Finishing the kitchen tiles and wallpaper

The kitchen is one of the main premises in the whole house or apartment. Here we spend most of our time cooking, drinking tea with family and friends or eating. That is why it is very important that the kitchen is visually attractive and you like to spend time there.

When repairing an apartment one of the initial stages is the selection of tiles and wallpaper. This is a very important aspect, because it depends on the color of the walls what the finished room will look like in the future. For kitchen design, modern designers most often use ceramic tiles or wallpapers. In this case, you can find options that are perfect for people with different budgets and tastes.

Special features

When choosing a wall covering for the kitchen, first of all, pay attention to its functionality. It is very important that the wallpaper or tile is able to withstand all unforeseen circumstances and is well cleaned when necessary.The fact is that no matter how carefully you prepare, soot, fat, other types of plaque are an integral part of this process. Therefore, so that the new repair is not in vain, try to select a very high-quality wallpaper.

Also, the wallpaper in the kitchen should certainly be resistant to hygienic. This means that their surface will not help to ensure that different microorganisms multiply there.

However, the aesthetic side of the issue plays an equally important role. It is important that the wallpaper fit into your style and you like.


To date, there are many varieties of wallpaper and tiles that can be used both individually and combined with each other.

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First of all, let's talk about tile, as a more practical option for kitchen design. There are many varieties of ceramic tiles. It can be both monophonic and decorated with various patterns and color coatings.

In modern design, it is not customary to cover a large space with ceramic tiles - it looks quite dull. In this case, the combination of tiles with other materials saves.

Very often, a kitchen apron is created from ceramic tiles - a surface that is located above the cooking zone. Its peculiarity is that it should be easily cleaned from any contamination. Although more often for the kitchen apron is not used ordinary tiles, and special glass, which is much easier to wash off the grease and other contaminants that occur during cooking.

Another frequently used option for decorating kitchen walls is wallpaper. They are quite cheap, so almost everyone can afford them. At the same time a variety of colors and patterns is really amazing.

In addition, there are special types of wallpaper. Vinyl is perfect for the kitchen. Their surface is covered with a special solution - polyvinyl chloride. It protects the walls from pollution. In addition, pokleiv on the walls such wallpaper, you can wash them.

Another popular option is non-woven wallpaper. As a basis for such wallpaper is not paper, but a special material - flizelin. It is more resistant. In addition, these wallpapers are often chosen for painting, because the color on them is kept very well.

For painting you can also use glass cloth wallpaper. They are resistant to moisture and even fire. Therefore, in the kitchen, such wallpaper would be very appropriate.

A more unusual option, the existence of which many do not even know - liquid wallpaper. Their advantage lies primarily in the fact that they look very good on the walls. These wallpapers cover the wall exactly without any joints. In this case, all the irregularities and roughness on the wall successfully masked. Their only drawback for decorating the kitchen can be called the fact that they are not waterproof.

Paper wallpapers have the same minus. They are very short-lived and easily subject to any mechanical damage. However, if you combine paper wallpaper with other ways of decorating the kitchen space, then the room as a whole will look very stylish. Paper wallpaper can be supplemented with a thick glass apron or ceramic tiles, laid at the edges.

Paper wallpapers are good because they can be decorated not only with monochromatic patterns, but also with full-fledged photos or paintings. In modern kitchens you can find wallpaper with the image of the night city or some attractive landscape.

How to glue wallpaper

Stylish wallpaper in the first place you need to choose the right.If wallpaper is not the only wall covering, then you need to ensure their harmonious combination with tile. The most popular options for wallpaper with a pink, blue or yellowish tinge. They look quite neutral and can be supplemented with furniture and decorative accessories of any color.

It is also important to properly paste the wallpaper. For this you should use quality glue. In addition, each strip of wallpaper should fit tightly to the next. Joints should be as inconspicuous as possible. If you choose wallpaper with patterns, they must create the correct outlines in order for the whole picture to look as harmonious as possible.

Tile decoration features

Separate attention deserves kitchen tiles. Laying ceramic tiles is a rather complicated process. But to pick up decorative items under beige, pastel or neutral tiles can be very simple.

In general, it is ceramic tiles - this is a classic way to design walls in the kitchen. Most often, these housewives choose her, appreciating the high practicality. The tile is very easy to clean and serves for a long time without losing its appeal, unlike the same wallpaper.

The size, texture, shades and patterns of ceramic tiles can vary greatly among themselves. This allows you to create a unique design in the face of even the simplest Khrushchev or studio in a new building.

Even if you use wallpaper for kitchen decor, then the working space is most often still decorated with ceramic tiles, which are not afraid of any consequences of cooking. A small amount of tile, which has to be spent on the design of the workplace, is much cheaper. This budget option will please those who are not ready to spend on repairing an apartment too much money.

For the decoration of modern kitchens are often used classic tiles in the form of small squares. They can be as small as ten centimeters, or larger.

Another popular option is a rectangular tile. Such material is most often used to design an apron over the workspace. Laying such tiles is less convenient, but it looks quite impressive.

Another interesting option is a tile made under brick. Such tile options are popular among those who live in a loft or studio.It is this design that fits optimally into the conditions of such apartments, emphasizing their modernity.

For the decoration of kitchen space is also often used small mosaic tiles. This allows you to create various interesting pictures, landscapes, or just patterns. The imitation of the mosaic is bad because the dirt quickly accumulates at the joints. Therefore, the walls, designed in this way, have to pay particularly a lot of time in the process of cleaning. Mosaic made of ceramic tiles is far from the most popular option, because the same patterns or pictures can be reproduced on the walls of the kitchen in other ways, for example, by installing an apron, or by sticking wallpaper.

Rarely enough for the design of kitchen space is used and tiles with specific bevelled corners. Most often, this variant of tiles is used to decorate the floor, not the walls. This tile is also not very practical, so you should give preference to exclusively high-quality matte tiles.

If we talk about the appearance of ceramic tiles, it is worth noting the moment that it is conventionally divided into matte and glossy.The glossy surface of the tile looks impressive in combination with wallpaper. This tile resembles high-quality glass. As for the matte tiles, it is more muted.

In general, ceramic tiles on kitchen walls look very organic. If you want to create a truly interesting design of your kitchen, then the tile is best combined with wallpaper. In addition, the surface of the walls is often supplemented with various decorative elements, such as hanging plates or photographs in the framework.

The design of a modern kitchen depends entirely on your aesthetic preferences. It is not necessary to choose one thing: wallpaper or tile, it is quite possible to combine both in one style. The main thing is that in the end you like the finished design, and to some extent reflect your personal preferences and features.

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