Suspended chandelier for the kitchen

In the kitchen, every hostess spends the most time. This is the place where the whole family gets together, where they receive guests, celebrate holidays. Therefore, it is very important to organize comfortable lighting in this room. For such a case hanging chandeliers are an excellent choice. Today it is the most common option for the kitchen.

Suspended chandelier is a lamp with one or more shades, which are mounted on a cord, chain, cable and so on. With the help of such lamps it is possible to divide the dining and work areas, to focus on the elements of the interior or decor. Properly selected pendant chandelier will help your kitchen become more comfortable and cozy.

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How to choose

Currently on the market a huge variety of lamps for any kitchen interior. In order not to get lost in the choice and get the really necessary and high-quality thing, you should follow some rules.

  1. You need to know the size of the kitchen and the height of the ceilings. Since the larger the kitchen, the larger and more voluminous the chandelier should be and vice versa.
  2. Sources of natural lighting (windows) and their size. The more of them, the more voluminous the chandelier should be, it is possible to use several pendant chandeliers with one canopy around the perimeter of the ceiling. So the room will be harmoniously lit in the dark.
  3. Kitchen interier. Starting from it, you will quickly select the desired design of the chandelier.

Also it is worth remembering the materials of the ceiling chandeliers. This is a very important factor if there is no hood in the kitchen. In this case, particles of fat and dust will settle on the chandelier and ceiling lamps. Choose models of lamps with glass or plastic shades, you can easily and quickly wash them without fear of damaging the surface. It is very difficult to care for chandeliers made from rice paper and papyrus, since these materials very quickly absorb odors and grease. Fabric ceiling and lampshades also easily absorb odors and get dirty, so these models are better to buy for large dining rooms, where the working area is separate from the dining room.

Particular attention should be paid to the chandelier hangers.Adjustable length is more convenient for creating diffused or more powerful lighting above the table. Such a chandelier is suspended on a chain, wire or cable. Suspended models are most often used in rooms with high ceilings that are not less than 3.2 meters. So the chandelier will harmoniously look in the general interior of the kitchen, it will not disturb you when working. Suspended chandeliers with small shades are perfect for small and narrow kitchens. Such models will visually expand the space. More massive models will look advantageous in a spacious room.

Technical nuances

Hanging chandeliers can be attached in two ways:

  1. Hanging on the hook - a simpler way in which the chandelier can be easily removed to wash.
  2. Screwing to the ceiling is the safest way, but more inconvenient in terms of functionality. In this case, many housewives separately remove the ceiling for cleaning and separately wash the suspension itself.

It must be remembered that if you have a stretch ceiling in your kitchen, then the chandeliers should be directed to the sides or downwards. If the light is directed upwards, the ceiling can darken and even deform from the constant effects of high temperature.

In a small kitchen, where one chandelier is the main lighting, you can use a special switch that controls the intensity of illumination. You can set the desired brightness of the light, not only depending on the time of day, but even on your mood. For the kitchen, it is recommended to choose light bulbs for lighting warm light, which will be pleasing to the eyes, the food in this light looks more appetizing, and the room itself becomes more comfortable.


The style of the chandelier must be selected on the basis of the interior. Kitchen and dining sets - this is what you need to pay attention in the first place.

  • For modern kitchen The pendant chandeliers modern will become the fine stylistic decision. As a rule, they are interesting forms, made of the most modern materials. This may be unusual design solutions or, for example, ceiling lamps in the form of balls, cylinders, cubes of different sizes.
  • If the kitchen is made in a classic style, then you can fit chandeliers, chandeliers with pendants. Such models are made of crystal, colored and clear glass. Sometimes designers use fabric shades in classic models.Of course, these chandeliers are more suitable for the dining area or in the dining room, because in the room where food is prepared directly, such chandeliers will very quickly become soiled.
  • Forged chandeliers that have a “candle” shaped light bulb are perfect for a country-style kitchen and Provence. Also, such models can be used in an artificially aged interior, where elements of silver and bronze prevail.

Ethno-chandeliers made of wood with shades of rice paper and papyrus are perfect for the kitchen in ethnic styles, for example, in Japanese.

Many designers offer more trust in their intuition, turn on imagination and try different combinations of styles in one interior. This is the so-called fusion style, which plays on contrasts, combines elements of different styles. In this case, you can make your kitchen more expressive and spectacular.

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