Chandeliers for kitchen

 Chandeliers for kitchen

It has long been believed that the kitchen is the place where the whole family gathers. Women treat with delicious soups and pies, men and children talk about their day. And together they make plans for the future. Of course, it is very important that it is well lit. In this matter, the chandelier in the kitchen is an indispensable thing.

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Features and benefits

Choose a chandelier in the kitchen - not an easy task. You need to be patient and be clear about what kind of chandelier you need. Of great importance when choosing an apartment is the size of the kitchen and the main design. The distribution of functional areas also affects the choice of model. You can choose your own version, but for this you need to study the lamps on the market of goods.

Conventionally, chandeliers can be divided into two types.The first will include overhead, and the second suspended chandeliers. Feature of choice will be the height of the ceiling and the size of the room. You can also install kitchen lights not only in the center, but also in different parts of the kitchen. In this way, you can highlight the work area, rest and eating. Ceiling lamps are chosen mainly in light color.

Even with the development of high technology, chandeliers very often lose their quality due to exposure to high temperatures and steam. This feature is important to remember when choosing a chandelier. Experts recommend to give preference to glass, wood and plastic. Fabric chandeliers are easy to wash and dry quickly. Experienced housewives assure that the abundance of openwork decorations in the kitchen is completely unnecessary. They require additional and time-consuming cleaning of dirt and soot. Thus, remembering the features of the layout and design of the room, you can find a decent model of the chandelier.

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The chandelier is a subspecies of the ceiling lamp and includes several lamps. This is a distinctive feature from other lighting fixtures. You need to decide what role will be assigned to the chandelier in the kitchen.Whether it will fulfill its intended purpose and illuminate the room or be decorative in nature due to the original design, the owners decide.

The main criterion for selection is the style of the room for which it is chosen. So, the reference point is all the items and furniture.

  • Modern kitchen design allows the presence of modern chandeliers of irregular shape. Such a model can be made of the most modern materials. Hanging chandeliers are allowed glasses, balls, cubes or cylinders.
  • The classic style in the interior includes chandeliers in the form of candelabra with a large number of crystal elements or models of colored glass. But these models are not recommended to hang close to the stove or in a very compact kitchen. In this case, the ceiling will be quickly contaminated.
  • Country styles and Provence imply the presence of a chandelier in the interior with forged elements and with candle lamps. Chandeliers look quite harmoniously, in which the surface under bronze or silver is specially aged.
  • Japanese style is characterized by the presence of square lampshades on the rod. Colored glass chandeliers look harmonious.
  • Metallic chandeliers are perfect for high-tech style kitchens. You should also look at the chandelier with a fan and pay attention to such models as lowering or even with height adjustment.

Very often, people buy chandeliers that are not perfect according to the designers fit into the interior. But do not blindly follow the canons. Sometimes you can show imagination and beat the design to your own taste. Very often, three-arm chandeliers are bought in the kitchen. Popular and chandeliers with lampshade, under which it is so cozy to gather in the evening for a cup of tea. Increasingly in the kitchen there is an LED chandelier or a long spring chandelier. Especially original people buy chandeliers in the form of service.

The selection of models is currently huge. The main thing is to like it and fulfill its main purpose.

Popular colors

In our time, an active lifestyle and many different meetings, the time for food is very little. Often women are forced to cook late at night. It will help to create an atmosphere of comfort and warmth correctly selected chandelier. Of course, it adds completeness to the interior. Even in the afternoon such a chandelier will be a good accent in the interior.

Before going to the store, many may have a question about the colors of the chandelier. In this matter you need to be guided by the general concept of the interior and your taste. For the kitchen in the classic version, as a rule, choose a neutral metal, glass, plastic or crystal chandelier. Colored chandeliers look good in the interior with a minimal amount of decor. In this design, the chandelier acts as the leading accent in the room. Color chandeliers in the children's room are very popular.

Consider in more detail the main colors for the chandeliers in the kitchen.

  • White. White chandelier, and even on the white ceiling is a classic of the genre. In this combination, it looks more beautiful and sophisticated. This option can be combined with any interior. If the choice of chandelier plunges into great difficulty, then you should look at the white or translucent model.
  • The black. Very non-standard color and in few places it will be appropriate. Such chandeliers should be chosen if the kitchen is decorated in Gothic or Baroque style. In a similar interior, the ceiling lamp creates the effect of drama. It's over such an accent is hard not to notice.Black chandelier perfectly emphasizes the whiteness of the ceiling and well shade all light surfaces.
  • Red and pink. The explosion of brightness and the main focus in the room. This chandelier looks appropriate in the kitchen in the style of glamor or baroque. It is important to understand that such an accent thing can attract all attention only to itself. A red or pink chandelier in the kitchen will resemble dessert and arouse good appetite for the owners. Warm and accent color will certainly add zest to the interior.
  • Violet. Very bright, noticeable and dominant color. Perfect for a baroque interior, glamor or even Oriental style.
  • Orange. One of the frequently purchased colors for the kitchen and dining area. The orange chandelier personifies cheerfulness, good mood and is a rather appetizing color.
  • Blue, cyan and turquoise. One of the most popular colors of lamps. This color resembles the sky and looks very fresh. These colors look great in various interiors. Blue or blue chandelier will look good in the kitchen in a classic style. The last seasons in fashion are turquoise beaded chandeliers.
  • Green. A green chandelier will decorate any room and give it nobility. It will add freshness and refinement to the kitchen. Lime chandelier will also look great in the kitchen space. Moreover, it is the most fashionable shade of the coming year.
  • Yellow. Yellow chandelier in the interior is quite rare. With all the brightness of yellow, on the ceiling, it does not look so expressive. White and translucent lights when the lights are on also look yellow. In general, such a chandelier looks quite neutral.

In principle, you can choose a chandelier of this color, as well as secondary items in the kitchen. If the whole kitchen is made in beige and sand colors, and the table or curtains are green, then the chandelier can also safely choose this shade. Also, the lamp can be an accent of the entire ensemble in the interior. Modern design implies the presence of a single color accent. It is appropriate to dilute the kitchen in black and white with a red chandelier. Color, unlike design, plays a key role. If the store madly liked the pink or yellow chandelier, you can always buy a tablecloth or dishes of this color in the kitchen.


Modern chandeliers will impress the most demanding customers. Chandelier is crystal, glass, plastic or fabric. For a long time stained glass chandeliers were popular. Lighting designers every season use all new and new materials. Today, the chandelier can take absolutely any shape and size. Norwegian designers offer chandeliers - lampshades made of light veneer. Wooden chandelier has a special comfort and radiates warmth of home.

In the last couple of years, chandeliers that do not give light at all have been in fashion. They perform a rather decorative function. Or they can be compared with candles, so dim light they emit. The materials used are also very original. Especially creative designers use to create chandeliers concrete and silkworm cocoons. One of the famous companies make unusual chandeliers using real stork nests for decoration. Such a crazy flight of fantasy has become appropriate due to the emergence and spread of energy-saving lamps. Also, non-standard design contributes to the fact that the interior began to appear a large number of built-in and hidden lamps.Often this technique is used in the working area of ​​the kitchen or in the dining room.

Fans and adherents of traditional lamps always like bronze, metal and plastic options. Wooden chandeliers in the kitchen are better covered with a special varnish, and metal lamps with mastic. So they will last much longer and will not lose their attractive appearance. It is important to choose a material that is not afraid of exposure to water and special detergents. Paper lamps in this regard - not the best option. It is very easy to care for chandeliers made of ordinary glass or plastic.

Which one to choose

Many people liked to install stretch ceilings not only in the bedroom or hall, but also in the kitchen. In this regard, many of our compatriots are confident that the traditional chandelier for such a ceiling is not suitable. Of course, there are small restrictions, but the choice is still large and is not limited to spotlights.

It is important to know what lamp power can be chosen and what features may arise when installing such a chandelier. For a stretch ceiling it is correct to choose a chandelier with installation on an assembly hook.With a large number of horns that are directed vertically, overheating of the ceiling can occur. It is necessary to choose so that the ceiling was directed downwards or sideways. The ideal choice would be energy-saving or LED lamps. The main thing that they do not stick out outside the ceiling.

For a glossy stretch ceiling, you should look at the LED model with open bulbs. Reflection of the included light bulbs will create a very interesting effect on the glossy surface. You also need to consider the size of the decorative bowl in the chandelier. It should be convenient to install and close all wires and fasteners. Experts recommend holders of stretch ceilings to choose models of metal or crystal.

Another difficulty in choosing a chandelier in the kitchen will be the presence of a bar counter. Light for the bar counter plays a very important role not only in lighting the room, but also in creating the appropriate mood. As a rule, it is customary to place suspensions that are built into the ceiling above the bar counter. The shape and color of such lamps can be quite diverse. It is important to understand that experts do not recommend choosing lamps with a different light source.For example, above the bar there will be a chandelier with warm light, and above the work area with a cold one. This option should be deleted.

When choosing a chandelier, it is important to consider the size of the kitchen. In a miniature kitchen with a low ceiling it is better to place chandeliers high. Suspended chandeliers in this situation will look very cumbersome and make the room squat. Models that have a long suspension and small ceiling lamps should be chosen for narrow or elongated kitchens. At the expense of stylish lamps the room will look more interesting and creative.

Easy to choose models of chandeliers for spacious kitchens. An interesting design solution will be placing them on different levels. The main thing is that the chandelier meets the necessary safety parameters and pleases the owners.

Where to place

Often ceiling chandeliers are placed in the center of the kitchen. This rule is for those chandeliers that will be the main source of light. For housewives miniature kitchen, you can apply the following course. Above the table place one chandelier with not very bright and diffusing light. And above the working area to mount LED lights. For large rooms it is better to use two chandeliers in the same style.One can be placed above the dining table, and the second above the work area or in the living room, if the apartment is a studio.

Overview of popular manufacturers

When choosing a chandelier it is worth paying attention to popular manufacturers of kitchen chandeliers. Consider the most famous manufacturers.

  • Tiffany. The creator of the company was born in the USA. In the eighties of the last century, Charles Tiffany began to design glass. Improving and experimenting, he developed a new type of glass called Favil. The designer worked in modern style. Before the design of the chandeliers, Tiffany was engaged in painting. This was a fundamental element in its design. The company produces classic lamps with a bright design. The lamps from this brand are dominated by naturalistic motifs and colorful stained glass windows that depict natural motifs and landscapes. Perhaps the modern consumer, they seem somewhat overloaded and coarse. But in the quiet interior of the kitchen, they will look interesting and add a peculiar accent to the room.
  • Ikea A sufficiently large selection of low-end models from the Scandinavian company can not but rejoice buyers.The big plus of the company is that there are exhibition stands in stores with ready-made design of any room. Many buyers can see how this or that chandelier will look in the kitchen and finally decide on the choice of model.
  • RegenBogen. German chandeliers of excellent quality and custom design. All models are invented by fashion designers and are made in the style of high tech, Loft and Techno. LED lamps are installed in the lamps of the German brand. And in the production uses only environmentally friendly materials.

Very popular chandeliers from the Czech Republic and Poland. Czech glass was popular during the Soviet period. To have a crystal chandelier from Czechoslovakia was the ultimate dream of many of our mothers and grandmothers. Large selection and medium price category from Polish manufacturers. Polish chandeliers are usually made in a classic or modern style.

Stylish interior solutions

The choice of models is huge. It remains to determine the combination in the interior. Classic kitchen implies the presence of a chic crystal chandelier. White carved furniture, kitchen set and sideboard in combination with neutral walls and such a chandelier look luxurious.For a classic kitchen, a similar chandelier is the ideal option.

The working area of ​​the kitchen in the high-tech style is perfectly illuminated by several long lamps.

Chandeliers for kitchen in modern style are very original and concise. Accent set in maroon - white gamut diluted bright chandelier with vertical shades. The harmoniousness of the whole concept will add neutral tones to the wallpaper and dining table.

For a country-style kitchen, choose a bright chandelier with candle shades. Neutral tones of the kitchen and furniture dilute the bright curtains in the flower. In the tone of the curtains can be chosen and upholstery on the chairs.

In the Oriental-style kitchen, long chandeliers in the shape of dark bronze balls will look original.

No matter what chandelier the customer chooses, the main thing is that he likes it.

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