Kitchen wallpaper design

The kitchen is a business card of any hostess. An important point in the design of the workplace will be the choice of flooring, furniture and wallpaper. It is best of all if these elements will be executed in one color scale. The use of any pattern, ornament "will settle" a special atmosphere in the room, will give individuality to the interior. It would be useful to use humorous infographics, lettering, etc. Would you prefer liquid or paper, vinyl or glass fiber?

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Features of the kitchen interior

In case you need to create a functional workplace in the kitchen in a minimalist style, look at the wallpaper in a restrained palette: white, graphite, sand, wood, cream or soft blue. For a challenging, somewhat aggressive kitsch or eclectic, pick up motley wallpaper in the kitchen with huge prints, applications, patterns. In a fashion muted cherry, burgundy and marsala,which are easy to combine with a peach, light pink color.

Modern trend reception is the decor of just one wall. It can accommodate a 3D photo print, other decorative components. The remaining walls should be left monotonous.

Fans of Scandinavian or classic style will love the bright colors of the kitchen. On a white background large prints, drawings and animals, insects, abstract objects will look great. For a provincial ensemble, try to choose wallpaper in a small pattern (cage, polka dots and other "geometry").

Any kitchen design should come not only from aesthetics and beauty, but also the practicality of the materials used on it. If the furniture is made of solid wood, it is necessarily coated with water-repellent mixtures, varnishes, resisting dirt, greasy stains, etc. If the flooring is washable (tile, laminate, etc.). Wallpapers should also be washable. The best choice will be non-woven, vinyl, fiberglass models.

We pay attention to light

In addition to wallpaper, the kitchen is important to organize the right lighting. It will depend on his performance, psycho-emotional state of a person, as well as the general atmosphere of the interior.The illumination rate in accordance with SNiP in kitchens should reach 150 Lx. Whatever wallpaper you choose (acrylic, non-woven, vinyl), the important secret of proper lighting will be multi-layered.

Place the lights in each zone that is required for working in the kitchen. Light sources should be directly in the place where you do the dishes, cook, have dinner.

In the planning of design projects, it is better to hang the lamps on the ceiling, in the center, and also around the perimeter of the entire kitchen. It will not create darkened corners, including on the walls. Buying beautiful wallpapers, it is important to present them profitably. Lighting will help you understand this issue. The use of a built-in spotlight, a laid-on luminaire, LED LED strips, busbars and pendant models will be relevant.

Arranging the lighting of the room, make sure that the general illumination could turn on parts, and not all at once. Do not save on light, especially for a dark kitchen. Garland or LEDs can create a stunning effect, imitation and even visualization along with 3D wallpaper, but from a practical point of view, such light will quickly land your eyesight.But in bright kitchens you can get by with a bright LED strip for the night time of the day and a central lighting fixture on the ceiling.

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Style Directions

Modern interior styles are a real “testing ground” for designer fantasy. Modern high-tech and modern, romantic Provence and boho-chic, trendy country, eco, Scandinavian style - your kitchen can be executed in any mood. An important criterion in its creation are properly selected wallpapers: their texture, color and other distinctive features.

Fans of the Scandinavian style will appreciate conciseness and minimalism, which is reflected, including on the surfaces of walls, ceiling and floor. Choose a white palette of wallpaper with inconspicuous drawings, natural shades, natural scenes. No wonder on the walls will be paintings, vivid illustrations, reproductions.

Exquisite classic cuisine is always a restrained color palette, from contrasting alo-black to pastel notes of turquoise, tones of the blue sky, fresh cut powder roses, etc. For the classics fit both paper and vinyl wallpaper with a figured pattern, golden ornament, dark brown edging under the mezzanine.

The most popular styles for kitchen design today are American, vintage, Scandinavian, Mediterranean. In the latest version of the wallpaper will look fashionable under the stone. Remains relevant to the use of natural shades of sand, scorched earth, thematic patterns like “azulezhu”. This interior will have an authentic character.

An interesting design will turn out in kitchens with low ceilings, if you arrange them in a loft style. Look at the wallpaper with imitation of neoclassical stucco, country style beams. An eclectic, grunge decor, a warm and cozy Provence, notes of urban style will look challenging.

What material to choose?

In the market of finishing materials there is a huge amount of wallpaper. When choosing you need to build on personal preferences, affordable prices and product quality. The most economical option is paper models. On the one hand, they are eco-friendly, breathable, on the other - short-lived, quickly lose their neat appearance, especially in the kitchen. In addition to beauty, they must also have reliability and functionality.

In the conditions of constant frying, boiling, high humidity, temperature fluctuations in the kitchen, tile and some types of wallpaper will definitely “take root”.But the fire models will be fabric models, a variety of draperies. They look aesthetically and stylishly, but they should not be glued near the fire.

Crazy charm, luxury give natural wallpaper made of bamboo, grass leaf stalks, veneer. They are expensive, but they can turn a room into a real fairy tale. Going into the kitchen, you will not leave the feeling that you are in a magical forest with seductive smells. This type of wallpaper is suitable, first of all, for people with allergies.

If you are afraid that the wallpaper will quickly lose its texture, showcase appearance, replace them with non-woven with a natural pattern. They are made of polyester and acrylic. Some manufacturers add cotton, viscose, cellulose, which gives a high degree of moisture resistance, fire resistance, elasticity. Non-woven wallpaper best hide flaws and irregularities of the wall, has amazing sound insulation qualities.

Another advantage of such products is the ability to withstand up to 7 changes of tonalities. This means that every season you can change the mood of your kitchen, and with it its interior.

Popularity is gaining vinyl wallcoverings made of polymer. They are created on the basis of non-woven fabric or other technical paper. This kind of wallpaper looks great in a spacious room and small-sized kitchen. It was vinyl that turned out to be practical for such a zone, because it is resistant to moisture, cleaned remarkably with an ordinary sponge, and also allows the use of cleaning agents.

With vinyl wallpaper you will not see shrinkage on the walls, burnt areas due to direct sunlight. The product provides excellent air circulation. This will guarantee that the kitchen will not start its own “microcosm”: mold, fungus, etc.

For a real master chef, it is important to equip your work area, not only in terms of practicality, but also beauty. Here even the furniture should inspire the culinary artist. That is why designers recommend to pay attention to the glass wall. Waterproof, dustproof, fireproof, manufacturers also create them for painting.

Turn to liquid wallpaper. The coating is a combination of adhesive composition, fibers of acetate silk, cotton, viscose, etc.With it, you can create unusual patterns, drawings on the walls. Liquid wallpaper applied by the same technology as the plaster laying.

This method allows you to correct any defects of surfaces, successfully hides seams, cracks. The advantages of liquid wallpaper are in their excellent sound and heat insulation, easy care, a huge choice of color palette.

Popular shades

The refined design of the walls is, above all, the correct selection of a palette that would be combined with furniture, textiles and other elements. If you are accustomed to keep up with the times, then choose a trend color for the upcoming season.

Choose smooth or embossed vinyl wallpaper made by screen printing technology. They can come with green or red prints, patterns, contrasting against the background of the kitchen. You can also use the finish for the walls in the form of foam vinyl. The colors of the color will last for a long time and will not fade even when exposed to direct sunlight. Such a model can be repainted up to 10 times, changing your mood from melancholic to romantic.

The prints of forest animals, graphic elements, floristic and marine patterns remain relevant.In the trend is still Indian cucumber paisley, a provencal cage, stylish "peas", acrylic painting. You can paint the walls in the kitchen in turquoise, a hue of indigo, ultramarine, coral, lime, pale peach. You can not go wrong if you combine a palette of gray and purple, emerald green, cherry, beige.

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For chic interiors, you can stick practical wallpapers with an exclusive imitation of velor, velvet and other expensive materials. Using the eastern theme, you risk being branded as the most extravagant neighbors in the house. Interesting options will be a combination of gray with yellow, orange and other variegated colors.

"Chess" black and white kitchen will also be a good comfort zone. Conciseness, minimalism and a classic combination of colors will adjust the promised yin-yang indoors, adding rigor and elegance to any square meters.

Materials with bright accents will not just bring a zest to the interior, but also increase the appetites of the household. It is a pleasure to create delicious dishes and enjoy them during the evening meal, lunch or “sleepy” breakfast. Also, you will not lose with lilac, mauve wallpapers.This tonality is able to soothe, instill hope, brings a romantic mood and charge positive.

Modern ideas for the kitchen-living room

The metal “trend” for the kitchen-living room does not lose its position for this year. The metallic effect is most suitable for the style of urban chic, modern, hi-tech. Let the golden, silvery or bronze shine into your kitchen.

To do this, you must use a decorative layer for wallpaper, made of thin aluminum foil. With this finish you will not fall into the blues. A rich graphite, subdued shade of gray will give a deliberate elegance to the working area. Against the background of such a palette, any furniture, curtains, curtains, etc. looks great.

A good "tandem" will show the wallpaper and tile, wallpaper options under the brick. Try using paint to create an imitation of natural materials, such as cork, bamboo, algae. All materials that are based on non-woven fabric successfully "use" this technique.

3D print, photo printing, vinyl stickers remain in fashion. Such fashionable wallpaper will add to the interior plot, originality. Cheshire cat on the ceiling or freshly cut grass underfoot,thin branches of sakura on the walls or buds of bright flowers? In this kitchen, you do not need to change the water in the vases every day, to expose the basket with perishable fruits.

A good solution would be the combined wallpaper of two types, for example, paper and non-woven, bamboo, acrylic and glass wall.

Ideas for a small kitchen

For small apartments a great solution would be bright wallpaper made of vinyl, non-woven. The main focus is not on the texture, but on the drawing and the color palette. An ordinary Khrushchev is a minimum of square meters, on which your task is to rationally place all the necessary headsets.

Experiment with 3D wallpapers that visually expand the space. For example, on the wall can be depicted a landscape of mountains, forests or views of the ocean. For a loft style it is better to use urban themes. A picture of an open window with a view of the park, alleys, squares, etc.

Small square meters should not limit you. This also applies to kitchen studios. With the help of properly selected wallpaper, you can manage the designated area at your discretion. Here it is better to resort to the secrets of minimalism and not to use volumetric elements of decor.A single wall of white, sand, pale lilac color, a separate print or ornament around the perimeter of the kitchen - this is your extreme way out.

Today, the kitchen of 8 meters fits a bit of furniture. Most likely, this is either a bachelor apartment, or designed for a small family. Play with lighting, glue wallpaper with imitation of wood, sky, streets, in order to best “increase” modest meters in the kitchen.

Tips for self pasting

The most common type of wall decoration is wallpapering. This process is not complicated. He does not require the assistance of experts. Decide on the design, calculate the area of ​​all the walls, level them with plaster, primer, other structures. Experienced craftsmen recommend to pre-wet the wall with hot water, due to which old wallpaper can be easily removed with a spatula.

If before that the walls were covered with oil or enamel paint, then its remnants will be quite easy to remove with emery paper. Any crack, spall need to be repaired, it is possible to do whitewash.

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It is important to decorate walls in the conditions of absolute dryness in the room.Check that there are no drafts, high humidity, which would contribute to the peeling of the bands. Pasting of the wall itself starts from the side of the window along pre-defined vertical lines. In this case, the distance to the angle should be the same as the width of the wallpaper strips (+1 cm).

Paper strips smeared with glue or impregnation dry up to 5 minutes, vinyl - up to 10 minutes. You will need a roller to smooth the glued strips on the wall. Try to prevent wrinkles, wrinkles and shrinkage. Excess glue should be wiped with a dry sponge, cutting off the protruding edges of the wallpaper.

A good do-it-yourself kitchen renovation is not a myth. A wide range of practical and high-quality materials contributes to prompt and effective finishing work. Try to have the selected wallpaper match the cozy atmosphere in the house and even “arouse” your appetite!

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