary to take into account everything - the size of the kitchen and the degree of illumination, its headsets, appliances and decor. After all, wallpaper should be part of the overall kitchen design, successfully complement it, emphasizing the pros and hiding cons.

Wallpaper on any area

A small kitchenette fit abstract images of cold shades. This visually gives the room more space. A tiny “Khrushchev” will be expanded by light wallpaper with a perspective. Looks great natural landscapes, summer houses under the blue sky.

The spacious kitchen-living room "loves" large images, giving originality and amazing beauty.

The kitchen in the form of a narrow rectangle, you need to create a "horizon". For example, a plain leaving into the distance. Or unlimited sea space. Another option - a panorama of the city from a height of flight of birds.

Low ceilings in the kitchen "correct" vertical drawings. This will visually make the ceiling higher. This could become a forest, pictured from the bottom up. Or architectural towers, high-rise buildings uplifting to the sky. Or just intricate patterns that go up.


A kitchen with dim lighting, where the sun's rays do not fall or thick branches of trees “darken” outside the window, will be saved by photo wallpaper. They should be bright, positive. Let it be lawns, flooded with sunlight. Or the sea, the beach and the seagulls.

The kitchen, which, on the contrary, is blinded by the sun, scorching through the window, can be dimmed with pictures of dark and saturated tones.Flowers, waterfalls or forest trails.

Color selection

It is good to dilute motley furniture and curtains with calm photo wallpaper. And in the kitchen of a pale and monotonous style it will be great to revive a vivid image. In the small-sized kitchen is better to choose blue, blue, purple and green. In a dark room, it is better to give preference to warm and cozy colors: yellow, orange, peach. Interesting will look and black and white photos of plants, shot close-up.

The color intensity of the photo wallpaper must keep pace with the general appearance of the kitchen. For example, if there is a bright table and chairs in the room, cabinets and curtains in pastel colors, then good wallpaper is bright. But in a motley setting, it is better to take wallpaper calm. Otherwise, you can go too far. And with a dark kitchen suite combines bright images on the wallpaper.

We select the size

3D canvases can be glued on the wall or on other surfaces. Therefore, 3D wallpapers are different in size and purpose. Semi-panoramic is 1.35m by 3.0m. And panoramic is 1.35 to 3.6m. Often use the completed image as a picture - in a frame or fixed on the canvas. This is a good economy option.Minimum financial costs and the presence of highlight in the kitchen. In addition, this 3D picture can always be outweighed when changing the situation or repair.

So, having decided on the details, we choose the most important thing - the type of volumetric wallpaper.


Wall mural fluorescent - the most awesome kitchen option. In the afternoon they look like all voluminous wallpapers. But at night the most interesting begins - as if the doors to a fairy tale are opening. You can drink tea and look at the view of the night city or stellar space. Illuminated with ultraviolet light bulbs, the picture becomes alive, it reveals details hidden during the day. The image is applied with special paints on non-woven material.

Fluorescent wallpapers are as durable as other 3D wallpapers. They are not afraid of heat and moisture and repel pollution.

LED light

LED wallpaper in the kitchen - a whole system of electronics. The set of microscopic lamps and a microcircuit are built in the wallpaper. With the help of the remote control and changing the picture, the backlight brightness and shades. You can highlight only part of the image, but you can highlight the entire wall.

Install these wallpapers - the most expensive option. Add another huge power consumption.

LED wash with water, but without detergents, brushes and extremely carefully. After all, the contacts are easy to damage, and repair the LED wallpaper is impossible. Therefore, it is better not to allow children and pets to such photo wallpapers.


In the production of these wallpapers lies non-woven, in other cases, paper. Top - vinyl. They successfully decorate the kitchen, while comfortable in use. Their embossed design always looks advantageous.


This is also a vinyl wallpaper. They are very dense and smooth, resembling plastic to the touch. They are easy to clean by any means. But they have a peculiarity - the walls for sticking should be perfectly smooth.

Self adhesive wallpaper

Although these are new wallpapers, but despite this, they are very fond of everyone. It is not necessary to glue them on the walls, but anywhere. For example, on the door, plastic and any surface. Their advantage is easy to clean and almost impossible to damage.


This is a wallpaper based on fabric. But this wallpaper can be used for a spacious dining room, where cooking is not the main purpose of the room. Because these wallpapers absorb odors and do not like moisture.

In the form of a mural

Wallpaper in the form of a fresco will add a touch of luxury to the kitchen. The frescoes used to decorate noble estates, now you can look right in your kitchen. Large still lifes, antique mosaics on the fresco look rich. This diversifies the modest interior of the kitchen, which all guests will undoubtedly appreciate.

In the manufacture of these wallpapers, a mural is applied to a non-woven base with a decorative coating.

Issue price

The cost depends on the type of wallpaper. Square meter of paper photo wallpaper can be found for 800 rubles. For vinyl wallpaper based on non-woven fabric, you need to pay from 2 thousand rubles. On the basis of paper a little cheaper - about 1.5 thousand rubles. For frescoes - around 8 thousand rubles per square meter.

Properly placed

Selecting the wallpaper in the kitchen, now you need to successfully place them.

Placing near the table is a peculiar accent in any kitchen interior. The best choice is realistic images. For example, flowers. Bright, alive, they will stand on the table. Or an open window with a view of the city or river. Another option is fruits or vegetables that are “lying” on the table. But this effect is easy to spoil with carelessness, if you overload the table with various utensils.

A whole wall can be covered with widescreen wallpaper if it is completely free. Part of the image should not be hidden behind a cupboard or refrigerator.

If it is not possible for the wallpaper to be spread all over the wall, it is better to choose small realistic paintings with a plot on any topic. Frame them, decorate them with a suitable decor and place them on any part of the wall.

Wallpapers are glued not only on the walls. Sometimes a good choice for their placement is the surface of the furniture, the door or the space above the sink.

Whatever the choice in the variety and size, the kitchen, decorated with 3D wallpaper, will become a favorite place for a pleasant leisure time with family and friends.

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