Green wallpaper in the kitchen

Color Benefits

In the kitchen a person spends a lot of time. It is in this room that guests are received, they relax after a hard day’s work, so the choice of wallpaper for the kitchen must be approached with all possible responsibility. The best solution is to design the interior of the kitchen in green. Why wallpaper in green colors are ideal for the walls of this room?

According to psychologists around the world, this color is the most beneficial for the mental state of people. He is able to quickly relieve tension, help cope with the accumulated stress. Green color is conducive to communication, enhancing communication skills by improving mood.

Kitchen design with green wallpaper can be different - strict, playful or classic. Whatever stylistic direction you choose, the interior will delight you and guests with its originality and attractiveness.Green wallpaper on the kitchen refresh the room, I want to spend as much time as possible in it.

Selection conditions

Shades of wallpaper - the basis of the entire design, but not only the color scheme is of great importance in the repair of the kitchen. It is equally important to consider some criteria of the material from which the wallpaper is made.

  • The product should not absorb odors. While cooking, delicious flavors spread through the kitchen, however, if the wallpapers absorb them, you cannot spend a minute in the kitchen.
  • Wallpapers must have a high resistance to wet conditions. Otherwise, the material will quickly undergo deformation and lose aesthetic properties.
  • Wallpaper should provide you with the possibility of wet cleaning. You can clean the product with the help of chemicals, some allow the use of ordinary water.
  • Taking into account these factors, you can make a firm conclusion - in no case should you glue paper wallpaper onto kitchen walls. They may attract you low cost, but do not fall for this trick! Paper wallpaper will deteriorate at the first contact with water, and fat stains from them cannot be removed.

Color palette

To design the kitchen looked gorgeous, it is not enough to stop the choice on the wallpaper of a beautiful color. You need to know what you can combine wallpaper in shades of green.

  • Green wallpapers should match the kitchen set. An excellent option would be laconic furniture in gray - you get an interesting game on the contrasts between bright and dark shades. The right solution would be to install a green headset - such a move of one-color harmony is often used by professional designers.
  • The wooden facades of beige will enter into a charming symbiosis with green wallpaper. In the kitchen will reign an atmosphere of soothing tenderness, lightness and freedom.
  • Light green curtains perfectly fit into the interior of the kitchen. If the wallpaper is decorated in a darker shade of green, you get an interesting smooth transition.
  • Curtains can be of another color - brown. Such a move is approved by most professionals. Green is associated with natural vegetation, and brown is associated with earth. This combination is considered natural, and therefore familiar to the human eye.

Lime interior

Popularity boasts lime decoration of kitchen design.Lime shade wallpapers make the room look luscious, summer-like cheerful. They are able to bring a happy smile, even in the most cloudy days. These wallpapers are designed to combine with a kitchen set of lemon-colored lime and lemon form a striking combination from which it is impossible to look away.

If you want to slightly dilute the rich brightness of the interior, put white or gray furniture in the kitchen. Neutral tones blend in with any color palette. Brown products also have a place to be, but you need to be very careful with them. An abundance of brown gamut completely ruin the effect of the summer atmosphere.

Photowall-paper will fit into the lime interior, but it is better to make them occupy small areas of the facade, rather than the entire area of ​​the walls. The image of yellow tulips will be appropriate. Floral prints on the wallpaper add fun to the kitchen and some kind of childish joy.

Emerald design

Emerald hue is noble and elegant. For those who want to make a kitchen in a classic style, this color fits perfectly. Emerald tones are able to visually enlarge the room.

In such a kitchen is best to put upholstered furniture in white.White curtains, pictures with snow-white frames and the same curtains will do. Table and chairs should look no less regal than emerald wallpaper. It is recommended to use furniture under dark brown wood.

Pistachio decoration

Kitchens, made entirely in pistachio hue, almost never occur. This color (and with it lime, olive, asparagus and marsh) can be used as an addition to the main range of the interior. If you ignore this rule, the pistachio cuisine will not give you any joy - the room will be dull, unremarkable.

One particular area of ​​wallpaper may well be framed in pistachio or olive tones. Kitchen set, it is desirable to purchase a coffee or beige. Gray furniture and curtains in combination with wallpaper made in pastel shades of green, form a mysterious atmosphere that sets up fruitful reflections. This option will appeal to creative individuals.

Want to take a more radical step? Then for you there is nothing better than combining olive wallpaper with black furniture. A black stove, a refrigerator and a headset finish will help come to a stunning design,meets all standards of modernity.

And olive shade has one big advantage. It causes a strong appetite!


Some believe that decorative items can be present only in the bedroom or living room, but not in the kitchen. This is a big mistake! Yes, the kitchen is designed to perform practical functions, but this does not exclude the fact that an ornament should be present on the walls of the room to please the residents of the apartment with beauty, and especially the owner, because she has to spend a lot of time in the kitchen.

For green wallpaper fit plant and animal drawings. Longitudinal lines can visually make the kitchen a little more spacious, and small geometric patterns will give the room the opposite effect - it will become more miniature.


Judging by the numerous reviews, green wallpaper in the kitchen delivers only positive emotions. The mood of the tenants rises due to the colorful wallpaper, and all the guests come to the delight of the unusual interior.

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