Photowall-paper in an interior of kitchen

Photowall-paper in an interior of kitchen - one of ways to diversify its design and to zone a big kitchen space on a working zone and a recreation area. If you look at traditional Soviet cuisines, then in most of them you can find those very wallpapers with coniferous forest and endless steppes, it would seem, how do they relate to the kitchen? Recall that at that time the choice of wallpaper was not so huge, and wall-paper was considered a luxury item at all. It remains to not repeat the mistakes of the past and choose the original models and concise in their own performance, those that would suit perfectly for a particular kitchen.

Variety of models

Modern features allow you to create unique wallpapers not only for the kitchen, but also the rest of the apartment or house. Printing on a wide format has become a good ally in creating an interior, and therefore I especially want to bring something unique and amazing to the atmosphere of the kitchen.

For a spacious classic kitchen or format "country", choose wallpaper with a rustic or urban landscape, still lifes or other natural images: flora, water. Try to create a cozy and interior space in one shade, you can play with the intensity of the color, or its depth; it is good if the wallpaper will become the main focus of your kitchen and will be able to emphasize the originality of the furniture and its placement.

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For kitchen interior in high-tech format Photowall-paper is an abstraction and various three-dimensional drawings; It will be appropriate to use 3D wallpapers and fantastic motifs, including animals and plants in the original processing. In modern design, hi-tech photowall-paper in the interior of the kitchen is appropriate to use with a pattern that repeats the texture of wood or stone, tile or cork masonry, other material of natural or artificial origin. You can decorate as a separate area in the kitchen, and the entire wall at the working surface; colorful finish will look concise and practical.

Wall mural in style "Provence" - This floral patterns and images of endless lavender fields, mills and other decorations of the French countryside.The interior of the kitchen in the style of "Provence" looks especially attractive on a large area and allows you to pick up massive natural wood furniture, decorate the space not only with original photo wallpapers, but also with additional shelves and lots of textiles.

To embody part of the French hinterland in your kitchen, choose wallpaper with a picture of urban landscapes (Europe, mostly), for example, the streets of Paris, Vienna, use wallpaper newspapers, wallpaper with a picture and a picture of water or beautiful nature.

Combined photo wallpaper allow you to zone the kitchen due to its different patterns and even color, which will be a profitable investment in the interior of the room.

The working area can be varied with wallpaper in a geometric style: stripes, cells, circles, and in the dining area you can paste wallpapers with flowers or an original ornament, which would be combined with the general concept of the kitchen.

By the way, one of the most famous brands of photo wallpaper is a German manufacturer Komar, offering a large selection for every taste and format of the room where you plan to glue the wallpaper.

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Ideas for a small kitchen

A small kitchen is a reason to place on its wall practical and high-quality wallpaper that will visually expand the space - the walls will seem wider and the ceilings high. In addition, even the smallest kitchen can and should be zoned by means of photo wallpapers, the most important thing is to get a cozy atmosphere where I would like to gather with the whole family.

Recall that the wallpaper will be the main focus of the room where they are located, so they are equally able to transform the situation or spoil it. It is important to choose a picture in accordance with the size and format of the kitchen, and for a kitchen area of ​​less than 10 square meters, either an unobtrusive picture in calm and light shades, or a bright and rich image - a landscape, will be a good choice. For a modern, laconic kitchen of a modest size, placing photo wallpapers on one wall or a part of it is the best prospect for creating an attractive interior.

Wallpaper with flowers - with tulips, orchids, roses, daisies and other floral motifs should be placed in the dining area or where the family is relaxing for breakfast or dinner. Images of Venice, Paris, New York and any other contrasting metropolis or city with measured life create a comfortable atmosphere for rest: the choice depends on the kitchen design - for classic or “Provence” the choice falls on romantic views, and for high-tech and style minimalism "a good choice would be a view of the night city or a view from the top.

Wallpapers with the image of bamboo or stone will become equally laconic to look on the wall, where the working area is located, and that which has a dining table or a comfortable sofa with armchairs. In the working area, you can place the wallpaper in the format of a cafe: with the image of the cooking process, pictures of food, fruit, coffee and other drawings that are somehow related to cooking.

As an apron it is practical to use wallpaper with the image of a night city, mural, stone, tile or wood, still life, which will create an original working area; Do not forget to protect the wallpaper with additional glass or plastic coating - it will protect the surface from grease, water and various stains.


When choosing photo wallpapers for the kitchen, an important factor is their quality,from which often the final price of the material. The cost of the photo wallpaper is influenced by the following factors:

  • The size. From the area of ​​the canvas varies its price: the more, the more expensive. In building hypermarkets there are a variety of sizes: just pick them up yourself; in case of a non-standard wall in the kitchen, it is worth contacting a specialist and ordering wall-paper, made to the individual size.
  • The foundation. Paper wallpapers - the most eco-friendly and inexpensive at the cost, they will be the ideal choice for a bedroom or living room, but for the kitchen will fit bad. But if paper wallpapers are covered with a special water-repellent coating, they will become a worthy challenger for placement in the kitchen. Flizelinovye and other synthetic wallpapers are more expensive and have a number of advantages, including high strength and poor absorption of dirt (cooking oil, water); In addition, synthetic wallpaper is easy to wash, care for them is minimized effort.
  • Print. The type of printing is the main factor determining the cost of kitchen photo wallpaper. Cheapest printing ecosolvent using inexpensive and sometimes toxic ink. A worthy equivalent - UV printingthat is, the ink is “sealed” as a result of UV rays during production. By the way, any ink can be a source of exacerbated allergies, so you should ask in advance if you are allergic to paints and other building materials.
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  • Mark. The name of the manufacturer can tell about the photo wallpapers, make the material a subject of desire and the preferred choice among the rest of the range. Among the Russian buyers the most popular and trusted is the German brand. Komar with a wide range of patterns and sizes, decent quality and attractive price. European brands like Wall & deco and Wizard & Genius AG are in great demand and for good reason: manufacturers indulge buyers with excellent quality and original pattern of photo wallpaper.
  • Quality. Modern photo wallpapers are created thanks to high-quality photos and levels of clarity, but still some models of wallpaper differ from others in brightness and saturation of shades, clarity.
  • Custom-made wallpaper. The cost of this kind of wallpaper varies depending on the material and the size of the photo wallpaper.Photowall-paper by the individual order will help to create a unique interior, it is important that the quality of the primary image was the highest possible - available for large format printing.

Examples of the work of a company will assess the quality of the photo wallpaper for the kitchen; In addition, thanks to modern programs, you can see in advance the future sketch of the kitchen with photo wallpapers.

How to choose

  • Determine the location of the photo wallpaper, remember that the working area of ​​the kitchen assumes the presence of moisture, fumes, grease and other deposits, therefore, paper and economy-class wallpapers will not work because of their fragility.
  • Non-woven or vinyl base wallpaper - a good choice, because they are practical and have a special treatment that does not allow fats and other blooms to be absorbed into the structure, in addition, such wallpapers respond well to wet washing.
  • You plan to place the wallpaper in the cooking zone? Take care of additional surface protection - a glass or thin plastic coating, which is installed over the photo wallpaper and reliably preserves the design and texture of the material.
  • Safe material - from it should be made wallpaper for your kitchen.The safest version of the photo wallpaper will be those whose ink is coated with ultraviolet curing. This means that at elevated temperatures and humidity in the kitchen the wallpaper will not evaporate harmful emissions, because in the kitchen these figures are much higher than in other rooms.

Tips for choosing

With low ceilings in the kitchen, you should give a vertical pattern of photo wallpaper to visually make the space more spacious. Suitable as the original stripes of various widths and colors, there are wallpapers with the image of high-rise buildings or towers, trees.

In the conditions of a narrow kitchen, wallpaper with a horizontal landscape - a sprawling beach or another natural plot looks concise. It is important that the drawing has horizontal lines.

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It is not necessary to use wallpaper on one wide wall - often this technique will “compress” the space and make it “flat”. If the kitchen has a narrow wall, use it as a basis for applying photo wallpaper with a pattern.

In a large kitchen, the choice of photo wallpaper is unlimited: you can use just one wall or perpendicular walls, sometimes the mirror image of the picture can be an original solution.

The location of the kitchen on the dark or north side requires the selection of light photo wallpapers, which will become an additional lighting for your kitchen and its basis: the image of the sun or hot coffee, warm portraits or photographs of the "retro" format.

In the sunny, light-colored kitchen, cool-colored wallpapers will look original: waves and seashores, mountains and megalopolises.

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