Wallpaper for the kitchen: modern ideas

To decorate the walls in the kitchen, modern designers use a wide variety of coatings from classic tiles to liquid or bamboo wallpapers. All of them have their advantages and disadvantages and are suitable for a particular type of interior. Today we will talk about the varieties of wallpaper, but rather about what design decisions are now in vogue, and how to choose a stylish wallpaper just for your kitchen.

But for a start it is worth mentioning that in the kitchen space it is not only the appearance of the wallpaper that is important, but also their functionality. Wallpaper in the kitchen, especially in the cooking zone should be easily cleaned of dirt and do not absorb all sorts of unpleasant odors.

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Many in the kitchen choose not the usual paper wallpaper, and washable, or treated with a special coating. This allows you to extend the life of the wallpaper and to ensure constant order in the kitchen. If you want to choose wallpaper that will last you for a long time, choose either non-woven or coated. Simple paper wallpaper can be placed under a special glass.Thus, the coating and will serve you for a long time, and will look aesthetically pleasing.

As for resistance to mechanical damage, then it is worth picking up wallpapers with a dense structure that are not scratched or deformed. By the way, dust and dirt accumulate on such wallpaper less often, since their texture is not porous.

If you have large windows in the kitchen that allow sunlight into the room, then it is desirable that the wallpaper be protected from UV light. Otherwise, they will quickly fade and fade, immediately becoming less attractive.

The advantage will be the possibility of painting the wallpaper. This feature allows you to extend the life of the material and push the date of the new full repair for several years ahead.

Modern Design Ideas 2018

Modern designers often use simple wallpapers for kitchen decor. To create a fashionable kitchen interior, it is important that the color and texture of the walls are combined with significant details. Let's look at the most fashionable design solutions that this year will embody everyone who follows trends and how to choose stylish wallpapers for the kitchen.

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Open shelves

Today open kitchen shelves are very popular. They can be wooden, metal or plastic. Most often, they are used in high-tech and minimalist interiors. With open shelves, stylish monochrome wallpapers look best. In this case, the decor of the walls does not distract from the various small decorations arranged on the shelves.

Under the open shelves, you can also take a separate zone, in which the wallpaper will be of a different color. For example, the main kitchen space can be covered with wallpaper with a pattern, and under the open shelves you can pick up plain wallpaper of soothing colors.


For a small kitchen, modern designers offer such a functional option of storing all the necessary details, such as shelving. They combine the advantages of open shelves and closed cabinets. Complement the interior with shelves wallpaper with interesting patterns. So, this year in the trend will be striped wallpaper and materials decorated with thematic prints - patterns of fruit, berries or sweets. Such wallpaper will make a classic interior with shelves more interesting and diverse.

Vintage metal

Actual today and classic interiors in vintage style. Classic is something that never gets old and is perfect for both small apartments and huge houses. Modern interiors in a classic style should be diluted with various functional details, in particular, with equipment that makes life much easier for us and reduces the time spent on cooking to a minimum.

Vintage-style kitchens require special attention to detail. Properly selected wallpaper immediately make it more luxurious. For this purpose, you can choose either wallpaper pastel shades with an interesting texture, or material that mimics the upholstery of the walls, which used to decorate the homes of rich people.

Another popular style next year will be country music. It is characterized by the use of natural materials and colors. Therefore reed wall-paper will best fit into this style. Preference in colors should be given shades of brown and green.

Monochrome palette in the interior

If you do not really understand the intricacies of modern interior design, then the simplest solution is to choose wallpapers of neutral colors.The monochrome palette of shades is always in fashion, so you can not be afraid that you miss with a choice. Sticking such wallpapers is a very profitable solution, because the fashion for small flowers or narrow stripes will eventually pass, but solid-color wallpaper of classic colors will always look stylish and attractive.

If you have a small apartment and, accordingly, a small kitchen, it is better to choose wallpaper of light shades. Designers claim that light colors help to visually expand the space. White and light gray really look very stylish and make the room more light and spacious. But, choosing light wallpaper, do not forget about their main drawback - marcos.

But dark wallpapers have a number of drawbacks. First of all, the dark color of the walls narrows the space and makes the room visually smaller. In addition, many dark colors are associated with something gloomy and cause bouts of bad mood.

On the other hand, black wallpapers look modern in modern or high-tech apartments, very stylish. Yes, and small spots or sprays that appear over time, they are not so noticeable.

Wallpaper monochrome colors allow you to experiment with the coloring of furniture and other details in the interior. Dilute the kitchen with light wallpaper and dark garnitures with some bright accents, flowers and dishes, and the interior will be very personalized, and at the same time, fashionable.

Color accents

But color accents can be done using bright wallpapers. The space of the kitchen-living room is the place where we spend the maximum of our free time, so it is nice enough to paste over this space with wallpaper, and it will be much more pleasant to be there.

If we talk about bright and saturated colors, then next year you should pay attention to such “fashionable” colors as coffee, rich brown, dark yellow and ocher. Each of these colors in itself looks very rich and interesting. In addition, all of them are perfectly combined with all neutral shades - light gray, white, pastel. Thus, you can safely zone the space using just a wallpaper of several colors.

If you do decide to divide the kitchen space into zones using different colors of wallpaper, remember about two main things.First of all, all transitions should be smooth and calm. Secondly, it is better to do this in a large kitchen, because there is nothing to share in a small space.

The ability to correctly place accents is particularly useful for those who make repairs in a small kitchen. First of all, it is best if the kitchen is bright enough. This will visually expand the space and create an atmosphere of coziness in the room. Especially good on such a kitchen look wallpaper with a relief pattern. This, by the way, is another great way to visually expand your small room.

It looks stylish layout, in which the base of the light walls, covered with wallpaper, combined with an apron, under which the base of a brighter color. Light shades are good because they combine well with any other trend colors. You can also add wallpaper with a different color, not only the space above the cooking zone, but also the whole wall. Such a solution will be stylish and practical.

And if on one of the walls you place the wallpaper with an interesting pattern or texture, and leave the rest monochromatic, then you can also visually expand the space.

Brightness and contrast

For the kitchen and the corridor, wallpaper with different prints and patterns is used as often as plain ones. The fashion for them is gradually returning, which is good news. Now they are used not only for the decor in the style of Provence or decoration of the provincial cuisine, but also for the high-tech style, art deco and retro.

The choice of the pattern on the wallpaper also determines what the overall atmosphere in the room will be as a result. Now more popular patterns, consisting of many small details. They catch the eye and, in general, look more interesting. But volumetric patterns should not be neglected either. Especially if a full-fledged picture is made up of them - it looks much more original than photo wallpapers.

Original wallpaper with floral patterns make the kitchen space more comfortable. At the same time, thanks to the combination with other details, the room does not look like grandma's kitchen. In addition, the wallpapers themselves now look more vibrant and modern than a few decades ago. Patterns of different colors and even sizes are used, which allows you to choose the right wallpaper for any design.

These wallpapers are perfectly combined with modern furniture, especially if it is made of natural wood.In general, retro-style wallpaper is a universal solution for those who are nostalgic for the past and for those who want to make their room more comfortable.

If you want to keep up with fashion, also try to glue light beige or brown wallpaper, or wallpaper with coffee bean patterns. This color palette will make your kitchen look like a small cozy coffee house.

You can also arrange a room in the recently loved by many Oriental style. For this, either bright wallpaper of saturated tones, decorated with small Indian patterns, or light, decorated with inscriptions consisting of hieroglyphs will suit.

This year, there are trends returning to vintage fashion. This style, like retro, pleases with a combination of small color details. If you want your kitchen to become a kind of time machine, choose wallpaper in vintage style. They will help to recreate the fashion trends of the past century. At the same time, such an atmosphere will fit very organically into the style of a modern apartment. The vintage style is characterized by small vegetable prints, as well as geometric patterns such as vertical stripes or polka dots.

When sticking wallpaper with complex patterns, try to ensure that the pattern coincides at the joints, otherwise the picture will not be perceived as something integral, and the guests' eyes will constantly cling to the spaces between the patterns. In addition, if there appears the slightest pollution, it will immediately attract extra attention.

The trend that was popular several decades ago - photo wallpaper - is also returning to fashion now. A kitchen with wallpaper mural allows you to show guests the scope of their interests and create the right atmosphere in the room. Depending on what you like, you can decorate the walls of the kitchen with reproductions of famous paintings or scenes from the cinema, landscapes or still lifes.

Also today there is an opportunity to create photo wallpapers according to individual design. To do this, just find a suitable picture or photo in good quality and give it to the photo printing shop, where everything will be done for you.

Most often, modern kitchens complement the photo wallpaper with images of the night city, skyscrapers, as well as various famous places. In addition, using the wallpaper, you can recreate a piece of wildlife in your kitchen.For this you should choose a picture with the image of a waterfall, forest, meadow or any other interesting place for you.

Along with photo wallpapers, imitation coatings are also popular. Due to its textured surface, they allow you to recreate some real material found in nature, for example, the bark of wood, metal or stones. Imitation coatings almost never glue on the entire wall. But they look very organically as accents on different kitchen hones or on the kitchen apron located above the cooking zone.

Wall mural is a much more affordable option than expensive paintings with landscapes, portraits or architectural structures. Therefore, you can decorate your kitchen with such a picture with almost any budget.

Finally it is worth mentioning the interesting fact that psychologists believe that certain colors affect our well-being and even appetite in different ways. In order to feel comfortable and cozy, it is best to choose wallpapers of green and blue shades. And pastel colors make you feel more balanced and help control your appetite.

Choose bright color wallpaper, patterned and pastel - this is a decision that only you can take. Choose the option that most organically complements your kitchen and will always cause you to smile and have a good mood.

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