Wallpaper in the style of "Provence" for the kitchen

Today, the French province of Provence is known not only for the beautiful landscapes from the paintings of Cezanne and Van Gogh, but also for the fashionable style of the interior. It began to emerge in the 17th century, when in Provence they began to build houses for representatives of the French bourgeoisie. Provence is called the "French country", a kind of interior in a rustic style. It is characterized by quiet, soft colors, natural motifs and natural materials.

There are common canons of the interior in the style of "Provence". The interior deliberately avoids gloss and flawlessness. The design is aimed at simplicity, the awakening of sincere feelings. When finishing the walls add irregularities and bumps. The ideal floor covering is boards and tiles; misplaced carpets, parquet and laminate. So if you are a fan of these coatings, then Provence is not your choice.

The doors are mostly white, large windows, which, of course, a rarity for a typical apartment. The ceilings are painted with light paint, contrasting dark wooden beams are often attached to them.These are the general canons of the Provence style, which combines rustic simplicity with French elegance.

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Kitchen interier

One of the main elements for the kitchen is a stove or another hearth in the middle of the room. In the apartment, her role will be played by an ordinary stove with a hood. The tabletop is either made of stone or imitated from it. The room can be decorated with wicker baskets, dishes made of clay. On the table you can put a vase with flowers growing in Provence and familiar to us: sunflowers, poppies and iris.

On the chairs you can hang covers from the fabrics that are pleasant to touch: flax, matlass. As sources of illumination - fabric-covered lampshades and sconces. Organically look worn metal surfaces with dents, worn wooden surfaces of tables, cabinets and chairs. Objects should look as if they had served for many years and they have their own history.

If there are no funds to buy new furniture, but I want to create a kitchen according to all the canons of Provence, then you can create many interior objects with your own hands:

  • Repaint the kitchen set of wood in any desired color. Then with the help of sandpaper, you can make abrasions and thus create the effect of antiquity.
  • In Provence, it is not customary to close kitchen cabinets with doors.In extreme cases, they are closed by transparent glass doors. Put shawls and cloth on shelves.
  • Wallpapers and fabrics, you can choose one color from inexpensive options. From the fabric you can sew curtains, chair covers, sofa, as well as tablecloths and napkins.
  • Kitchen space requires a lot of light, complement the chandelier light with lamps that are combined with the chandelier design and made of thick glass. Ideal if the chandelier is decorated with wood or wrought iron. In extreme cases, you can cover the lampshade chandelier fabric in tone with curtains and wallpaper.
  • Add cushions to sofas and armchairs. Lay the embroidered tablecloth on the dining table. Lay the carpet on the floor. The abundance of textiles is a mandatory attribute of the Provence style.
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At your own dacha, in the old house of your grandmother or among friends, you can get wicker baskets, various items of rural use; dishes from clay and cast iron, old clock. You can make many interesting finds that will decorate the interior. Feel free to fill the surfaces of tables and cabinets with a set of fresh flowers, plants, wooden crafts, figurines and toys.

So, you can use various design elements, for example:

  • Painted dishes
  • porcelain or earthenware jugs
  • wicker baskets and boxes
  • dried or live flowers and plants
  • bird cages
  • Old clocks, trinkets, reminiscent of life in the village of the past.
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Cellulose - made of paper, with various colors and textures, relatively cheap price category. Unfortunately, they are not suitable for the kitchen, as they fade in the light, they easily mist, absorb odors and cannot be cleaned. Such wallpaper will need to be changed quite often.

Flizelinovye - resistant to light, grease and dirt, strong wallpaper. They do not trap air, are resistant to ignition, do not absorb dust. They do not spoil from the temperature drop. For the kitchen, you can choose a washable version of wallpaper, they are easy to clean with cleaning agents. These wallpapers will last a long time.

Vinyl - have the same advantages as non-woven, however, this applies only to the more expensive and high-quality vinyl wallpaper. They are easy to glue, most often they are double-layered and embossed, so they can hide problem areas of the walls. Are environmentally friendly and safe for others.

Liquid - they look like plaster, they are easy to apply, and they hold well, but for this they must first be coated with a special compound. Absorb and release excess moisture. They hide roughness and irregularities of the walls, improve sound insulation. Tactilely pleasant wallpaper, soft, with convex parts, hide the flaws of the walls. Minus in the absence of a variety of shades.

Glass fiber - made from natural materials. Hid problems with the walls, waterproof, not afraid of high temperature. There is a choice of a large range of colors and textures, but they are not suitable for Provence as they do not have patterns and patterns that distinguish this style.

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How to choose

Wallpapers will allow you to save time, because you can choose them with ready-made colors and patterns. In addition, the wallpaper will be cheaper compared to other methods of finishing.

The wallpaper in the kitchen must always be of high quality and durable, because food is constantly prepared here, a large number of people gather, factors such as odors and humidity from steam are present and this must be taken into account when choosing wallpaper. You need to understand that the wallpaper requires regular washing and cleaning.Therefore, the best choice would be non-woven or vinyl wallpaper. As it was written above, due to the fact that they are double-layered, they are fairly easy to glue and can be glued overlapped. If you wish, you can glue the walls not completely, but add coatings such as multi-colored mosaic bricks with tiles that imitate a brick wall. Allowed various worn and cracked, they will create the effect of antiquity. Images on the wallpaper are preferably small, for example, various patterns, stripes or a cell.

Ideal for the style of wallpaper with images:

  • Kitchen items: kettles, cups, saucers, forks and spoons;
  • Small country houses;
  • animals.
  • Floral elements (wildflowers, such as chamomile, lavender);
  • checkered patterns (mostly small cells of delicate bed tones);
  • Beaded drawings.
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Soft wallpaper colors are combined with furniture with a rough and even shabby upholstery, together they create an aura of peace and tranquility of a rural house.

In such a kitchen, we feel the presence of nature, the atmosphere of a pleasant summer day: the warmth of the sun, green grass, flowers on the field, a breath of breeze and the sea breeze.Therefore, it is logical to choose colors with soft shades: blue, beige, lilac, gray, pink, milky, etc.

These colors are associated with nature: blue sky, bright yellow sun, green grass. Wallpaper should be combined with curtains, furniture, kitchen set. You can buy fabric and make curtains, tablecloth, chair covers yourself. Everything should work together to create an atmosphere of rustic comfort.

However, the tranquility of the kitchen is somewhat diluted with bright colors. In pink, add purple or red, in sunny yellow - green or blue.

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  • You can use any soft, soothing colors and their shades.
  • It is necessary to combine wallpaper patterns with kitchen textiles.
  • In the "Provence" on the wallpaper used cell or stripes, as well as an ornament with patterns of flowers, drawings.
  • In "Provence" organically combines items of rural and urban life.
  • The central element of the kitchen is the stove, the hearth.
  • The interior evokes fond memories of the village and creates a sense of presence in the village house.
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Provence is perfect for lovers of simplicity and naturalness, lovers of antiquity and retro style.It is the opposite of sleek and sleek styles of modern interiors. This is an excellent choice for those who want to bring natural freshness and comfort to the house and leave urban chaos and bustle beyond the threshold.

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