Photowall-paper for kitchen

Wall mural with minimal cost can make the kitchen stylish and original. Even 20 years ago, they were considered impractical design decision, as care for them was problematic. Modern technologies have solved this problem, and at the moment the wallpaper is firmly infused into the interior of the kitchen, bringing an incredible variety.

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Features and properties

Photowall-paper for kitchen is not just beautiful and interesting picture. They have a lot of useful properties and features:

  • Aesthetics. Any wallpaper, even with an abstract or geometric pattern, looks beautiful and is able to radically change the interior of the room. Even if the kitchen was renovated using inexpensive building materials, properly selected wallpaper will turn it into a masterpiece.
  • Versatility. There is no such style, which would not be combined wallpaper. The main thing is to choose the appropriate theme: the rural landscape is ideal for a Provence style kitchen, and for high-tech one should opt for images of cities and highways.You can order ready-made design solutions that are replete with online shopping.
  • Able to divide the kitchen into functional areas. Wall mural will help highlight the dining area or to focus on the recreation area.
  • The ability to make visual adjustments. Images of arches leading to the garden, or "windows" can create real optical illusions, expand the boundaries of the kitchen space. Particularly interesting in this regard is the wallpaper that occupies the entire wall.
  • variety of plot. Modern manufacturers offer a rich assortment of images without any restrictions: flowers, fruits, cities, the sea, abstractions, wildlife, imitation of old tapestries, photos of celebrities.
  • A variety of textures. The surface of such wallpaper is smooth, but the 3D effect creates a variety of textures: plaster, stone or brickwork.
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We choose the plot

The embodiment of modern ideas are 3D-wallpaper. They are usually made in a wide format and represent a three-dimensional pattern. Due to the special production technology, the image has a high degree of realism. Such an element of the decor is able to bring in dynamics or, on the contrary, pacification.Slices of juicy exotic fruits, transparent pieces of ice, splashes of water - all this radiates energy and causes appetite. A branch of blossoming apple trees will calm you down after a hard day’s work and will allow you to relax over a cup of tea.

Photowall-paper with 3D-effect - expensive means of a decor, but the effect which they give is worth it.

Flower theme is very popular in the interior of the kitchen. Wall murals are an excellent means of its implementation. The most popular are tulips, sunflowers, poppies, orchids. Each flower has its own characteristics that you need to know when designing the interior of the kitchen.


Shades of tulips, depicted on the photo wallpaper, can be very different: from pale pink to green. It is important to remember that the color of the shelf is not worth coloring. Better to leave it white.

Keep the overall color of the kitchen. Furniture should not stand out, but harmoniously coexist in the interior. Maintain conciseness and simplicity, do not overload the kitchen with objects.

If you are the owner of a narrow kitchen, then the photo wallpaper with tulips is better to refuse. For a small kitchen do not use large images of these colors.White flowers are ideal, visually expanding the space.

Yellow tulips add light to the dark kitchen. It will be bright and positive.

The most popular images are green tulips.


Sunflowers bring cheerfulness. These wallpapers become a bright accent. Therefore, the walls should be more restrained. The interior is allowed the presence of red, for example, on the facades of kitchen cabinets.


Photowall-paper with poppies look elegantly. In combination with the white and black color of kitchen furniture, they give a delightful effect. Often this theme is used for the decoration of the apron between the upper and lower rows of cabinets. It seems that flowers grow right from the tabletop.

An interesting design solution will be the use of monochrome wallpapers: a black silhouette on a white background. They look incredibly stylish, destroying all the stereotypes about the darkness of this color scheme. Black and white photos of cities can be purchased for high-tech cuisine. The use of bright accents will be useful: yellow lamps, green chairs.

Wall mural with a view from the window will help to make the kitchen interior unusual.Such an interesting technique creates the feeling of being home away from the noisy metropolis. If you are dreaming of the sea, it is enough to stick an open window overlooking the coast. There are no restrictions. Even fantasy landscapes are available with a luminous effect that will delight the eye in the twilight and create a three-dimensional image.

Nature in the theme of photo wallpaper fits perfectly into the style of Provence. These wallpapers are very beautiful. Rural landscapes with sunflowers, windmills on a lavender field - all this charges positive. Properly selected, they are able to lead us beyond the boundaries of the kitchen. It seems that you take a step and find yourself in a cozy French village of the last century or in an olive grove.

With the help of panoramic wallpaper with photos of summer forest, you can create the illusion of outdoor dining. To this end, the kitchen interior is complemented by a carpet that mimics the grass, green plants.

For the kitchen is a popular coffee theme. In this case, the images can be divided into two categories: coffee beans and coffee cups. These images look very appetizing and help to wake up in the early morning.Photos of scattered coffee beans give a shade of nobility and refinement. In tandem with laconic modern furniture, this kitchen looks stylish. The use of wooden elements (table, chairs) will make the kitchen more comfortable.

Green and purple are well combined in the interior. Kitchen in green and purple, depending on their richness, will look different. Bright shades give expression and dynamics, muffled give rest to look. The kitchen will be original if you choose a wallpaper with a picture of a huge purple flower to the green furniture.

By adding plant elements (flowers in vases on the table, artificial grass on lamps, decorative compositions in the corners), you will dim the brightness of violet.

Types of materials


Washable wallpapers are perfect for the kitchen. Their surface is smooth, it is easy to wipe it with a damp cloth, which makes care as convenient and simple as possible. The density of these photo wallpapers is quite high, they have a water-repellent property. It is important to consider that for such a decor perfectly smooth walls are needed. Any roughness and blemishes will be immediately noticeable in the figure, which is completely unacceptable.


Wallpaper on non-woven base have a special coating that performs a protective function. It protects against drops of fat, high humidity and temperature effects of the kitchen microclimate.

In the process of creating this type of wallpaper used dyes resistant to water and sunlight. Color saturation is maintained for the entire operational period.

Non-woven photo wallpaper combines high quality and durability. They will serve their owner for a long time. Care of them consists in periodically brushing dust with a wet cloth from their surface.


Paper wallpaper - a budget option and not always acceptable for the kitchen. Their quality leaves much to be desired. In addition, after applying the adhesive, they can swell, and pasting them will cause difficulties with combining the "puzzle" of the image. The operational life of paper wallpaper is small.


The basis of vinyl wallpaper is paper or interlining. On top of it is applied vinyl layer, and then drawing. Vinyl combines two functions - protective (from moisture and pollution) and aesthetic (decor).Despite the high cost, high quality and interesting design solutions make this group of wallpapers incredibly popular.

Vinyl wallpapers are of the following types:

  • Structural. For their production is used foamed vinyl. The coating is characterized by relief and due to this will ideally hide the imperfections of the walls, if any.
  • Compact vinyl. As a rule, imitate a wooden, stone, fabric surface. Due to the use when creating them in large quantities of vinyl, they look bold and very impressive.
  • Heavy vinyl. Characterized by increased density and corresponding strength. Ideal for uneven walls. Their most common themes are imitation of pressed leather, embroidery.
  • Silk screen printing. This is - thin wallpaper. They require smooth walls. Looks like a smooth silk-embroidered canvas. Some areas reflect the sun glare and shimmer.

Ideas for a small kitchen: how to expand the space

Photowall-paper - the beautiful and right decision for a small kitchen. Properly selected, they can visually expand its boundaries.

You should not choose images with a dark background.It is better if it is any unobtrusive drawing, panoramic image or with perspective. The following plots will help to increase the area:

  • pictures of nature with forest paths leading inland;
  • stairs and gothic arches with climbing vivid plants;
  • city ​​streets;
  • panoramas of evening cities with lights of illumination;
  • sea ​​and mountains.

The task of expanding the space is best done by 3D wallpaper. A simple story from the corridor with columns that lead away into the distance can drastically change the interior. Their realism has an amazing effect. For the kitchen of 12 square meters. This is the perfect solution.

Be careful with photos of flowers, as their large sizes can “squeeze” an already small kitchen area.

Vertical lines will solve the problem with low ceilings. These can be skyscrapers, towers, trees. Kitchen design with photo wallpapers on the wall will become not only modern, but also “add” the height to the room. Very interesting will look photos taken from the bottom at an angle. Such non-standard looks stylish.

The narrow kitchen in the "Khrushchev" gives a lot of problems to their owners.To change its parameters will help the horizontal lines: waves, beach, mountain ranges.

How to combine with ordinary wallpaper

Wall mural give an interesting combination with the usual wallpaper. However, it is necessary to adhere to some strict rules:

  • Images of megalopolises are combined with plain wallpaper, which do not contain colorful and complex patterns.
  • In the bright kitchen the greens of vegetable themes will sparkle with more bright colors. Therefore, the main tone of the wallpaper should be white, beige or pearl gray.
  • Wallpaper for the kitchen can be selected taking into account the effect of contrast. The main color should be bright and saturated. A good combination will give the noble wine color of ordinary wallpaper and the image of a delicate magnolia.

Design Tips

How to choose photo wallpapers, so that they really look in the kitchen interior, and would not stand out with a stain that does not match the style and mood of the room? Follow the simple designer tips:

  • Bright images are necessary for kitchen with monophonic furniture and neutral curtains. Monochrome or black and white wallpapers will help balance the colors in the bright kitchen.If at the same time to use memorable photos, the kitchen will revive the vivid memories and fill with positive emotions every morning. Another advantage of this decor is its individuality. After all, only you and no one else own your own photos.
  • For country styles and Provence, choose a floral theme, combining colors with the facades of kitchen cabinets. Abstractions, space, unusual plants are ideal for high-tech cuisine.
  • On the apron will look good wallpaper imitating various textures, such as brick or masonry, wood.
  • Avoid oversupply of photos and images.
  • In a large kitchen, you can use symmetry technique and place identical webs in different functional areas.
  • Wall mural can be glued not only on the walls, but also on the door, on the kitchen. For this, it is better to take self-adhesive wallpaper. This method allows you to update the facades of the old kitchen, and he will play a new way.
  • On the ceiling, you can stick wallpaper with PVC. They are the best suited for the kitchen, as they withstand high humidity, which is a concomitant element of any room,where is the cooking. As for the plot, the relevant floral and floral motifs.

An interesting design decision can be one large element, for example, a giant butterfly on the ceiling, whose wings cast a shadow, creating a three-dimensional illusion.

  • Depending on how to arrange the wallpaper, you can easily focus on individual functional areas.

Customer Reviews

All buyers mark the aesthetic feature of the photo wallpaper. Over time, the relevance of this element of decor has not lost, but has become, on the contrary, very popular due to the diversity of themes and effects.

Coffee demand, nature and orchids are in great demand.

Many use the technique of visual expansion of space.

As image protection, transparent plexiglas is often used, which increases the shelf life of photowall-paper.

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