Ceiling chandelier and lamps in the kitchen

Lighting is one of the important topics related to renovation and interior design. Properly selected ceiling chandelier - a pledge of comfort and good illumination. Especially the kitchen, which is the family hearth, needs it.

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How to choose?

There are several points with the help of which it is possible to choose lighting for the kitchen:

  1. The definition of the illuminated space. The whole room or only part of it will have to light the lamp? The ideal solution are models with light power controllers, with which you can both reduce and increase the brightness of the lamp.
  2. Calculation of the norm of lighting. To do this, calculate the power of all the lamps that will be in the kitchen. The normal is 1 lumen per square meter. Bright or dim light will equally badly affect vision.

It is also important to choose a chandelier so that it is not too heavy. If you like large chandeliers, then give preference to models with several horns.This option will relieve the load on the fixture of the chandelier, moreover, it is more effective in illuminating large spaces.

Kitchen lighting options

Currently there is a huge selection of both chandeliers and fixtures. How and what is different lighting devices, which are more suitable for the kitchen-dining room, and which - for a small kitchen, read below.


These models are very popular. Most often with their help create background lighting in the cooking zone. At a distance of 50 cm from each other throughout the entire wall, the lamps are embedded in plasterboard partitions or in a suspended ceiling

This design is very convenient, since the light comes exactly where it is needed.

Overhead lights

Such models have become popular recently. Overhead lights are very compact and have a variety of forms. They are made of various materials. It is also very convenient that in the overhead models for lighting use all kinds of modern lamps.

In the interior, they are usually placed around the perimeter of the room at some distance from each other.

And you can even "scatter" lamps throughout the ceiling.Such decisions make it possible to make kitchen lighting pleasant and even.


Most often, LEDs are used as an additional backlight.

Modern technologies allow to place LED lamps in a variety of ways. You can easily decorate the ceiling with glowing stripes of LEDs.

If the kitchen is small, then the LEDs are the perfect lighting. The small dimensions of the room may well do without the traditional chandelier. Instead, you can make the LED window: install the required number of LEDs on the suspended ceiling and close them with glass.

Another interesting option is to stretch the translucent stretch ceiling over the lighting. And in the first and in the second case, the ceiling will turn into one big and bright lamp, which will visually lift the ceiling and expand the space.

Tire lights

With these models, you can manually control the lighting: the lamp on the lamp can be rotated in any direction. There are also more advanced models that allow you to move the entire lighting fixture in the direction you want

This is very convenient, since you can direct the lamp to exactly where the kitchen area needs it most.

The incomparable advantage of tire models is the ability to assemble independently any design in which lamps can be placed at various heights.

Traditional chandelier

Despite the breakthrough in the design of lighting technologies, the chandelier is a tradition that has many admirers

Chandelier looks very well in a small kitchen, where its functionality is at its maximum. The larger the room, the more horns should be.

In a large kitchen, several lighting options usually coexist peacefully - a traditional chandelier over the dining table, hanging lamps or LED lights in the cooking zone.

What material for a chandelier is preferable?

The kitchen area is a place of high humidity and the territory of the most frequent and complex pollution. Therefore, when buying a lighting device in the kitchen, you need to choose a material that is more resistant to dirt and wet cleaning.

Original fabric lampshades look very beautiful, but to save them for a long time, it is best to install them in the living room and in the bedroom.The same goes for paper chandeliers in Japanese or eco style.

Forged and wooden chandeliers are often chosen for original interiors. To save such chandeliers you need to try a little, namely: cover the products with a special tool. This will help to keep the material from environmental exposure for a long time and will allow it to be cleaned from time to time.

The best option for the cooking zone is glass and plastic. Chandeliers of these materials are the least polluted and practically do not absorb odors, and it is very easy to wash off the grease and soot from them with a sponge and detergent.

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Original models

In the modern world, everyone tries to decorate their kitchen in a fashionable style. A large role in the design play a variety of details, including lighting. A properly selected chandelier will not only emphasize, but also highlight your interior among other rooms.


In the classical style refined and festive chandeliers are used. Forged chandeliers or pendant models with massive chains can be easily purchased. Very beautiful and stylish option - imitation of an old lamp with candles.


This option is universal, since models made in the modern style can be installed both in the minimalist interior and in the classic kitchen. Modern is different restraint, adjacent to the originality. Simple shapes and natural colors are the main differences of modern style.


These lighting devices came to us from the Middle Ages and do not lose popularity until now. They are made of such affordable materials as plastic and glass. In the past, the chandeliers were made of crystal. This lighting option will be more a decoration of the kitchen, an illuminant.


In this style, make elegant and weightless lighting designs, decorated with natural motifs. The basis of such devices - natural materials wood and metal, and plastic or glass are part of as small parts.


Tiffany chandeliers are made of glass, decorated with mosaics or stained glass drawings. Lighting with them is ideal for a classic or rustic style.


These include rigorous designs that are distinguished by their laconic forms and restraint of color.The simplest example is a plate-shaped chandelier.


Lighting in this style implies a rough style mixed with vintage motifs. Often, lamps and chandeliers in the loft style are performed according to the type of ancient street lamps. Such design fits well into the country, shebby chic or Scandinavian interior.

Eco style

Modern style, which involves the use in the manufacture of exclusively natural materials. You can easily buy wicker chandeliers decorated with stones or flowers. Thanks to the light construction, eco-chandeliers can be made by hand. You can install such a design in the kitchen, decorated in eco style, "Provence", "Country" or "Ethno".

Italian style

Italy in the interior design is natural materials. Therefore, chandeliers in this style are most often metallic or wooden, massive, with glass or stone inserts. There are both ceiling and suspended options. A striking example of a chandelier in the Italian style is a chandelier with metal coarse chains, suspended above the dining area.

Designer chandeliers and lamps

Currently, you can buy chandeliers and lamps of various shapes and colors.They can have the most different types and quantity of lamps - everything depends on the designer’s imagination.

As a material, masters use absolutely everything that is at hand: metal, wood, plastic, crystal, glass, etc. Often, designer lighting fixtures are decorated with gold, silver or Swarovski crystals.

Very beautiful and original colored designer chandeliers. Usually multi-colored models are made of plastic and glass. Especially popular are red chandeliers and lamps. Such models will fill the kitchen with special warmth and make a bit of the holiday on weekdays.

The advantages of designer chandeliers

Buy a chandelier made by any famous designer, not everyone can afford. If such a purchase does not make your wallet too easy, then you can safely purchase a designer chandelier, as it has several advantages:

  • Exclusivity. Designer chandeliers consist only of elite materials, with which the most eminent masters worked.
  • Top quality. Chandeliers from designers differ in the most accurate assembly, because each element has a perfect shape, and the design itself is thought out to the smallest detail.
  • Security.When creating an exclusive lighting device, only high-quality and environmentally friendly materials are used.

The end result of the designer assembly is an exclusive, high-quality and safe chandelier.

Take care of the lighting in the kitchen should be very serious. The choice of the lighting device is not easy. If you follow all the rules, weigh all the pros and cons, then in the end you can find the perfect solution for your interior.

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