Gray wallpaper in the kitchen

The effect of color on humans

Gray can have many shades. His light and middle tones relax and give a sense of calm. Dark color is considered more boring, causing apathy. From a psychological point of view, the preference for light gray tones indicates a readiness to make contact, empathize, and an immediate reaction. Preference given to dark gray, tells us about the restrained excitability, high sensitivity, the desire for mental equilibrium.

Special features

Gray is the favorite color of aristocrats, distinguished by their excellent taste and sense of style. Gray is interesting in itself: it is the middle between white and black - two completely opposite colors. Gray wallpapers are considered neutral, therefore, when creating a kitchen interior, they will serve as an excellent background. With the right approach and appropriate cut, gray walls can look truly luxurious and noble.

With the help of gray wallpaper you can create a kitchen not only in the classical traditions, but also in the high-tech style.

Popular now and the so-called urban style or urban, in which gray is associated with the color of asphalt. This interior is often complemented by other stylistic elements with a stone, metal or rough texture.

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Features of use

It is worth remembering that for small rooms it is better to choose light shades of gray, dark colors are appropriate only in rooms with a large area and high ceilings. When using dark gray wallpaper you need to take care of bright lighting. Another of the features of gray wallpaper is the "cooling" of the premises - if you live in a region with hot summer, the gray interior will help you cool.

Gray wallpapers are available in various formats, shades and texture. Choose the option you want will not be difficult. Experts advise to use in the kitchen wallpaper, resistant to temperature changes and high humidity. The best option is considered dense vinyl wallpaper and wallpaper of hot stamping vinyl.These types are constantly used in kitchen and other frequently contaminated areas.

Combinations with furniture and interior items

Gray wallpaper in the kitchen is recognized as one of the most practical options. In order to refresh the interior, it will be enough to create a couple of bright spots. In addition, gray wallpaper calmly refers to changing the color of furniture or interior items, such as curtains or lamps. Gray wallpapers are ready to be combined with any colors and shades, both pastel and bright. The use of colored dishes and home appliances in a gray kitchen looks original.

With vanilla color set

The calm gray color of the wallpaper perfectly harmonizes with the facades of the color “vanilla” or beige. Gray wallpaper in combination with light vanilla visually enlarge the room. In order not to disturb the harmony of gray and vanilla, it is important to use the most light shades. Only in this case, the kitchen will turn out cozy and delicate.

With a yellow headset

In this case, the gray color balances bright yellow. Shades of gray wallpaper can be very different: from light gray to graphite, but for a small kitchen it is better to choose only light colors.Gray-yellow kitchens are visually perceived as a technical object, so this color combination is mainly used when creating high-tech style. The classic style also takes a combination of gray wallpaper and yellow furniture, while it is desirable to use a third more delicate color.

With bright purple

Choosing purple furniture in the kitchen is a pretty daring decision. Such a kitchen will become a bright island in your apartment or house. When creating a gray-purple interior, keep in mind that too bright colors quickly get boring, so this combination is best diluted with white. White can be either the side of the furniture, or dishes or curtains. Originally looks purple furniture with almost white wallpaper.

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