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Ceramic tile is, first of all, natural material, a variety of color and design solutions, forms and textures, as well as versatility: you can finish all surfaces in the kitchen and in other rooms with tiles.

About brand

The Kerama Marazzi kitchen tile collection is constantly updated. The best Italian masters take part in the development of its design. Representative offices of the Kerama marazzi consortium are located in the city of Oryol, as well as in the Moscow region. Products are made on modern equipment and before going on sale pass several stages of control.

In the company's assortment there is not only the usual tile for wall cladding, but also heavy-duty porcelain, which is ideal for laying a warm floor. Special often ceramics finished kitchen work area. Ceramic tiles from Kerama Marazzi can be either monophonic or with various ornaments. All collections are conventionally divided by country names.Each collection includes various series that reflect the traditions and mentality of those countries in whose honor they are named.

All series are selected in such a way that you can assemble your own design. If it is a plain tile, then there is almost always an analogue with a print that suits it. To them in the kit you can pick up the curb. All collections have different sizes. And to make the kitchen look like one, you can put on the floor porcelain tiles from the same series as the tile on the wall.



Calm and restrained, a little prim, like an English elderly lady. The decor is simple and sophisticated at the same time. For the kitchen fit several series of this collection.


The series reflects the most famous English tradition - tea. The tiles depict cups resembling the world famous Wedgwood royal porcelain.


The theme of this series is hunting. The image on the panel is applied using the decal technology, when the drawing can be applied both in color and in black and white. The panel in combination with the deep brown border creates the effect of a painting by a talented artist.Especially beautiful this tile will look if you pick it up in the tone of kitchen furniture and doors.


This is the name of one of the English cities. The sights of this city are luxurious botanical gardens and wonderful parks with old trees. With this series in your kitchen bright butterflies will flutter and marvelous flowers will bloom.


It resembles English, but much smaller than it. The dominant colors are deep red, rich brown, strict black - all colors of the Scottish cell.

Baker Street

If you want to see in your kitchen a lively movement of London - decorate it with a border with a picture of passers-by. The set offers various colors.


Gentle pastel mixed with bright floral decoration. The main color is gray, diluted with shades of white, pale pink, beige and other colors of soothing shades.

Piccadilly circus

All shades of beige with gold patterns give the interior a feeling of lightness and grace.


The predominant color is white. It is complemented with a gentle lilac, moderate gray, pale pink. Prints are combined with natural themes: polar bears on the background of the polar night, autumn leaves, inconspicuous flowers.


It is assumed that this series of tiles "under the tree" should become an ornament in the first place family cuisine, where peace and understanding prevail.


This series is characterized by bright prints with the famous houses of the Swedish capital. They go as an addition to monophonic tile.


If you like fairy tales, this series is for you. Add a bit of humor to your kitchen and put a panel with Niel's pet, Goose Martin, on the working wall.


For this series are inherent soft enveloping tone, Breton motifs. Here there is a tile for almost any style, be it "Provence", classic or "modern".


The magnificent castle with golden patterns on the banks of the river Laura will decorate the interior of any kitchen.


With this word, herbs immediately come to mind, their spicy aroma comes to mind. They are the main idea of ​​this collection. For greater convenience, there are tiles of three different sizes.


What is France without Paris and what is Paris without the Eiffel Tower? The collection tells about the main attractions of this city.


This series is unique.It combines the incompatible - ancient age-old traditions and modern high technology. There is a tile imitating rice paper, cloth, animal skins. The highlight of the Japanese collection is decors inlaid with precious metals.


This is the name of the Japanese toy balls, which were decorated with hand-embroidered. Today, the so-called applied art form. The Temmari series is represented by bright mosaic tiles of rich colors. It looks very nice in the kitchen interior tiles "Orange" in combination with fruit and flowers.

Marvelous garden

This series is presented in beige color. There is a tile that mimics flax. In addition to it, you can choose a decoration with the birds of paradise, fantasy flowers or imitation of a Cassia tree.

Latin America

This is a very large collection, combining many series. Their common themes are the positive and cheerful mood inherent in the Brazilian carnival, ocean landscapes, tropical motifs, imitation of wild animal hides. In the kitchen, decorated with similar tiles, it will be especially pleasant to be when there is a dull autumn or a harsh winter outside.


This is more than 20 episodes of the collection. This is a real riot of colors.Bright monochromatic tile combined with decor decorated with oriental ornaments.

Ponda is a city in the east of Goa, known for its nature reserve. Bright butterflies and monogamous colors coexist peacefully in this series.


Embroidery that adorned paintings, carpets and bedspreads now adorn the working wall in the kitchen.


This collection includes several styles: modern, classic, fantasy and national, reminiscent of patchwork quilting. Part of the collection is made in a cold range. It is dominated by blue, gray, turquoise. The second part of the series on the contrary, light shades with floral prints.


This is a glossy tile with the effect of watercolor painting. The collection includes three options for the panels, various borders and a lot of decors.


Large tile with a matte finish. The predominant colors are beige, gray, red. Creates an atmosphere of peace and tranquility.


The tile imitating a stone. The surface may be smooth or structural. The highlight of the collection is a panel depicting the Gulf of Naples.


This is a story about the history of the Eternal City, its unique architecture, amazing myths and its greatness.


Flower spring collection. The color scheme follows the colors of the traffic light. Incredibly bright and positive, the collection will add comfort to any kitchen.


Images of antique monumental columns, palaces and statues - all this, as well as much more can be found in this series.

These are not all collections of Kerama Marazzi. Its range is constantly expanding and updating. Tile of this company is absolutely suitable for any design and style.

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