Photo wallpaper on the kitchen near the table

Photowall-paper will help to emphasize the special role of the kitchen in the house and create a more comfortable atmosphere. But decorating all the walls in this way is not advisable. An interesting effect can be achieved if you use this finish only near the table. Wall mural gaining popularity due to its uniqueness.


Making a wall with this material is an opportunity to create an interesting and unique design. Convenience is that these wallpapers can be made to order and use your favorite images. This finish is great for the decor above the dining table. It is in this place that it is so important to create a cozy and pleasant atmosphere. This material has a number of functional advantages:

  1. Photowall-paper allows to create bright accent in an interior.
  2. With their help, you can visually separate the working area of ​​the kitchen from the dining area.
  3. On colorful wallpaper imperceptible small pollution. You can purchase washable wallpaper.
  4. They are easily glued and removed.Such decor of the dining area can be changed without damage to the rest of the repair.
  5. With the help of photo wallpaper you can visually expand the space and hide the flaws of the overall layout. This is especially true for a small kitchen.

The image should be in harmony with the overall style of the kitchen. Wall mural can reduce your hassle when thinking through details and additions. Combine bright images with simple furniture. Multiple details will be superfluous.

What to look for when choosing

The peculiarity of the kitchen is not only that people spend a lot of time there. Humidity and high temperatures create a particularly aggressive environment in this part of the house. Therefore, all finishing materials must meet certain requirements, and wallpaper - is no exception.

Paper products are unacceptable, their appearance will deteriorate in a couple of weeks. You should also avoid cheap products with low-quality paints, there is a risk that they will flow. Pay your attention to vinyl wallpaper. There are products with additional waterproof protection. These are the wallpapers should flaunt in your kitchen. They will not deteriorate from the effects of aggressive environment and they can be washed.

On the label from the manufacturer flaunts another important parameter - light resistance. It ranges from medium to excellent resistance. Kitchen wallpaper must have a very good light fastness, otherwise burnout can not be avoided.

Pay attention to moisture resistance. And do not confuse moisture-proof and washable wallpaper. The former are able to survive random sprays, but not wet cleaning. The latter will not deteriorate from a damp sponge or rag. There is one more category - especially resistant to cleaning. These wallpapers can be washed with the use of chemicals. The level of resistance to moisture, choose at your discretion.

Additionally, you need to pay attention to the safety of components in the wallpaper. Under the influence of high temperatures, poor-quality cladding can release toxic substances and pollute the air. It is quite dangerous for your health. Paints should have the property of reflecting ultraviolet rays.


In a wide assortment there are three types of wallpaper. The most common - smooth. The top coating of such products meets all the requirements for wallpaper for the kitchen. For sticking such products it is necessary to perfectly align the wall.Self-adhesive wallpapers are easy to glue and remove. They have the appearance of a thin film.

Textured wallpapers are pleasant to the touch. This coating is available on the market in several variations:

  • Wall murals with embossing serve as the basis for detailed images. They always have a glossy surface.
  • Relief photo wallpapers with imitation of plaster have a rough surface. This material depicts architectural motifs.
  • Finishing material with imitation of sand is very picky in care, but is able to hide the irregularities of the wall.
  • Imitation canvas or flax are pretty beautiful, but not suitable for the kitchen.

Design and texture of photo wallpapers

Images on the wallpaper can affect not only the overall impression of the interior, but also your mood when staying in the kitchen. Therefore, the choice of colors and images should be taken with special responsibility. When choosing a palette, pay attention to the advice of psychologists:

  • The abundance of red increases blood pressure and increases the appetite. The predominance of red is suitable for people with low weight or low appetite. But if you are dieting, it is not your color.
  • Pink color helps to calm and feel lightness, good mood and is perfect for friendly gatherings.
  • Orange color increases activity, improves appetite.The predominance of this color facilitates easy communication.
  • Yellow color will add vitality. But a glut of bright yellow can increase anxiety levels.
  • Green color is suitable for people with a busy life. It is best perceived by man and favorably affects the perception of the world.
  • Blue color relaxes and soothes. This design is ideal for those who suffer from overeating, it reduces appetite.
  • Black and white can be combined with each other and add bright colors. These colors are perceived mentally neutral, especially if they are used as a basis.
  • Kitchen in shades of brown disposes to trusting and open communication.

The image with the predominant warm and bright tones inspire psyche and appetite. But the cold tones will act diametrically opposed. Image motifs fit the overall style of the kitchen. The most common styles can be added as follows:

  • Classics and country suggest natural, natural images.
  • The high-tech kitchen will be combined with 3D wallpapers and fantastic motifs, abstractions.
  • For a small kitchen, you can choose wallpaper with the image of an open window or door.

Combine the pictures on the photo wallpaper with images on textiles. So you create the integrity of the interior. You can decorate the kitchen using photo wallpaper in two ways: combine the basic design with the image or create a contrast. It depends solely on your taste and desires.

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